9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-9-19

  1. The world is turned upside down.
    The guvnor who advocates killing newborns is being impeached for appearing blackface in an annual years ago.

    A woman whose name I can’t pronounce is the Democratic front runner who wants to do away with cars and planes.

    A congressional committee spent a day grilling a man who has less than a week left on his job.

    All of congress does, and has for years, avoided hindrances to illegal immigration.

    People in the richest country in South America are digging in garbage cans for food.
    And probably a multitude of things I can’t think of while sitting here.


  2. My husband mentioned he should run. I told him, “Why not? All the other nuts are running.” He had to agree. πŸ˜€

    😦 Politicians who spend many minutes telling us how certain groups are cheating everyone else and then tell us how they will unite everyone and will not divide us like all those others. God help us if our young, naïve people get the vote like certain people are advocating.

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  3. Kathaleena, not all the nuts are running. Se my 12:04
    I started to call you Kathy (with a K. My other two Cathy’s are with a C). Would you be offended. It took me three tries to get Kathaleena right.

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  4. Kathaleena – That reminds me of my growing irritation at the tone of many topical posts on Facebook. (I’m sure it is the same on other social media like Twitter, but I’m only on Facebook.)

    Instead of merely sharing an opinion or article about a certain political or social topic, so many people have to turn their posts/articles/etc. into what is so wrong with those on the other side of the issue. For instance, pro-choicers who, instead of trying to give a reason for why they support abortion, will go into a diatribe against pro-lifers. Or some on the right, rather than explaining their stance on a certain issue, will write about how stupid or evil those on the left are for their stance on the issue (and it goes the other way, too). (I hope I am explaining this well enough.)

    So I am very grateful for the few FB friends I have who post intelligently and reasonably, and have open, mostly respectful discussions on their posts.

    (I just may write a status about this on Facebook. πŸ™‚ )


  5. 😦 We have been in the -40 range overnight and in the mornings for weeks now. It just doesn’t end.

    πŸ™‚ We’ve had enough wood to see us through and now husband is able to get out and cut/chop more again

    It’s. Just. So. Cold.


  6. Nothing like that around here, just a nice winter month. Snow but not too much, cold but not too cold. It was fifteen this morning, expected to get up to seventeen. Should be a cold bike ride for son as it says it feels like three.


  7. Well, when I went out to do chores, I decided it was too cold for son to ride his bike. We will give him a lift and he can find his own way home. He has a bunch of folk willing to make his life easy by giving him a ride home after we go to bed.


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