14 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-26-19

  1. 😀 Good report from labs
    😥 Unable to schedule cataract surgery yet
    😀 Brother helped me get groceries
    😥 I’m not sure when I can drive again
    😥 Karen feels hopeless
    😀 Power of God to see us through

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  2. 🙂 27 weeks and weight. She’s viable, thanks be to God.

    😦 Fifth day of a miserable cold.

    🙂 It’s waning!

    🙂 With me absent, good ministry happened for others!

    😦 Horrible thing said by a relative–no point in belaboring it–provoking a

    🙂 Reminder to pray for the Holy Spirit’s conviction on even the hardest hearts.

    🙂 Gorgeous weather during which I was 😦 locked indoors, meant 🙂 our friend’s house landed successfully and in good order! (I’ve got photos!)

    🙂 The Lord is good, always, even when we haven’t a clue of where He is taking us. 🙂

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  3. It’s a pre-fab house that came in pieces. An enormous 360-ton crane effortlessly lifted the pieces into place. They should finish the roof today and start working on interior finishing.

    It was astonishing to look inside when two pieces were in place and see the kitchen tile and cupboards (which look just like mine)! The house essentially was finished inside–painted, wall papered, tiled and grouted and now the seams are being put together.

    It will take a couple weeks to get the electricity and water set up but the house will be habitable within the month. Far faster than anyone else getting a new house in Coffey Park!

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  4. Ah, I remember the house issue now! Do you by any chance have photos you can e-mail me? I ask because we were told that was how our condos were assembled, put together in a factory somewhere and brought here on big trucks, and it would be interesting to see what that looks like. We have dozens of buildings in our condo development, four “homes” in each, no two alike (from the outside anyway–and since they were built in the seventies and eighties, I’m sure by now there are no two alike on the inside!).


  5. 🙂 Finally had my family birthday celebration today. We had pizza for lunch, and Nightingale had made that amazing Almond-Amaretto Pound Cake with Amaretto Glaze that I had mentioned (although I think I initially forgot the almond part in the name). Oh, so delicious!

    It was a pretty low-key time, but nice to just hang out together. Nightingale worked on finishing that Lumberjack Cake I told you about (it looked great) ,while The Boy and Chickadee and I hung out in the living room. One of Chickadee’s other friends, who lives here in town, texted her to see if she wanted to get together, so Chickadee was picked up by her, meaning Nightingale did not have to drive her home.

    🙂 Nightingale actually made two of those Lumberjack Cakes, so we have one, too.

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