15 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-26-19

  1. A statue is racist.
    A hat is racist.
    Everything is racist.
    “Racist” is an epithet.
    It has no meaning anymore.
    I Know. That is a racist statement.

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  2. This is why you don’t negotiate with terrorists. They don’t want to deal, they want their way or no way.



    Now in 3 weeks when we’re back where we started, Trump can just declare an emergency and do what needs to be done without these frauds.

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  3. ———————–


  4. Like in past scandals involving the Catholic church, church leadership continues to be their biggest problem.

    Apparently their own teachings and standards mean nothing. Just like with Pelosi and others, they refuse to enforce their own standards.

    Frustration? At the lack of leadership shown….

    Anger? Yes, that you’d side with baby killers. Again. Still……


    “NY Cardinal Refuses To Excommunicate Gov. Cuomo Over Abortion Law: ‘Should Not Be Used As A Weapon’

    “Those who call for someone’s excommunication do so out of anger or frustration”

    “New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan is refusing to excommunicate Governor Andrew Cuomo from the Catholic Church despite the fact he just enshrined into state law one of the most radical abortion measures in United States history, ensuring that women have a “fundamental right” to kill their babies at any time throughout the pregnancy if an authorized abortionist determines in “good faith” that it would “protect the patient’s life or health.” Under the new law, a woman in New York can literally abort her baby just one day prior to its due date.

    After New York enacted the abortion law, Catholics across the country immediately demanded that Cardinal Timothy Dolan excommunicate Cuomo from the Catholic Church, arguing his actions were too egregious to be met with a simple statement of condemnation. Two of Cardinal Dolan’s colleagues, Bishop Richard Stika of Knoxville and Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, were emphatic in their calls for the excommunication of Cuomo.

    “Someone asked me today if I would issue an excommunication of a Catholic Governor under my jurisdiction if the Governor did the same as in New York,” Stika tweeted Thursday afternoon, LifeSiteNews reports. “I think I might do it for any Catholic legislator under my jurisdiction who voted for the bill as well as the Governor.”

    “Enough is enough,” continued Stika. “Excommunication is to be not a punishment but to bring the person back into the Church. It’s like medicine for them. But this vote is so hideous and vile that it warrants the act. But thankfully I am not in that position. Very sad.””


  5. Nice to see a media outlet take responsibility for some of the lies the press spreads about the Trumps. And to pay damages for doing so.


    “The Telegraph Issues Lengthy Apology to First Lady Melania Trump

    “We apologise unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication of these allegations.”

    “The Telegraph issued a lengthy apology to First Lady Melania Trump, correcting numerous “false statements” printed on January 19th. In addition to the apology, they “agreed to pay Mrs Trump substantial damages.”



    “Following last Saturday’s (Jan 19) Telegraph magazine cover story “The mystery of Melania”, we have been asked to make clear that the article contained a number of false statements which we accept should not have been published. Mrs Trump’s father was not a fearsome presence and did not control the family. Mrs Trump did not leave her Design and Architecture course at University relating to the completion of an exam, as alleged in the article, but rather because she wanted to pursue a successful career as a professional model. Mrs Trump was not struggling in her modelling career before she met Mr Trump, and she did not advance in her career due to the assistance of Mr Trump.

    We accept that Mrs Trump was a successful professional model in her own right before she met her husband and obtained her own modelling work without his assistance. Mrs Trump met Mr Trump in 1998, not in 1996 as stated in the article. The article also wrongly claimed that Mrs Trump’s mother, father and sister relocated to New York in 2005 to live in buildings owned by Mr Trump. They did not. The claim that Mrs Trump cried on election night is also false.”


  6. Yeah….


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  7. What the heck is happening to Texas?

    And always remember folks, vote fraud is a myth.


    “Texas Secretary Of State: As Many As 58,000 Non-Citizens Voted In Elections”

    “The Texas Secretary of State sent an advisory to the state’s registrars today which announced that his office had identified evidence of thousands of non-citizens voting in the state between 1996 and 2018. From the Star-Telegram:

    Texas Secretary of State David Whitley said a year-long evaluation found about 95,000 people described as “non-U.S. citizens” who are registered to vote in Texas. About 58,000 of them voted in Texas elections between 1996 and 2018, Whitley said.”


  8. Thanks to always lowering standards of journalism in the era of Trump, I give you Sharyl Attisson’s Fake News-a-Palooza!



    “69 Notable Mistakes and Missteps in Major Media Reporting on Donald Trump

    1. Aug. 2016-Nov. 2016:
    The New York Post published modeling photos of Trump’s wife Melania and reported they were taken in 1995. Various news outlets relied on that date to imply that Melania—an immigrant—had violated her visa status. But the media got the date wrong. Politico was among the news agencies that later issued a photo date correction.

    2. Oct. 1, 2016:
    The New York Times and other media widely suggested or implied that Trump had not paid income taxes for 18 years. Later, tax return pages leaked to MSNBC ultimately showed that Trump actually paid a higher rate than Democrats Bernie Sanders and President Obama.

    3. Oct. 18, 2016:
    In a Washington Post piece not labelled opinion or analysis, Stuart Rothenberg reported that Trump’s path to an electoral college victory was “nonexistent.”

    4. Nov. 4, 2016:
    USA Today misstated Melania Trump’s “arrival date from Slovenia” amid a flurry of reporting that questioned her immigration status from the mid-1990s.”

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  9. More.


  10. It’s a sad day when a Jew hating advocate for terrorists’ holds a seat in the House, and on the Foreign Affairs Committee.


    “Ilhan Omar, the new Democrat Congresswoman from Minnesota, asked a judge to go easy on nine men on trial in 2016 for allegedly trying to join the ISIS terrorist group. She was a state representative at that time.”




  11. Never forget.

    And if you know someone who doesn’t know, educate them.


    “ach year, the world honors the lives lost and remembers the atrocities of the Holocaust, but despite being one of the most pivotal moments in world history, recent polls found that in the modern era, knowledge about the genocide is quite low.

    A poll conducted in April by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany found that 22 percent of millennials either hadn’t heard of the Holocaust or weren’t sure if they had. Two-thirds of American millennials that were polled also could not identify what Auschwitz was, according to The Washington Post.

    Another poll conducted in seven countries in Europe had similar findings. Among the people who were surveyed, 20 percent of people, who ranged between the ages of 18 and 34, had never heard of the Holocaust.

    As distance forms between the past and the present, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, it’s important to look back on the events that transpired to honor those who survived, remember those who were lost and learn from the mistakes of the past.”

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  12. This has to be Democrat orchestrated. A Republican wouldn’t bother unless she was already the nominee, when it’d be more damaging. I’d say this is right in HRC’s wheelhouse, her go to kinda move.


    “Kamala Harris, that vaunted self-righteous feminist candidate who’s using her ‘year of the woman’ chops to challenge President Trump in 2020, has a little problem: She slept her way to the top.

    You know, the mistress thing, not exactly moving on up based on hard work or merit, that little advantage of good looks, employed to their optimal practical use. Her political patron, former lawyer to pimps, Mayor of San Francisco, and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, admitted he helped her get her political start, writing in his bloggy San Francisco Chronicle column:

    Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago. Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker.

    And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco. I have also helped the careers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a host of other politicians.

    Now you know where we get these people from.”


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