25 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-5-19

  1. I don’t remember Mary Poppins.
    I don’t have any use for Alexa.
    I see seven Republican congressmen voted for Nancy.
    The world is passing me by.
    Let it go.

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  2. Chas, if you win it, you can always have them send it to me.

    🙂 It’s been a nice mild winter so far. Highs in the forties for the next few days, with at least one into the fifties. Pretty much the only snow we’ve had was back in November.

    😦 Yes, I know, I know. Global warming is going to kill the polar bears, and then it’s coming for us.

    🙂 The full-but-not-too-full editing schedule has January filled up, too–often a month with no editing at all.

    😦 🙂 About three years ago I decided that since January never had editing, I’d put it aside as a planned writing month, for my own writing. Since I made that decision, I haven’t yet had a January writing month, since I’ve always had editing in January. (That was after about ten years straight of no editing in January except the one year a December project came a month late.)

    I am back in gear for 2019 to be a writing year, though, and eventually the opening will be there.

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  3. I’m still trying to remember what day it is after two weeks of family joy.

    Twice this week I’ve gotten up thinking it was Sunday and I was headed to church.

    I better remember tomorrow!

    Wait, is tomorrow Sunday? 🙂

    Struggling with a variety of writing issues. I’m determined not to figure things out in January, and maybe not into February. I need to listen and understand the direction in which God is pointing me.

    I’m just not sure.

    Of course, My Utmost for His Highest has spoken to me, personally, three of the last five days . . . LOL

    Big storms coming today through the week. I love a rainstorm. California snowpack is 67% of normal, most of the state is in drought or extreme drought, so this will help.

    This is God’s mercy. Our state certainly doesn’t deserve his grace–but then, do any of us?

    Mr. Fit and the cat, both, are antsy because of the rain.

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  4. I’m confused about the day, too, after having Friday off I was convinced this must be Sunday. I really think 3-day weekends should become the norm for everyone.

    🙂 Had a nice outing with the cousins yesterday — kind of made up for having to work a long day on Jan. 1 with no holiday pay offered

    🙂 Rain! Coming in tonight through tomorrow morning, with more by midweek and again next weekend. Snow in the mountains! And water for my plants.

    🙂 An under-the-house/kitchen leak was fixed. I hope NOW there will be a break in the house repair action. This is wearing me out. Someone call the landlord, please … Oh. Wait …

    🙂 Cute front porch!

    🙂 Marveling at how efficient my year-old washer and dryer are. I dried a load of T-shirts and a heavy sweatshirt this morning and it took 20 minutes. My old dryer would have required three 40-minute cycles to get them barely dry *enough* to take out.

    🙂 Our new sermon series, “Route 66” launching tomorrow, looks fascinating. It will examine how Christ is found in every book of the Bible. So going forward we’ll have a Sunday sermon on each of the 66 books that examines the topic.

    😦 I should probably get the front lights taken down today — an easy job, they’re just battery lights strung loosely along the porch railing along with 2 lighted wreaths. I may leave the front door wreath up, even with the lights, for a while longer. Then I’ll need to find a nice all-purpose wreath that can take me through spring and summer. Maybe something with some blue accents …

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  5. Regarding pets and rain, last time we had a light but steady rain here, both dogs AND the cat (AND me) were just hanging out in the backyard getting soaked. We all want more rain.


  6. Several of the schools around here are on a four day schedule. Early training for children to learn to have a four day work week as adults.


  7. I’ll let you know, Chas 🙂

    A 4-day work week makes so much sense for our mental and physical health. Seriously, 2 days is simply not enough when you take in obligations for house cleaning and upkeep, errands that need to be run, church … Whether you have a family or not, it’s a full plate for most people. When does “rest” and simple down time fit it?


  8. And, also from Ligonier:


    … Some people might find it strange to use the Song of Solomon in order to help teach the biblical sexual ethic. After all, most theologians have read Solomon’s song as an allegory of the love Christ has for the church and the love that the church should have for her Savior. Certainly, the Song of Solomon, along with every other book of the Bible, points us to Jesus (Luke 24:13–27). However, interpreters have often found fanciful meanings in the Song of Solomon through allegorizing the text and disregarding the context of the original biblical passages. To give an egregious example, many Roman Catholics have said the woman in Solomon’s song is Mary in order to justify venerating her beyond what is appropriate as the mother of Jesus. But we have no right to say this is reading something into the text that is not there (eisegesis) if we also ignore its original intent.

    In his teaching series Wisdom, Dr. Sproul says the church was embarrassed by the sensuous imagery of the Song of Solomon and read it allegorically to get around its approval of marital intimacy. This reflects Greek philosophical assumptions that matter and physical relations are evil. Yet Scripture does not say the spirit is good and the body is bad; our Father commands us to multiply and fill a world that was originally “very good” (Gen. 1:26–31). Sex within marriage is good and holy; thus, Solomon’s song need not embarrass us.

    Nevertheless, Dr. Sproul says we may rightly apply the Song of Solomon “illustratively” to Christ and the church. Solomon’s song can indeed lead us to Jesus without violating the book’s content. But Dr. Sproul reminds us this is possible only if we first read it in its plainest, literal sense: “A spirit-inspired expression of love between a bride and her groom. A love that is not to be ashamed.”


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  9. My dad was a self employed logger. He worked long hours, often fixing his saws or tractor up in the mountains in snow or rain He worked five days a week. Saturday was for home chores. Sunday was relaxing time. We played tennis in the morning in the summer. He read newspapers, magazines, smoked his pipe, whatever. Then back to work on Monday.

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  10. Wonderful party, even Lucy came nd was a hit. She charmed everyone by waving to them and talking. They even turned it into a birthday party and everyone brought me cards that I will open and read on my birthday. Okay, I confess, I already opened them, and took the money out of those with money, but I saved the reading for my birthday.

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  11. 😦 Decided to squeeze a dog walk in before the rains came and stopped to talk to neighbor on the corner who said they had to put their 2nd Chihuahua down last night (age 17; other one went at age 19 a few years ago).

    He and his wife have lived in this old Spanish style 4-plex, probably built around the time my house was, and it is under the city of LA’s rent control ordinance. But a new person from the Middle East recently purchased it and has given them nothing but grief, especially over the pets which they’ve had (obviously) for years. Because the neighbor has health issues preventing him from working, they’re not in a position to move — and their rent is still really low as they’ve lived there for so many years. The new landlord apparently is looking to refurbish the spaces and hike the rents to the max according to the rent control law.

    Neighbor said their stove door won’t close and new landlord refuses to fix … told them he’d weld the door shut permanently or just remove the appliance. There. Fixed.

    Neighbor could probably lodge a complaint but it’s probably not worth rocking the boat.

    He passed on a huge bag of treats and another box of poop bags to me, which i lugged for the rest of the dog walk, saying he and his wife just needed to be rid of painful memories of their beloved dogs 😦 So sad.

    I was blessed to have very good landlords in my day (though no rentals I was in ever allowed pets).

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  12. In a dog park that large, it would be hard to keep track of your own dog (especially if you brought more than one dog). Watching your own dog and making sure it doesn’t get into fights, that you pick up after it, that it isn’t jumping up on people or otherwise making a nuisance of itself, is important.


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