10 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-10-18

  1. Ah yes…..

    The Reagan Defense…… “I don’t recall………”

    Works great if you’re a doddering old man, not so much for a guy Comey’s age. He’s just a liar.


    “Former FBI Director James Comey claimed “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” in response to dozens of questions concerning key details in the Russia probe, according to a lengthy transcript released Saturday of his closed-door interview with congressional lawmakers.

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., published the 235-page transcript as a part of an agreement with Comey.

    The former bureau boss frustrated GOP lawmakers during Friday’s session, in large part because his lawyers urged him not to answer numerous questions. Comey is expected to return later in the month for another round, though blasted Republicans on his way out for what he called a “desperate attempt to find anything that can be used to attack the institutions of justice investigating this president.”

    But while Comey insisted in the interview that “we never investigated the Trump campaign for political purposes,” the transcript shows he claimed ignorance or memory lapses in response to questions concerning key details and events in the Russia investigation, which some GOP lawmakers continue to claim was improperly conducted.

    The transcript reveals lawmakers’ frustration with his lack of specifics.

    Asked if he recalled who drafted the FBI’s “initiation document” for the July 2016 Russia investigation, Comey said, “I do not.” He again claimed not to know when asked about the involvement in that initiation of Peter Strzok, whose anti-Trump texts later got him removed from the special counsel’s probe.”

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  2. Thankfully Lindsey won’t let it go, so hopefully the new House “leadership” won’t get to bury this.



  3. Like I’ve said for 2 years. There was collusion.

    By Democrats….



    “During an appearance, Friday on Fox News’ “Hannity,” House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa dropped a potentially earth-shattering truth bomb about the Russian collusion narrative.

    According to the California congressmen, the real colluders may very well be the Democrat National Committee and failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    How so? Because they funded the debunked dossier that the Obama administration had used to obtain a potentially illegal warrant on President Donald Trump’s election campaign.

    Though the dossier was reportedly pieced together by former British special agent Christopher Steele, Issa suspects the document’s real sources may be Russian operatives.

    “Christopher Steele hasn’t been in Russia in 20 years, so even the people, the unknown people responsible for it could easily, easily have in fact been agents of the Russian government, which would mean that Hillary Clinton is the one guilty of the so-called ‘collusion,’” he said Friday.

    He issued the surprising declaration while speaking with Fox host Sean Hannity and his guests about disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s closed-door testimony earlier Friday to Congress.”

    Time for Trump to declassify and expose these frauds.


  4. Round ’em up, load ’em up, and ship ’em out.


    “Foreign nationals from 24 countries — including four people with Interpol warrants for their arrests — were among the 105 arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement during a five-day sweep.

    The agency announced the arrests Friday in a news release.

    “Our focus has been and will continue to be on arrests of illegal aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes or those who pose a threat to public safety,” said John Tsoukaris, director of the Newark field office.

    The people arrested ranged in age from 18 to 65 years old. The agency said more than 80 percent had either prior convictions or pending charges for a variety of crimes, including sexual assault on a minor, child abuse, possession of narcotics, distribution of narcotics, extortion, DUI, fraud, domestic violence, theft, possession of a weapon, robbery, promoting prostitution, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, endangering the welfare of a child, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, shoplifting, and illegal re-entry.”


  5. Macron built this.



    “French authorities detained hundreds Saturday as the “yellow vest” protests, aimed at French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic and climate change policies, entered their fourth weekend.

    The BBC reports that at least 1,000 people have been taken into custody across France. Dozens were injured — including a handful of police officers — in demonstrations that drew more than 10,000 people to Paris’ city center, and more than 100,000 to the streets across France, including in “Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille and Grenoble.”

    A shocking video taken from above the Paris protests shows the scope of the demonstrations — and the devastation left in their wake.”


  6. This is pathetic. The media is trying to ruin this young man’s life over Twitter comments he made when he was 14 years old.

    Yet another reason to hate America’s media.



    “BACKLASH GROWS: Thousands Express Outrage At Hit Piece Over Heisman Winner’s Tweets From When He Was 14”

    “Outrage continued to grow on Sunday over a hit piece written by USA Today blogger Scott Gleeson about Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, who just won the Heisman Trophy.

    Gleeson wrote an article shaming Murray immediately after he won college football’s top individual award, over some tweets that he wrote when he was as young as 14-years-old.

    “But the Oklahoma quarterback’s memorable night also helped resurface social media’s memory of several homophobic tweets more than six years old,” Gleeson wrote. “When Murray was 15 years old, he tweeted at his friends (via his since-verified Twitter account) using an anti-gay slur to defame them.”

    Gleeson later updated his piece to include Murray’s apology, claiming that the star quarterback “took accountability” after Gleeson’s hit piece on him.

    The backlash to Gleeson’s absurd piece exploded on Sunday morning, with tens of thousands of people expressing outrage over the fact that this blogger decided to attack a young man during one of the greatest moments of his life over comments he made years prior when he was 14. On the initial tweet from USA Today alone, more than 6,900 people commented on it with nearly all the comments disapproving of the article.”

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  7. New leader of the free world?

    I think not.

    Just another anti-Israel globalist shill looking to punish Israel for existing and to keep the joke of an Iran nuke deal alive.


    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been working behind the scenes to prevent European Union member countries from recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the newspaper Jerusalem Post reported.

    The revelation was made by Tomas Sandell, the director of the European Coalition for Israel in Brussels. Chancellor Merkel made a series of calls to European leaders in April while “many of the nations were seriously considering moving their embassies.” Sandell said. “This is not the Germany we once knew. This is not the even Angela Merkel we once knew when she was elected.”

    German Chancellor waged a ‘fierce campaign’ to stop European countries from moving their embassies to Jerusalem, Weinthal, who broke the story in the Jerusalem Post early Tuesday, wrote on Twitter. The move was meant to keep Iran from quitting the nuclear deal and punish Israel for not toeing the EU line, he added.

    Weinthal, who is also a research fellow at the DC-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), reported in the Jerusalem Post:

    The founding director of the European Coalition for Israel in Brussels, Tomas Sandell, announced in a shocking video message on Thursday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel waged a campaign to prevent central and eastern European countries from moving their capitals to Jerusalem to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.

    Sandell said in a Jerusalem Post exclusive report in November that Merkel called Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, to convince him to not relocate his country’s embassy to Jerusalem. The move prompted him to go public.

    Speaking from the European parliament, Sandell said, “What we have found out, something I heard for quite some time already, from central and eastern European countries that would have an inclination to move their embassy to Jerusalem, this is the natural thing for them to do, is that they have received phone calls from Berlin, from Angela Merkel, the chancellor. Basically, this cannot happen under any circumstances.”

    In December 2017, President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announced his decision to move the U.S. embassy to the holy city. “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Trump said. “While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering.”

    Merkel opposed the Trump administration’s decision at that time, saying, “We’re sticking to the relevant U.N. resolutions – they make clear that the status of Jerusalem needs to be negotiated as part of negotiations on a two-state solution for Israel and that’s why we want this process to be revived.””


    Others are coming around though…..


    “It must be murder for them to admit it, but suddenly Western European leaders are realizing President Trump was right about ditching the Iran nuclear treaty.

    On Tuesday, diplomats from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France expressed their concern because of an Iranian medium-range ballistic missile test on Saturday.

    The U.S. government stated that the missile Iran tested could reach Europe and the Middle East. According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the missile could carry multiple warheads and violated Security Council Resolution 2231, which instructed Iran to refrain from “any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

    That Security Council resolution was the implementation of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA). President Trump walked away from the deal last May, although China, France, Germany, Russia and the U.K. stayed with the deal.

    But after the missile test, the U.K. and France called a closed-door meeting of the Security Council. The government of France stated, “France is concerned by the launch of a medium-range ballistic missile by Iran on Saturday. It condemns this provocative and destabilizing act. France reiterates that the Iranian ballistic missile program is not in compliance with UNSCR 2231 (2015). It calls on Iran to immediately cease any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be able to carry nuclear weapons, including launches using ballistic missile technology.”

    As Fox News reports, the European ambassadors joined in expressing their concern:

    U.K. Ambassador Karen Pierce called the actions “part and parcel of Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region.” Her comments echo U.K. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who said Saturday that he was “deeply concerned by Iran’s actions,” even as he reiterated support for the nuclear deal. “Provocative, threatening and inconsistent with UNSCR 2231. Our support for JCPoA in no way lessens our concern at Iran’s destabilising missile programme and determination that it should cease,” he tweeted.”


  8. Twitter is cracking down on the truth about Islam.



    “Twitter’s legal team has sent official correspondence to at least two very vocal critics of radical Islam ‘in violation of Pakistani law’. Imam Tawhidi, a progressive Muslim scholar from Australia received an email on 3rd December informing him that a particular tweet of his has broken Pakistani law.

    His tweet was regarding the attack by a knife-wielding attacker in Melbourne who stabbed a few people hours after the Friday prayer. Below is the tweet for which Imam Tawhidi got the correspondence from Twitter.


  9. Google is getting in on the censuring as well.

    Dissent will be reported.


    “A new Android app has launched with the focus of allowing Muslims to report individuals who commit blasphemy, or insult Islam.

    No, this is not a joke. The app, “Smart Pakem”, which launched in Indonesia last month at the request of the Indonesian government, will allow users and government officials to uphold Sharia law and target and report people who hold “misguided” beliefs in violation of Islamic law, which forbids insults of Islam, insults against the Prophet Mohammed, or the recognition of any other religion besides Islam.

    The Code’s Article 156(a) targets those who deliberately, in public, “express feelings of hostility, hatred, or contempt against religion”. The penalty for violating Article 156(a) of Indonesia’s criminal code is a maximum of five years imprisonment.

    Rajan Anandan, who serves as the VP of Google in south-east Asia, has not shown any resistance to the app, which is available in the Google app store.

    The National Secular Society (NSS) has since written to Anadan requesting the Google not stock the app in the app store, arguing that the app will have negative consequences for religious minorities and will further minimize freedom of expression.

    According to Human Rights Watch, 125 people were convicted of blasphemy in Indonesia between 2004 and 2014. 23 additional people have been convicted since 2014.

    Stephen Evans, who serves as the chief executive of NSS said said Google’s decision to stock the Sharia app was “incongruous with Google’s mission statement” and “runs directly contrary to the democratic ideals which Google says it stands for”. Evans also said the app will “normalize restrictions on freedom of expression in Indonesia and elsewhere”.

    NSS, which works to repeal blasphemy laws around the world, strongly condemned Indonesia’s blasphemy law.

    “Indonesia’s blasphemy law is a morally unjustifiable tool of repression which should be repealed as soon as possible. While this law exists anyone who believes in free expression should make it as difficult as possible for the Indonesian government to enforce the law. Google has greatly benefited from the freedom to share information globally. We ask it and other multinational companies to consider whether they can in good conscience profit from the repression caused by governments’ crackdowns on free speech.”

    Since the app’s launch in the Google app store, it has been flooded with one star reviews and criticisms by anti-Sharia and human rights advocates.”


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