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  1. Redemption for Brett.


    Here’s the referral.


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  2. Yeah, not surprising…….



  3. Big blue drip.


    “Big Blue Drip: California Republicans are turning out early and big”

    Two political writers believe Democrats may only flip two of the 23 House seats held by Republicans.”

    “Midnight blue California is often cited as an indicator of national trends.

    If this is still the case, then the big blue wave predicted by some pollsters and progressive pundits will become a big blue drip. Early voting in the Golden State is trending bright red.

    Election Day is around the corner and Californians have been voting for three weeks. Given the data on who has voted so far, it does not point to a big surge for Democrats.

    There are scores of first time candidates running for office but actual voter turnout in California so far has been average for a midterm election.

    KPIX 5 talked to an expert who says, this trend is bad news for Democrats.

    “What we’re seeing in the early returns though, is that the early returns are largely coming from those older, whiter, homeowners, more Republicans,” said Paul Mitchell, Vice-President of Political Data, Inc. “And young voters are not returning their ballots at the same rate.”

    The response from Republicans may prevent the Democrat Party takeover of the House of Representatives, complete with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

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  4. Vote stimulation tactics are getting more annoying and intrusive this year. In particular, Club for Growth, among other partisan organizations, are sending text messages to individual cell phones, and they are also sending flyers with individuals voter turnout “grade”. I was quite angry when I got one in the mail with my name on it this morning. Club for Growth is the organization that would hardly give Mike Huckabee the time of day when he was running for president. They tend to support globalists if given a choice among Republicans, so if I could give the whole organization a very un-Christian black eye, I would be sorely tempted. Now I’m off to repent my sorry attitude and get in a better frame of mind for my young nephew’s birthday party today. Have a great day, ya’ll. :–/


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  5. Am I missing something? That particular quote from John O. Brennan does not come across as hateful, and I don’t see how it could inspire more people to vote for Ted Cruz. I’m guessing this may be referring to something besides that one tweet?


  6. I have been calling Trump and his cult “morons” and worse for 3 1/2 years now, but have to concede that there is some truth in this article my Bret Stephens.

    I have sent the article to liberal friends who agree. Now that the Republican Party has morphed into The Trump Cult, the burden of stopping the maniac is on HRW’s liberal American cousins. That leaves conservative Never Trumpers free to poke fun at The Illiterate and his followers. We will never again have such a target-rich environment.


  7. Never-Trumpers are permanently homeless, I think. I don’t see how they will ever be able to walk back their disgraceful behavior to the Republican base—-the same base who elected them and other politicians based on their approbation and assessments year after year, only to be lied to year after year as those politicians had little honor respecting their promises. Trump has kept his word and that is honorable.

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  8. 9:51 To whom? Ivana? #2? Melania? Creditors? Where is the wall? The fabulous health care system? The balanced budget? The winning of the trade war? Go ahead and banish us from the Moronican Party. You have all been conned.


  9. I’m sure there are, Solar. But you can’t denigrate your base and expect to be respected by it or lead it again. On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be a bottom to the depths that Democrats can fall, so it’s hard to say ‘never ever’…. Still, I perceive my voting days to be numbered, and the time that I care to weigh in politically at all may be nearing a close. Politics has never been my professional field of endeavor, but an interest in it has been partially a family necessity, which I won’t elaborate on now.

    I’m becoming more convinced that our way of governing is not sufficient for lasting peace or continuity or cohesion. It is the sheer mercy of God that has kept us together this long, but delusion is strong in many arenas. A main reason that I have politically opposed globalism since I became aware of it in the ’80s is not just its effect on our own nation’s economy (which is very destabilizing), but I oppose it on principle as I see it as a sort of effort to revive the tower of Babel (figuratively). It is our attempt to reach the heavens and global unity without God. In the same way the federal government has run all over states rights and increased its reach (through the Supreme Court) in our churches, schools and families, the international governing bodies will eventually do the same to nations if left unchecked. Cheap shirts, cheap labor, and out of season fruits will be what we have accepted as payment for our sovereignty and, eventually, our religious freedom.

    Though we may casually trade our sovereignty, God will not give up His. His Church in America may some day have the opportunity to know real trial by fire. But He is with us and will enable us to stand. That’s the good news, and it is the real hope. :–)


  10. Brett Stephens is correct to a certain extent. Trump does represent the moral corrosion of institutions and culture but the Democrats have critiqued it and offered an alternative just not one Stephens appreciates. Trump is an illustration of the moral bankruptcy of the Republican party. The Democrats continue to offer an alternative focused on individual rights and compassion (ex: metoo and health care)

    Btw, check out Bill Maher’s opening monologue and New Rules segment. Moral and intellectual outrage. ( while you’re at check Colbert fact checking his guest Chris Wallace)

    Stephens does make a good point when he points out the Republicans campaign on fear not the economy. It points out the Republicans know fear motivates the base and the economic figures haven’t benefited his base.


  11. The Trumpkin takeover of the Republican Party has given a great sense of freedom to conservatives. In 2016, many of us were thinking:

    “My goodness! What a job confronts us. There are millions of Republican Primary voters who must be educated about basic economics, history, civics, tax policy, the structural deficit, healthcare policy, etc. In addition they must be taught where to obtain reliable information on current events.”

    At this point, most of us are thinking, “Why bother?”

    Debra and I agree that God is up to something. Most conservatives now think that things are about to get a lot worse, and they are likely to stay bad for a long time. It is really a time to focus on protecting your family, particularly the children. For the foreseeable future, politics should only be viewed as a source of comic relief.


  12. Trump is due here in Chattanooga between 6-6:30. Local radio says they estimate 20,000 already at the stadium. We didn’t even have everyone at Amazon attend when he came to see us at Amazon in 2013 (I think that was the year).


  13. Ricky I don’t jnow what we’re agreeing on. If you realky think God is up to something, why why woul you be laughing? Smart people humble themselves and repent…..oh, never mind. I answered my own question. ;–)


  14. Oh, mine @1:22 was about Obama.
    Maybe I will be the comic relief after all.

    Time to work. Good day all.
    Debra :–)


  15. God was up to something when Balaam’s donkey spoke to him, but I think we can agree that situation was both humorous and deadly serious to Balaam. I have always thought that God’s treatment of Dagon in 1st Samuel 5 was very humorous, but also deadly serious to the people of Ashdod.
    I would agree with Debra about the need to repent.

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  16. As predicted here, as the US adopts the trade policies pushed by a man with zero understanding of the economics of trade, other nations will step forward to fill the leadership void.


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