Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 10

Week 10 is upon is. Ten games. No one has won that many yet, especially here. And this week is going to be tougher. Think of it as an exam in a hard class. AJ set the tone by picking a tie breaker of two teams from the FCS (that’s D1-AA, the smaller colleges). Also, most of the games are between Top 25 ranked schools playing against other Top 25 schools in their conferences, including the #1 team going on the road to #3. So a lot is on the line this week. Oh, and I threw in a couple of “favorites” for AJ, along with the Pillow Fight.

Have fun, folks. And don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour Saturday night so you’re not an hour early to church on Sunday. Just get your picks in by NOON EDT Saturday.

  1. #20 Texas A&M @ Auburn

  2. #24 Iowa State @ Kansas

  3. Air Force @ Army

  4. #6 Georgia @ #9 Kentucky

  5. #13 West Virginia @ #17 Texas

  6. #14 Penn State @ #5 Michigan

  7. #1 Alabama @ #3 LSU

  8. Duke @ Miami

  9. Pillow Fight: UTEP @ Rice

10. Tie Breaker: Pick winner and final score: Holy Cross @ Lafayette

26 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 10

  1. Chas’ wild guesses:
    1. Auburn
    2. Iowa State
    3. An AF guy bets Army
    4. Georgia
    5. West Virginia
    6. Michigan
    7. Alabama
    8. Duke
    9. UTEP
    10. Holy Cross 21 Lafayette 7


  2. Nothing Kevin. One pastor said you could spend that extra hour in quiet devotion, but the doors would be locked so you’d have to do it in your car. Not easy with small children.

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  3. and Idahomike says:

    Iowa State
    LSU (aw, c’mon, somebody beat Bama)
    Holy Cross (28 – 24)


  4. He says he is not gloating. He is just stating a fact. I call it gloating.

    “Hmmm, I am not just three for three but it is the first three that I am three for three.”


  5. Chas wins! Since he now has 9 correct with the Bama-LSU game yet to finish, and the fact that the nearest competitor only has , I declare him the winner (unless Kevin finds another error in my counting). Now he can never say he never wins, since this is his 2nd time this year. Not only that, but it looks like he is going to have a perfect score! Bama is up 29-0 with 5 minutes left to play, and Chas picked Bama.

    Congratulations, Chas. Or as you would say, ATTABOY!

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  6. Or: South Carolina/Florida.
    The Gators can be beat this year and I think the Gamecocks can do it.
    They can move the ball. It’s stopping the others that is the problem.


  7. Okay, Chas. SO Car @ Fla it is. And I know Florida is beatable. After all, Mizzou beat them soundly Saturday.

    By the way, I never posted the results. Here they are:
    Chas – 10
    Idaho Mike – 7
    Aj, Mumsee, Janice, Yo – 6
    Kevin – “Pathetic” (his word, not mine)


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