59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-10-18

  1. Good morning Peter, Aj and everyone else but Jo.Aj.
    Goon night Jo.
    It’s 64 degrees outside. I have a feeling I’ll have the heat on before the month is over.


  2. Good Morning, Chas. Time to get some sleep here. My cold is better, but… As has happened before, when my cold gets better, I lose my voice. Should be interesting teaching kinder while whispering. Actually, I have some throat coat tea that just might save the day.

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  3. An interesting thing happened yesterday evening. Funny and scary at the same time.
    Background: After church, I always get into more comfortable clothes. Elvera wears her Sunday clothes all day.
    I’ve mentioned before, she wears Always, a disposable panty.

    I always escort her to the bathroom every time she goes to prevent mishap, and be sure everything is OK.

    Yesterday, after dinner, but before bedtime, she needed to go to the bathroom. I took her to let her do her thing. But the panties she was wearing were wet.
    Have to change them. That means her pants and shoes have to come off so she can get dry panties on.
    So. We went into the bedroom, and changed. Because it was late, I decided to put her into her night clothes.
    So. I put her into her nightgown and a house coat.

    After the housecoat was on. Elvera said. “Why am I wearing this inside out?” I had put the housecoat on wrong.!
    Funny, but sorta scary. She trusted me, all the time I was putting the housecoat on, that I was doing the right thing.

    I am usually doing the right thing.
    But not always.

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  4. My husband stopped me from wearing my shirt inside out to one of our meetings on Saturday.

    I have a QOD: why do we have dreams?

    I had such an awful one last night I spent the next half an hour casting out Satan and trying really hard NOT to freak out.

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  5. Morning! I cannot tell you how many times I have left here with my top on backwards! My husband has worn his shirt inside out to work before (I usually hang them inside out ot avoid the “angel wings” at the shoulders)…. 😊 So Chas I would say you are in good company with the mishap!
    Michelle we have all heard those explanations of bad dreams being attributed to what you ate before you went to bed. I never believed that one. I have had awful gut wrenching dreams leaving me with that foreboding feeling the next day. Perhaps we are then to press in, leaning ever more closer to our Lord, knowing He is our hiding place and place of refuge. He knows our every thought and fear. In Him we find our peace and comfort. Rebuking the enemy is good too!

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  6. I’ve wondered sometimes if those days that just seem “funky” all day, one might have awoken from an unremembered bad dream. And yes, I have had dreams that left me feeling the need to flee to Christ–not to talk to Satan, as on principle I will not do that, but to flee to Christ and ask His protection.

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  7. Is it Monday? Already?

    Well, I have a short week, I’m taking Thursday and Friday off as belated ‘comp’ days for Saturday shifts worked earlier this summer. I’ll finally be able to go see my friend in the San Fernando Valley on Thursday to squeeze in our “summer” visit (we do have a lot more wiggle room now that she’s retired from teaching, although now she’s been hired as an online English for classes that air in China, requiring her to get up at 4 a.m. as the short segment she does is “live).

    The painters are supposed to be here early today for a full day.

    My right ankle and part of my lower leg have a couple fresh mosquito bites from over the weekend, so I’m itching like CRAZY again. I bought some anti-itch wet pads at CVS, figured I’d try something new. These are nice because they have some pain relief product built in. But anything I use only seems to work for a very short time before the frantic itch returns. And scratching the area feels so good 😦 I need to keep myself from doing that, it’s only making it worse.

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  8. I am catching up on the blog this morning. For some reason I have this in my brain “…I never picked cotton, but my mother did and my brother did and my sister did and my daddy died young…”

    Sorry, Chas.

    Our power was out after a loud thunder clap. Apparently, they had to change fuses on power poles for several around here. After going through three fuses, they realized our transformer was too small. They finally got it done. It was only about 2 1/2 hours from when I contacted them about the outage. We seldom lose power. We have had the pole struck before. You forget how much you rely on electricity until it is gone.

    I was supposed to be going to quilting at church, but it was cancelled since some others couldn’t make it and I wasn’t sure when I would get there.

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  9. Here’s a question of the day I thought of several days ago, and maybe today I’m early enough to ask it and have people see it to answer it. 🙂 Can’t really post a QOD at 11:00 at night when my own brain is awake . . .

    What sandwich do you make that is “unconventional” (not peanut butter and jelly, tuna salad, or any of the standard sandwiches) but tasty?

    I will list two of my own, one that I loved as a child but tried once as an adult and didn’t particularly like it, and one that I loved as a child and still love.

    The first was cream cheese and olives. Mom would mix diced black olives in with cream cheese, the more olives the better. In those days I ate only white bread, rye bread when we could afford it, so I would have eaten it on white. These days I can’t stand white bread and I don’t know whether it would work well on anything else.

    The second was a banana sandwich. These days most of my bread is rye, with multi-grain being an acceptable alternative occasionally (but no straight wheat unless that is really the only option). It works on any bread, I think. But the key is the bread must be toasted. Toast the bread, butter it, put the butter side in so it’s less messy, and slice bananas the long way (as for a banana split) and lay them inside. I love it for either breakfast or lunch. I tried peanut butter with it once, but didn’t think it added anything. I do often eat a handful of pecans with it, though, to add some protein. My mom and I were the only people in our family who ate this one–but then, Dad is the only other one who ate bananas, and Dad was inclined to eat really weird sandwiches–but both of us loved it, and I still do.

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  10. My most favorite sandwich is cucumber. Two slices of wheat bread, mayo, spinach leaves, cucumber slices, sprinkle with dill…now that right there is a sandwich!! 🥪


  11. Wait! Two slices whole wheat toasted, lots of mustard, slice of meatloaf (heated), spinach, black and green olives, dill pickle sliced.


  12. Mumsee, I had cinnamon toast this morning (on rye), first time in years, and it was excellent . . . but no, that’s not a sandwich.


  13. I don’t have an offbeat sandwich I make regularly, but I remember an experiment I did once in college when facing a sandwich bar at a picnic. I decided to make a comprehensive sandwich with just about everything available there. So it included lunch meat and all the available spreads, cheese (sorry, Mumsee), and vegetables, PLUS peanut butter and jelly.

    What prompted me to decide I would never try that again was the combination of mustard and jelly. They did not like each other at all.

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  14. Cheese belongs over the fire on a fork, roasted to a golden brown as the alm uncle did it, and then matched with fresh baked bread.


  15. In the past, some of us have expressed some concern with Beth Moore. This video is about 17 minutes long, but pretty sobering, and well worth watching if your church has brought her in or if you yourself have read her. Clearly she has moved into some unorthodox positions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfjzFAvYT2c

    And here is Beth Moore herself focusing on unity (vs. truth) with Joyce Meyer (who most or all of us would agree is a false teacher): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ah4LmZ2fdc


  16. What? Blathering endlessly? Me?


    Tonight I have to cover the counter demonstration where I’m sure some of the original demonstration participants also will be with a dueling bullhorn.


  17. Heidi was my favorite book as a child. Hubby didn’t want to name a daughter Heidi, so I have a dog named Heidi instead. 🙂 (I recognized Mumsee’s reference, too, and it brought a smile to my face – or a crooked half-smile in my case. 😀 )


  18. This isn’t really that strange, at least I don’t think it is, but my family thinks so – I sometimes like a peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwich for breakfast or lunch. (For regular pb&j sandwiches, we use jam rather than jelly.)


  19. DJ – Just saw this posted on Facebook by my friend DN, and thought you might find it interesting. It’s about Boston, but California cities are probably similar. DN comments that “The [planning and zoning] process over-represents those who are more wealthy, NIMBYs (‘Not In My Back Yard’) who oppose change that is helpful to the poor.”



  20. Michelle, I am going to repost what I wrote last weekend, as I am not sure that you saw it.
    I spent yesterday reading and finished Poppy. Michelle, I am deeply moved. Oswald and Biddy came alive. In this book you showed us OC’s legacy. How their simple ministry bore fruit. This book truly is the companion book to Biddy in many ways. So much grief, yet there is always hope. All of those hours of work were worth it.


  21. Okay, I reposted and checked my email and there was Michelle!
    Yes, you may use my comment however you like. Yes, you may refer to me as missionary somewhere around the world or however you like.


  22. I really like peanut butter and round slices of banana covering it on rye bread with caraway seeds. As a child, a neighbor woman taught us to make little party sandwiches with white bread quartered with the crust trimmed away, spread with mayo with cucumber slices on top sprinkled with Season All.

    This is not really unusual, but I like shredded chicken on bread that’s spread with mayo and sprinkled with black pepper and celery seed with some thin slices of sweet onion on top.

    Sometimes I have made graham cracker sandwiches with cream cheese or peanut butter.


  23. Somehow, Art and I do not wear our clothes backwards. It must have to do with our build not working out to fit one way or the other.

    What we do is spill things on our clothes more than other people seem to do. For Art it is a daily thing. I try to keep my patience and give thanks that it is no longer on his ties that required dry cleaning.


  24. We’ve had an unproductive day waiting and wondering about Ginger who had the stroke. It has required more time on the telephone. I bought a cute minature rose for her room. She is being moved to a rehab center. She can feed herself. Earlier she did not recognize her husband. Time will tell how she has been affected mentally.


  25. I have eaten peanut butter and banana on toast since I was a child. However, the last few years I quit eating bananas because of allergy issues. I don’t know for sure they were contributing, but they are one of the foods I suspect and it is not worth it. I also sliced the bananas in circles. That was the way my mom did it. Long way slices seems more sensible.

    I often ate tomato slices with mayo on bread, but now stick to BLT’s instead of just tomato slices. I often had tomato and lettuce with mayo. We had no microwaves and I doubt I would have had much access to bacon for myself when I was growing up.

    I used to make Ritz cracker pizzas for my children. Ritz crackers with tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni, which were then broiled in an oven.

    I also would sometimes grind American cheese and hot dogs together, spread it on bread and broil it all under the broiler. Haven’t done that for years now.

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  26. Michelle, in my reading this morning was a vs. from Psalm 16: “I will praise the LORD who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.” Just thought it was interesting as you asked about dreams. Not saying this actually says God teaches through dreams although he certainly can. My thinking was about the belief among those who study the brain that we do learn at night while we are asleep. Students are told to study before going to sleep for that reason.

    Michelle, I had a horrible dream about one of my daughters, that still makes me shudder. That was more than 30 years ago. She was fine, although I was quite worried at the time. My sympathy about your nightmare.

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  27. Re Heidi: I may well have told this story on here before, or at least a good portion of it.

    When I was in first grade, my teacher held a monthly reading contest. I’m guessing it didn’t start the first month of school, but I don’t really remember. To participate, you wrote down title and author of each book you read. You could read each book just once each month, but there were no other rules as far as I know. That is, she didn’t say, “Cheryl, you are already reading real books, and easy-to-read books don’t count for you.” So I learned very quickly that I could read several in a day if I stuck with books that were below my reading level, reading the same books again each month. I lost to someone else either the first or the second month, and determined not to “lose” again, and didn’t. So each month I went home with a new book as my prize.

    One month I went well over 100–156 or something like that. Mom would tell me I’d already read enough to win, go do something else.

    One month I brought home Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures, which had animal photos and descriptions for four different wildlife settings (black bear, seal, etc.) as my prize. It became the first of many animal books I read in childhood, and my mother once verbally rued the day I brought it home, because my love of animal books became so obsessive. I completely wore it out (though a year or so I bought a used copy and so now it is again on my shelf).

    Another time my teacher sent me home with a book about the Easter bunny. Mom handled that one intelligently. She let me read it once (so the “mystery” was removed) and then told me Easter wasn’t about some fictional bunny, and she was going to take that book and give me one I’d like better. She then gave me my first novel, Heidi. The book was a stretch for me at that point, so it took a long time to read it, at least a couple weeks I think. But by my third time through I was reading it in a couple of days. I have always been careful with my books, but that one too fell apart. Unfortunately, Heidi is not so easily replaced, since it is a translation and I have no idea who the translator was. When I reordered a copy a few years ago, the goats’ names were different and it had other differences from that copy I read dozens of times.

    I didn’t understand the idea of fiction; it was so true in its descriptions I thought it was all a true story. I don’t think I ever thought of Heidi as a friend or a kindred soul, but that book was itself a friend in a fairly lonely, friendless childhood.

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  28. Mumsee- Roasting cheese on an open fire worked well for the Alm Uncle for two reasons: It wasn’t thinly sliced, and it was fictional. I can’t imagine how long a thin slice of cheese would last on a fire without melting into it.

    And when you put that roasted cheese on bread, doesn’t that make it a sandwich?


  29. Kizzie (4:25 p.m.) — interesting and consistent. I’d say home ownership is probably the biggest factor, people who rent aren’t as rooted in the community. Those who own and are raising children probably have the biggest stake in what is or isn’t developed in their area or neighborhood. A lot of them are valid concerns.

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  30. Dreams: I have had two recently about the sad family situation I asked you to pray about just before leaving. The dreams are realistic and both have caused me to pray on waking, and also to ask my family how things are going.

    Tired, and my asthma is decidedly cranky.

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  31. Cheese is like a marshmallow. You take a chunk, big marshmallow size or bigger, toast it slowly so the inside is soft and squishy and the outside golden crispy. Then you eat it with the grapes you had skewered with it, or with nice fresh from the dutch oven rolls. You can spread it if you like or just glob it on. And on apple chunks

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  32. Sometimes after a realistic bad dream having to do with my family, I find myself waking up already praying. I guess the praying had started while I was dreaming.

    Sadly, recently, I awoke praying fervently for my father, who has been dead for almost 14 years. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped.


  33. ‘counter’ demonstration was much more subdued, candlelight vigil format. Our deadline was horrible short — 9 p.m. for an event that began at 7:30 p.m. — but most of the story was pre-written with phone interviews so I just had to add some color and live quotes. Whew.

    Someone surely will hate it, though.


  34. Haha.


    I’ve already been accused of being full of “Sh!.&*”

    AND for spouting #FAKENEWS.

    We can’t skip that.


    I really don’t even care anymore.


  35. so glad that you can laugh, Donna. Maybe it is time I subscribed, or we all did, to your paper so that I, or we, can leave reasonable comments.


  36. Jo, people are no longer capable of reason. They have their preconceived notions and nothing will change that. They love their “bubble.” The Internet has, in one major way, created a monster. And there’s no pushing that monster back inside the bounds of reasonableness or even civility.


  37. Feeling just a bit jaded the morning after 🙂

    I don’t care if I ever quote those people again. Ever. But of course I will. Sigh. And they’ll lambaste me again. And I’ll vent again. And on it goes.


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