15 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-11-18

  1. An interesting read.



    “A black pastor’s controversial eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral laid bare before the world what black women say they have experienced for generations: sexism and inequality in their houses of worship every Sunday.

    In eulogizing the beloved artist known as the Queen of Soul, the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. declared that as “proud, beautiful and fine as our black women are, one thing a black woman cannot do — a black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man.”

    The backlash was immediate, given Franklin’s role as a mother and a pillar for women’s rights.

    Franklin’s grieving family said Williams’ eulogy, which also included references to stopping black-on-black crime, was offensive because it did not focus on her. Social media lit up with criticisms of his remarks as sexist and misogynist.

    For many black women, Williams’ eulogy reopened wounds and sternly reminded them that black churches remain male-dominated institutions, where old-school resistance to women holding leadership roles is still alive.

    “Women are hurting about this issue,” said the Rev. Barbara Reynolds, an elder at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, D.C.

    “It’s like we are still not equal. Women fight in every cause for everybody else, but we are not celebrated or even tolerated in sacred spaces,” Reynolds said.

    Women not only fill the pews in many black churches, they also serve as church nurses and ushers, and work behind the scenes. Some are trustees, keeping an eye on church finances and making sure bills get paid. Others are evangelists, or are ordained as deacons. But many are denied true leadership roles — and in some cases, women are asked to deliver sermons from the church floor, rather than the pulpit.

    Some male ministers “actually deeply believe that men are supposed to be in charge,” said the Rev. Cheryl Townsend Gilkes (JILL-kz), assistant pastor for special projects at Union Baptist Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a sociology professor at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

    “Their reading of the Bible does not have a vision of gender equality,” Gilkes said. “Black women are very conscious of how important they are to the survival, growth and continuity of the church. Very often, to become effective, prominent leaders, they have formed their own organizations and exercised that leadership outside the pulpit.””

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  2. And another.

    If this is accurate, we’ve been treating it all wrong.


    “Dr. Leslie Norins is willing to hand over $1 million of his own money to anyone who can clarify something: Is Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia worldwide, caused by a germ?

    By “germ” he means microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. In other words, Norins, a physician turned publisher, wants to know if Alzheimer’s is infectious.

    It’s an idea that just a few years ago would’ve seemed to many an easy way to drain your research budget on bunk science. Money has poured into Alzheimer’s research for years, but until very recently not much of it went toward investigating infection in causing dementia.

    But this “germ theory” of Alzheimer’s, as Norins calls it, has been fermenting in the literature for decades. Even early 20th century Czech physician Oskar Fischer — who, along with his German contemporary Dr. Alois Alzheimer, was integral in first describing the condition — noted a possible connection between the newly identified dementia and tuberculosis.

    If the germ theory gets traction, even in some Alzheimer’s patients, it could trigger a seismic shift in how doctors understand and treat the disease.

    For instance, would we see a day when dementia is prevented with a vaccine, or treated with antibiotics and antiviral medications? Norins thinks it’s worth looking into.

    Norins received his medical degree from Duke in the early 1960s, and after a stint at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention he fell into a lucrative career in medical publishing. He eventually settled in an admittedly aged community in Naples, Fla., where he took an interest in dementia and began reading up on the condition.

    After scouring the medical literature he noticed a pattern.

    “It appeared that many of the reported characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease were compatible with an infectious process,” Norins tells NPR. “I thought for sure this must have already been investigated, because millions and millions of dollars have been spent on Alzheimer’s research.”

    But aside from scattered interest through the decades, this wasn’t the case.”


  3. A fitting response……


    “Mike Rowe pointed to the bravery of one of the passengers on Flight 93 on Sept. 11, 2001 when asked his thoughts about Nike’s latest ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.

    In the ad, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is featured with the words, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

    “Nike’s free to celebrate whomever they wish, and Kaepernick is entitled to his opinion–kneeling, standing, or lying down,” the 56-year-old television host explained on his Facebook Monday. “But if I was going to put someone’s face on a billboard – someone who epitomized bravery and sacrifice – I might have gone another way, especially this time of year. I might have gone with this guy – Tom Burnett.”

    Rowe continued, “Tom’s last act on earth was one of the most courageous things imaginable. And his last words to his wife, Deena, are among the most inspiring I’ve ever heard. Those exact words are at the top of this page, and the bottom. They were spoken 17 years ago, under conditions I hope to never experience. I’ll never forget Tom’s last words. I hope you won’t either.””

    “The whole conversation can be viewed here. But the last part is probably the most incredible.

    Tom: We’re waiting until we’re over a rural area. We’re going to take back the airplane.
    Deena: No! Sit down, be still, be quiet, and don’t draw attention to yourself! (The exact words taught to me by Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Training).
    Tom: Deena! If they’re going to crash this plane into the ground, we’re going to have do something!
    Deena: What about the authorities?
    Tom: We can’t wait for the authorities. I don’t know what they could do anyway.
    It’s up to us. I think we can do it.
    Deena: What do you want me to do?
    Tom: Pray, Deena, just pray.

    (after a long pause)

    Deena: I love you.
    Tom: Don’t worry, we’re going to do something…”

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  4. LOL – the description of the black church sounds just like the description of the LCMS church. And we like it that way and believe it is Scripturally correct.

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  5. Dennis Prager on presidents as role models, presented without comment…….



    “So then, if I emphatically support the idea that adult men should seek to be models for younger men, how could I support a president who apparently isn’t? The answer should be so obvious I am disappointed that all conservatives do not readily understand it. The role of the president of the United States is first and foremost to be a good president. If he (or she) is a personal role model, that is a lovely bonus—but it is only a bonus. When I was young, I never regarded the president of the United States as a personal role model. That task fell on my father, my grandfather, my older brother, my uncles, my parents’ friends, my teachers, my rabbis and other older males.

    President Jimmy Carter was known to be a faithful and devoted husband, and was not known for making false statements (only libelous ones after leaving office—like calling Israel an “apartheid” state). So what? Do conservative never-Trumpers think Jimmy Carter’s personal integrity mattered more, or his presidential decisions?

    And, by the way, I’ll take Donald Trump’s character over that of Hillary Clinton. I believe she sold her country’s interests for personal gain. That she never committed adultery probably mattered to her husband and daughter, but not to me in determining who should be president of the United States.

    What a president does as president is immeasurably more important than his personal sins. What he does personally affects his family. What he does as president affects the lives of 328 million Americans and, for that matter, the whole world.

    Donald Trump is responsible for the lowest unemployment in generations, for appointing two conservative Supreme Court justices, for boosting defense spending, for confronting the illegal-immigrant crisis, for cutting government regulations, for strongly supporting Israel, for lowering taxes, for confronting Western European countries over their morally indefensible low defense spending and so much more that anyone who calls himself conservative should celebrate. Those achievements—not to mention preventing a left-wing, i.e. Democratic Party, victory in 2016—are what should matter to every conservative and every American frightened by what the left is doing to the country, to its universities, high schools, families, gender relations and race relations, and everything else it touches.

    If your house were on fire, would you be more concerned with the character of the firefighters sent to extinguish the fire or their firefighting ability? The generation that grew up under one of the most decent presidential moral models—Dwight Eisenhower—turned out to be the most narcissistic, morally confused and unpatriotic generation in modern American history. So much for presidents as models for children.””

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  6. Better than under Reagan.


    “U.S. small business optimism surged to a record in August as the tax cuts and deregulation efforts of President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress led to more sales, hiring and investment, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business.

    The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index jumped to 108.8 last month, the highest level ever recorded in the survey’s 45-year history and above the previous record of 108 in 1983, set during the second year of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The August figure was up from a 107.9 reading in July.”


  7. Don’t believe the hype…….


    “Ben Sasse is a man of contradictions.

    The junior senator from Nebraska is a frequent critic of President Trump but Sasse votes with him nearly 87 percent of the time. He laments inaction by Congress on big issues, but can boast of few legislative accomplishments that are his own. Sasse now claims he might leave the Republican Party—a threat he also made before Trump was elected—but he has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Republican donors and interest groups.

    He blasts the president’s lack of civility, but he regularly demeans his colleagues, to say nothing of the president. Sasse complains that folks in Washington have no long term plan for the country, but he stumbles when asked for his own specific vision. And the father of three wrote a book chock full of advice about how to raise kids all before his own have even left home. (If Senate work doesn’t work out for him, perhaps he might find a bright future as a parenting blogger?) He has a new book to sell now, which could explain his latest PR stunt.

    All of this has—of course—earned him the fawning admiration of establishment conservatives who view Donald Trump with horror and disdain. Sasse’s name has been floated by NeverTrumpers either as a primary or third-party challenge to the president in 2020, a proposition the 48-year-old, two-thirds of a first-term senator does not rebuff. The Ivy Leaguer is a perfect fit for outlier Republicans who sneer at Trump’s working-class base and his crass mannerisms.

    A former college president, Sasse likes to pontificate and opine as though voters had possibly signed up for one of his classes. He’s made the rounds on late night and cable talk shows; his Twitter threat to dump the GOP earned him guest spots on two Sunday news programs over the weekend where he blathered on about Omarosa and Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort and a soap opera White House.

    But one subject the quick-talking Sasse will not openly discuss is the unfolding scandal now roiling Washington and enraging Republicans across the country: How President Obama’s Justice Department spied on the Trump campaign, and how top law enforcement and intelligence officials weaponized their powers to try to destroy his candidacy and his presidency. For a guy so concerned with abuse of power and democratic norms and a crisis of public trust, Sasse’s silence on the biggest political scandal in U.S. history is conspicuous.

    While other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have been outspoken about this fiasco, demanding documents and testimony, Sasse is missing in action. In fact, his dramatic Senate floor condemnation of Trump’s warning that he might fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggests Sasse either is completely unaware of or willfully ignoring the scandal. His comments defied reality:

    Jeff Sessions statement today that the U.S. Department of Justice is filled with honorable dispassionate career prosecutors who execute their job in ways that the American people should be proud of is indisputably true. What he said is something that basically everybody in this body knows and agrees with.

    Everyone in America and in the U.S. Senate thinks the Justice Department is doing a standup job devoid of politics? On what planet?”

    The words self-serving and disloyal come to mind.


  8. Enemies within…..


    “For decades, we have allowed the American left (public education, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and fake news media) to indoctrinate our children, teaching them that America sucks and is the greatest source of pain and suffering for people both here and abroad. We’re still allowing leftists to mold and shape our kids into their anti-Christian radical progressive image as early as preschool.

    Consequently, we have young adults in positions of power and influence who literally hate their country. Like sleeper cells, leftist young enemies-within operatives are seeking to bring down by any means necessary America as founded, openly advocating violence and treason. ”


    “Watching the Jeopardy TV show, I learned that the new African-American museum in Washington, D.C. features a display of bricks with the names of slaves owned by Thomas Jefferson. The exhibit makes the point that Jefferson was a hypocrite for owning slaves and saying, “All men are created equal.” To ignore Jefferson’s great achievements to dedicate an entire exhibit on the fact that he owned slaves, which was legal, is purposed to demonize this Founding Father and America in the minds of our youths.

    Young corporate executives believe and pander to the left’s negative view of America. This is why we see corporate advertising supportive of lies such as that America is destroying the planet and that cops routinely murder blacks.

    Leftists have instilled in our youths the lie that people around the world have too little because evil, greedy, and selfish Americans have too much. This is why many youths believe that it is only fair that we open our borders to whoever wishes to enter. And how dare we expect immigrants to assimilate, speak English, and embrace capitalism? Youths believe that defending our borders against the invasion of illegals is racist and hateful. Our kids have also been taught the lie that Christians, conservatives, and Republicans are haters obsessed with suppressing women and minorities.

    Corporate executive operatives of the young enemies within movement believe that a majority of Americans share leftist disdain for their country. This is why the NFL originally rallied behind Kaepernick, leading the charge of pro football players taking a knee in protest against our National Anthem.

    The NFL protest is really highly paid, privileged celebrities giving our military (active and veterans), our brave men and women in blue, and America their middle fingers. It is stunning that NFL executives originally thought supporting such disrespect was a good idea.

    The American left’s demonizing of America in the minds of our youths has worked so well that openly socialist and even communist candidates are winning elections. “Yutes” love socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    Everywhere you turn, we are witnessing young enemies-within operatives’ vitriolic no-holds-barred unprecedented attacks on our president, our nation’s best interest, our traditional principles and values, our Constitutional rights, and national security.”


  9. Point and counter.



  10. Not a victimless crime.

    39 million victims, and this is just from identity theft. There are millions of other victims from physical crimes as well. Enough already.

    Thank Obama and his fellow globalists.


    “Nearly 40 million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal immigrants and others to get work, according to agency records obtained by an immigration reform group.

    The Immigration Reform Law Institute said that from 2012 to 2016 there were “39 million instances where names and Social Security numbers on W-2 tax forms did not match the corresponding Social Security records.”

    The group said that there is a “thriving black market” used by illegal immigrants to get Social Security numbers needed to get a job.

    Their report draws attention to a move by former President Barack Obama to stop sending so-called “no match” letters to employers notifying them that numbers used by employees on the wage forms do not match their identity.”


    ““The Social Security numbers of young children are especially sought by illegal aliens, as this theft is likely to go undetected for years. As children reach late teenage years and apply for credit for cars, student loans, and other needs, they may find that their credit has been compromised with mortgages, credit cards and criminal records attached to their identities,” said the group.

    “This investigation shines a light on the depth of America’s problems as a result of allowing illegal aliens into the country,” said Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel of IRLI. “It also debunks the idea that being in the country illegally is a victimless crime. Millions of Americans, in many cases children, are having their identities stolen to enable even more criminal activity. Illegal aliens should not reap Social Security benefits that result from the commission of identity theft.””


  11. The description of the black church as a male-dominated institution is laughable. Obviously I am not an expert on the black church, but black culture is quite matriarchal as a rule (a vicious circle; the men are not dependable, and the boys are not raised to be men), and from what I have seen the black church largely follows that pattern, with “conservative” black churches being far more likely than conservative white churches to have women pastors. Now, some black churches do follow egregious patterns. I think of the church that celebrated a pastor’s anniversary with the church (25 years, I think) by buying him a 16-year-old virgin. For sure, abuses abound. And I’m sure there are black churches that follow a biblical pattern in which only men can be pastors or elders–but in my own experience, that is less likely than in the white church, enough so that I have actually seen white-dominant institutions that believe in male elders and pastors but that “wink” at inclusion of black woman pastors, as though somehow it’s culturally insensitive to hold people of another cultural background to biblical truth standards.

    In Chicago I sometimes thought of myself as an “honorary black person.” My neighborhood was 99% white (I was the only white person on my block except for the three years I had a white housemate) and my church was 60% black, so I was frequently the only white person in the room (e.g., prayer meeting) or on the city bus. Black friends sometimes talked openly in my presence in a way I am sure they usually didn’t around white people. I was present one time when a middle-aged woman spoke passionately to women her age and younger (in an informal setting, a women’s retreat; she was not a scheduled speaker, but they were just talking) about the absolute failure in parenting boys. Her take? Boys were seen as so likely to end up dead or in prison that they were pampered and babied, and little was expected of them. She said we expect our girls to act right, and to go to college, and so forth, but we don’t expect anything of our boys, since we don’t think we’ll have them long, but as a result we aren’t raising them to be men and they aren’t growing up to be men.

    It’s far, far, far more complicated than that. I don’t think women alone really can raise boys to be men; the failure is largely in the men who should be helping to raise these boys. But nevertheless, black women are employed, educated, and so forth in far greater numbers than black men. Qualified black women are valuable to any employer–companies get bonus affirmative-action points, points for having a black employee and points for hiring a woman–but the employer would also a hundred times rather hire a black woman than a black man. She’s far more likely to be educated, far less likely to have a criminal record, far less threatening to white people (I mean that people tend to be afraid of black men, but not of black women), and also far less likely to be an actual danger to employees and customers. Win-win. Faculty positions stay open, waiting for a coveted black woman to come along to fill it. A black woman with a college degree can take her pick of positions; that isn’t true for men.

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  12. ————————


    ““Flight 93 was hijacked by evil men bent on terror and conquest. Passengers and crew members began using their phones to call home,” Trump said.

    “In the last 20 minutes, many placed their final calls home, whispering those eternal words, I love you,” he continued. “Some said the Lord’s prayer, and then they bravely charged the cockpit. They attacked the enemy, they fought until the very end, and they stopped the forces of terror and defeated this wicked, horrible, evil plan.”


  13. Good news.


    “The U.S. military has identified the first two American troops from 55 boxes of human remains from the 1950-53 Korean War that North Korea handed over in July, the agency leading the analysis said on Monday.

    The identities are expected to be officially announced in the coming days after the troops’ relatives are informed.

    “We will notify the family first,” said John Byrd, director of scientific analysis at the U.S. Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, as he stood among the remains undergoing review in Hawaii.”


  14. Cheryl, I read part of your good post a couple times to make sense of it. Did you mean that your Chicago neighborhood was 99% black? (You said white.)


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