Prayer Requests 9-10-18

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 30

I will exalt you, Lord,
    for you lifted me out of the depths
    and did not let my enemies gloat over me.
Lord my God, I called to you for help,
    and you healed me.
You, Lord, brought me up from the realm of the dead;
    you spared me from going down to the pit.

Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people;
    praise his holy name.
For his anger lasts only a moment,
    but his favor lasts a lifetime;
   weeping may stay for the night,
    but rejoicing comes in the morning.

When I felt secure, I said,
    “I will never be shaken.”
Lord, when you favored me,
    you made my royal mountain stand firm;
   but when you hid your face,
    I was dismayed.

To you, Lord, I called;
    to the Lord I cried for mercy:
“What is gained if I am silenced,
    if I go down to the pit?
   Will the dust praise you?
    Will it proclaim your faithfulness?
10 Hear, Lord, and be merciful to me;
    Lord, be my help.”

11 You turned my wailing into dancing;
    you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
12 that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.
    Lord my God, I will praise you forever.

10 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-10-18

  1. Sounds like my grandson in boot camp may have an mandatory evacuation for the hurricane.

    I just found out one of the older saints in our church passed away. She was in church on Sunday, driving herself and hobbling in on her cane. Her second husband (first one was deceased many years ago) passed away a couple of years ago and, I know, she was so ready to go. She is rejoicing I am certain.

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  2. After what happened with baby Ava, I’m nervous about the little guy due next week. My nightmare was about something happening to him. Nine hours later, my stomach is still contracting I can hear the horror in the voice on the phone from that dream. IT WAS A DREAM

    So, please pray for physical safety for mom and baby and a safe delivery soon.

    Thank you.

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  3. Meanwhile, my dear friend Jo is being moved to a rehabilitation center today, I think. There has been a lot of drama and I inadvertently added to it.

    My apologies are done and I need to move on, but it’s one more error in a long list and I’m struggling.

    Meanwhile, the tension continues over Jo’s care and I’m concerned I may get dragged in again. They key is the Lord speaking to Jo.

    Thank you.

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  4. Sometimes when there is an issue within the family that I don’t want to share with others, it is sad and frustrating to me to not have anyone to ask to pray about it. In the past, I would have asked Hubby, and we would have prayed together, and also separately, about the situation.

    So many times I have a passing thought about asking Nightingale or Chickadee to pray about something, and quickly remember they are not currently believers.

    My heart’s desire is to have my family united in Christ with me.

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