12 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-21-18

  1. 🙂 I’ll be spending the weekend editing A Poppy in Remembrance. That WWI story will finally be published in early November.

    🙂 We are sprinting to self-publish. Yet again, God seems to be putting everything into perfect and surprising alignment.

    🙂 The cover is being painted this weekend. It’s gorgeous.

    🙂 I’m blessed–but have a lot of hard, detailed work ahead of me in the next couple days.

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  2. When you’re young, you can jump into your car and run down to Chick-fil-a for breakfast. thinking nothing about it.
    When you’re in your mid eighties, and someone is handicapped:
    Everything is a project.’

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  3. Different stages of life have different challenges, for sure.

    😦 Found out all the talk of a tumor in a God son is a lie. He checked himself out of the hospital and went back to his second story apartment with the help of his bio-grandparents. Since it is on the second floor they had a very difficult time getting him up there. How he will get down in an emergency is beyond me. Social workers did not want him home, but at a rehab place, so they can help him walk after his knee surgery. None of this is good, except that there seems to be no tumor. He does say he prayed to accept Christ. I don’t know if he really believes or what. He has been abusive to the medical personal and, as a result, is not welcomed everywhere.

    😦 Water heater started leaking. Good news is that we were home and alerted by the pump continually pumping. It was a day we had open. Also, I had just washed dishes, clothes and had a shower the day before, so was happy about that. We were able to get someone out and replace it. The job is not quite done, because of issues with the electric company and their meter for off peak. That should be taken care on Monday. This would have been so much worse if I were in Alaska or if we were both gone when this happened. So, grateful it happened as it did. It was tremendously old and way beyond the age it should have lasted.

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  4. 🙂 I have a beautiful new redwood gate on the south side of the house where an old gate had been deteriorating and long since dysfunctional.

    😦 House painting is on perpetual hold. Dog park painter thought he might be able to get back to the job Monday but now we’re heading into another blazing heat wave so it’ll be too hot to work outside anyway.

    😦 Long, busy work week and yesterday was especially frustrating. Well, it’s over for now.

    😦 Summer cold.

    😦 Why do some people always have such a negative view of change? I cover development issues a lot and there are so many folks who just have to nay-say any kind of change as bad, even DISASTROUS, the latest being plans to reconstruct a new waterfront attraction. Sheesh. Give it a chance. Time moves on, things change, and that’s not always awful. Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s something that’s headed for certain and devastating failure. That attitude gets so tiring to listen to over and over again. Some people have honed it to an art.

    😦 In a staff meeting this week, the point was made that the thing that motivates most posts on social media is … anger. People get angry about something and fly to the keyboard. No wonder we’re all so on edge.

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  5. That is interesting. I wrote a letter to an opinion page writer the other day, commending him on his story and telling him that his weekly commentary made my subscription to the paper worthwhile. He wrote back and thanked me for my words, saying it is rare to hear from the readers and much more rare to hear anything positive. He also mentioned a couple of other recent editions to the paper as the very liberal editor realized we needed a more conservative side addressed. Glad I wrote to him.

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  6. There’s apparently now a term, ‘journalist-bullying,’ to describe what goes on when it comes to social media interactions. I can sometimes cajole folks (if I know who they are in the community) — one guy recently referred to our paper as “a rag” he’d never subscribe to but I kind of brought him around, in part by pointing out some of the restrictions we now face in our business with regard to having enough resources to cover as much as we once did. In the end he wound up lauding me as “doing God’s work” just like teachers, which was way over the top, but I had to smile at how successful I apparently was in converting him, at least for a thread.

    Anyway, I guess we’re having some staff training coming up on how to deal with this as it’s become more and more prevalent. As journalists we like (and are encouraged to be) active on social media and interacting with our readers, but we also can’t afford to get sucked into “feeding the trolls.” We’re just one of the many popular groups to hate these days. 🙂

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  7. Somebody dropped a copy of today’s newspaper in my driveway this morning. I just started looking at it. I can’t read it because the print is too small. But some on the large print headings of some articles indicate another reason I won’t subscribe.
    “This is why I support abolishing ICE”
    “Cooking Earth is a long term problem for all”
    “Trump puts America last in Helsinki.”

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  8. Not only that. I looked through the sports page and didn’t see a thing about the Gamecocks.
    What’s all this business about a Wolfpack?

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