Our Daily Thread 7-13-18

Good Morning!

It’s Friday!

Today’s pics are from Cheryl.


And it’s NancyJill’s Birthday!


Anyone have a QoD?


43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-13-18

  1. Morning all. Facebook says that it is Nancyjills birthday. Happy birthday and enjoy your time in your lovely forest. May this new year be a sweet time for you.

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  2. This is also an apple-tree-in-the-last-week shot. It’s a flycatcher of some sort and not a phoebe (it has wingbars, which I can see in another shot I got of it), but I haven’t identified specifically which species it is. I don’t really know my flycatchers and I haven’t taken time to sort it out. But I love the shot. The little guy looks so confident sitting there. And it’s not a beautiful bird, but distinctly handsome. The blossoms are visible but not the focus, and there are far more leaves than blossoms–pinpointing exactly what point in spring the shot was taken.

    I think this is the last species I sent AJ of the apple blossom shots. But didn’t they give me a nice goodbye party? This was likely a “new species” in terms of birds I’d seen from my backyard, too, and if it was, that gave me three new backyard species in the last week or two. (I meant to write a list of backyard birds for the new owners–though I never met them and don’t know if they are birders, that might have intrigued them–but never ended up having the time. I know it’s a family with two children, one of them apparently just a baby, so they may or may not have time for such things as birdwatching.)

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    May there be cake and
    candles and song in
    the forest today!!!

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  4. Oh what a beautiful birdie! My Birdie was singing to me as I walked into the family room this morning…it was his Happy Birthday song to me! 😊
    Thank you for your birthday greetings…and Happy Birthday to Janice and Art’s Wesley!! I recall we share the day!! I love the cake Janice ❤️

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  5. I woke up at 3:30, convinced it was Saturday and fretted I needed to get up early to attend a retirement party.

    At some point, I realized it was Friday and didn’t go back to sleep and now look how far behind I am on the day!

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  6. Happy Birthday Nancyjill!

    I have to write a feature about the Croatian community today and am in need of some energy. Among my many dreams last night, I was at mumsee’s where a wolf visited the house every day. It wasn’t a friendly wolf so caution was needed at all times.

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  7. Happy birthday, NancyJill! Hope you get the gift of a good rain shower today. Wishing you many blessings in the coming year!


  8. From yesterdays conversation: I still have a landline. I have had the same number since 1985, and don’t plan to change it. Our terrain is such that if the local tower goes down, we will not have phone coverage.

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  9. RK – Do you mean 24 hours of overtime? Wow!

    When Nightingale went in this morning, she was informed that they need her to work a double today. Later, they were able to get someone for 2nd shift, so she doesn’t have to today. But next week she has a double one day and then a 12-hour shift the next day, both in the middle of eight days of working (again).

    She says they are quite short-staffed. Is your facility also short-staffed? I think that’s pretty common these days, unfortunately.

    She has taken off the week following next, for Boy Scout camp. But even with five days in a row of not working that week, she will still be working enough shifts this month to be over full-time. Proud of my hard-working daughter. (And she doesn’t mind the full paychecks. 😉 )

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  10. Kizzie, yes, 24 hrs of overtime. We work 12 hr shifts. I am prn, but have been blessed to get more than full time for the past couple of months. I can meet my bills on 2 days a week, but it is nice to not be on austerity.

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  11. OK, got a little energy boost with some vitamin water and being able to work from home where it’s a full 20 degrees cooler than it was a week ago at this time.

    For Sunday’s big early morning game, the city is closing down the street (from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m.) in front of the Croatian Hall to put up a giant TV screen (to the tune of $10,000). They’re expecting more than 1,000 people to come to the viewing party, with another older Croatian club a few blocks away expecting to host another 500 people in their building.

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  12. I, too, still have a landline, except it’s tied into the internet. I’d rather have it hard wired so when the power goes out we can still make calls. Since we live in a semi rural area the power is iffy in storms.

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  13. i still have a landline, as well. The cost is relatively minor, IMO. I prefer most calls on that. I do not like my calls to follow me around all day, unless there is a good reason for that.

    Of course, I have had my iPhone for over two years and just found out there was a switch on the side to silence it. I have silenced it, but not that way. Apparently, I have used it a few times without knowing it and the mystery as to why I cannot hear some calls is now revealed. Lol.

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  14. My daughter showed me that switch last spring! I generally forget to turn it back on.

    We kept the landline for all of those reasons. But it got to where we could only call locally and with a lot of folk having cell phones with other area codes, it was not very useful. There is the emergency call number with self locating which is nice. All of the extended family has cell phones. And the continual stream of unwanted calls. The phone company said they could fix that when we called to cancel, but their fixes never seem to last very long. We got rid of the old phone with an answering machine for a while before we disconnected, using an older round dialing model with no machine. We had kept it for calls with no electricity. But the frustration was not worth it. I seldom checked the machine more than once a week, so the few people who did call, got missed.

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  15. My most recent landline also was connected to the internet and it went out frequently, so it wasn’t really of much use.

    Meanwhile, I’ve broken the 2nd (in just a few months) glass screen cover on my iPhone, I am so often juggling the phone + notebook + pen — and whatever else is needed — that it’s getting dropped more than usual lately. I will probably have to get one of those cumbersome Otterbox Defender cases. They’re bulky but do give more protection.

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  16. Daughter, the nurse, was able to get lots of overtime and is still off on maternity leave after grandson was born the beginning of May.

    Daughter, CNA, also got a lot of overtime. Too much for her own good as she thought she was invincible and only needed one hour of sleep every three days. Hence the totaling of the Cadillac.

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  17. I have unlimited long distance for $25 per month, on the landline. No answering machine. People know they can find us in the house if it is dark.

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  18. We have ooma for our landline…which is an internet sort of 📞 landline. My Mother is the only one who uses it as I told her my cell number is only for emergency. (She would call me incessantly if I did not have that stipulation on the cell)
    Paul and I went out to lunch then sofa shopping. I ordered the sofa and it should be delivered in a couple of months! My neighbor came over and then we walked over to her newly poured foundation. Framing should began next week and we are praying it to be completed before the predicted next June! We do miss so much living next door as they are renting a house in the Springs since the fire last year.
    Oh and I forgot that not only do I share this day with Janice’s Wesley and my baby sister’s granddaughter, I share this day with Biddy Chambers!!! How could I forget!??!!

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  19. Bonne anniversaire to NancyJill.

    My parents still have a landline, which is good because they do not have a cell phone, neither one of them. Also, when the power goes out, which generally happens two or three times a year in this rural area, they can still phone the power company to find out when the electricity will come back on.

    I have embarked on another furniture restoration project, this time restoring the vanity that used to be my mother’s. It was painted white and I am taking it down to the wood again. I know it will work, because Youngest has the dresser that matches the vanity (the set came from the servant’s quarters of a famous mansion in the community where my mother grew up) and she successfully stripped the paint off some years ago. The Seconds have a power sander that they allowed me to use, which is making the job a lot quicker. It gives me something to do while I am waiting for word on what is happening next.

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  20. The sounds of cicadas mixed with thunder in the distance are music to my ears this evening. I never get enough of the cicadas. It is one of my favorite things about summer. I realized this evening that I have not had a watermelon this summer. I need to remedy that.

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  21. Cicadas?? They only make their noise here at 5:30am and they sound like an alarm clock. When I first started hearing them, that is what I thought they were. I used to lie in bed just wishing that someone would turn off that alarm.

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  22. We don’t have them (Cicadas) here that I know of and i don’t remember them from Iowa, but maybe they’re not there either.

    I’m tired, I did several phone interviews and wrote 3 stories today, morning to early evening, never left the house. Feels weird working from home like that sometimes — it’s comfy and I’m productive, but I feel a little too isolated I think.


  23. Kevin- We’d have to use a different company for the Internet, so cost is a major issue. Besides, the phone wiring in the house is old and may not even work. But I ‘d rather use the “landline” for calling my dad. It is clearer and more dependable than cell service where we live. Plus it has a better speaker phone so Mrs L can be part of the conversation.


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