Prayer Requests 9-27-17

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget Ajisuun and The Gambia.

Anyone else?

Psalm 47

Clap your hands, all you nations;
    shout to God with cries of joy.

For the Lord Most High is awesome,
    the great King over all the earth.
He subdued nations under us,
    peoples under our feet.
He chose our inheritance for us,
    the pride of Jacob, whom he loved.

God has ascended amid shouts of joy,
    the Lord amid the sounding of trumpets.
Sing praises to God, sing praises;
    sing praises to our King, sing praises.
For God is the King of all the earth;
    sing to him a psalm of praise.

God reigns over the nations;
    God is seated on his holy throne.
The nobles of the nations assemble
    as the people of the God of Abraham,
for the kings of the earth belong to God;
    he is greatly exalted.

14 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-27-17

  1. Hubby has still had some vomiting today, but that is not the bigger problem for which we need prayer. (They are treating him with an anti-nausea med in an IV.)

    There is still some blood appearing from his bladder when he moves. When he is reclining & resting, the urine is clear, but when he gets up & moves, some blood comes out. We are crying out to God (& I mean crying literally) for a resolution to this. Hubby had been told that if he had to keep the Foley catheter in, then he would not be able to work. (We’ll have to look into that if it comes to that, but that’s what a doctor said.)

    Today is his 27th day in a hospital, & we still don’t know when he will be coming home. Please pray for the bleeding to stop, for the catheter to be successfully removed (which would include him being able to urinate on his own), & that he could come home by the weekend. Thank you.

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  2. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Kizzie — what do the doctors make of the bleeding? Could it be just a residual effect that’s lingered after the surgery & will clear up on its own with time?

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  3. how miserable, I’m so sorry — praying that he begins to feel better and that the doctors will have some kind of (benign) explanation for the post-surgical bleeding that resolves concern.

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  4. We just got the news that the older brother of three of our children just committed suicide. Prayer for the sibs and their grandmother and bio mom. Don’t know if he was a believer. He lived here for a few months and we anticipated adoption until he convinced the social workers to pull him out and send him back north to sell drugs with the bio parents. He was exposed to the Gospel and appeared to be turning his life around.

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  5. Oh, Mumsee, I know how hard that is on a sibling. (Extended family went through that–a brother and then their mother.) May God give you great, great wisdom in this time.

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  6. Suicide is a horrendous thing to go through for family and friends. It’s definitely leaves such pain, all the ‘what ifs,’ ‘what could I have done’ – my best friend’s mom (elementary and high school years) took that route when friend and I were in our 30s and I still remember the grieving


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