68 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-27-17

  1. Further Tales from The Grandpa’s Pregnancy—Yesterday we went to vote. We came home with a stroller, infant carrier, and car seat base, and some onesies. I thought we bought it with the idea of giving it to the parents who will most likely need it more than we will, but I think, he thinks this one is for us. Online, new it would be $430. We found it at a consignment shop for $150 and 25% off. He did his research on his phone in the store and a fireman’s wife who happened to be shopping there went through all the safety features with him and told him it was among the easiest car seats to install and one of the safest according to her husband who is trained for that sort of thing.
    I sent a photo to stepson. His reply was “That’s huge”. Mine was, “Tell me about it. It is in my garage”.
    We have 5 1/2 more months. I may be broke by the time she is born. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Houston.
    and I had an instant of confusion about “grandpa’s pregnancy”. But then I understood.
    Tale of Two Cities had an interesting ending. I was going to make a comment but figured that someone who hadn’t read it would be spoiled
    I’m just holding b ack on the comment.
    I liked the book enough to finish it.


  3. It’s one of them amphibious cars. They have them available for rides at Disney Springs. I would like to drive one, but they won’t let you, only the driver can, so I didn’t bother.

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  4. Kim, when Becky, first granddaughter, was born, I made a business trip to Melbourne, Fl. I flew from DCA to MLB On the way back, I flew to Columbia just to hold Becky. It cost me over $100 to do that.
    I didn’t do that for the other two.
    Grandpas do weird things.

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  5. Chas, this is the 3rd. The other two are in Maryland. This one will be in Pensacola. I have only been around one other man that loved babies as much as this one does and that was my father in law (ex). He is thinking of names, buying stuff, planning. Remember, he wanted to make one of our extra bedrooms into a full scale nursery. Santa is bringing him a pack and play nursery in a bag.
    Of course, I do have to admit, there is a chair I have wanted for a year or so now. It is a club chair with ottoman but it also rocks. Mimi and Grandpa need a rocking chair at their house…see? It is all logical.

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  6. I never got excited about Mary and Jennifer.
    But we enjoyed having them when they came.
    The other grandparents lived near us and Chuck & Linda came to visit often.
    It’s amazing that they weren’t spoiled, but they grew up to be fine women.
    The Becky event was 45 years ago.

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  7. Michelle, the book is “Iran: Desperate for God”.
    Not on Amazon, not on my Kindle, not a library book. Probably a book I disposed of when I left Hendersonville. I disposed of almost everything because I can’t read small print anymore.


  8. We had a brief moment of fog this morning, but it’s gone. It does feel like fall, even though our days are warmish (high 70s, low 80s, but dry, and with chilly nights). The holidays will be upon us in a flash, of course.


  9. Today is our first day using WordPress to file our stories. I started writing on the platform last night with a draft but immediately it vanished. 😦 Luckily I hadn’t actually written anything yet, I just wanted to get the story logged in the system so i could start working on it today. All of the papers have been rolling over to WP in the past month and ours goes/went “live” with it at 4 am. today. I’m sure there will be glitches to work out.

    Most of us are familiar with WordPress (our blogs were all on WP and it is fairly user-friendly), but this version is a bit different in some ways and requires quite a few fields to be filled in by us, from tags to headlines, decks (for social media display) & categories.

    We’re making plans for another staff departure this Friday, looks like we’ll go out to lunch somewhere this time instead of ordering pizza in. We used to need 1-2 very long tables when we made reservations for staff lunches out. We’re down to practically a booth now 😦

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  10. We’ve also launched a new website design, geared to easier mobile access since mobile devices are what most readers now use on the web. Onward. (At least my mood improved on Tuesday πŸ™‚ )

    Sometimes you’ve gotta just keep on keepin’ on.

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  11. Good Morning…cloudy and cold here this AM…and more rain.
    Kim your stories make me chuckle. I am in full granny mode right now. Our daughter is flying in from Pasadena on Friday and we get to enjoy our newest grandson for three days! I bought a new pack and play for him to sleep in for two nights…purchased diapers,wipes,baby food, bib,toys,baby quilts,new clothes for him….yeah… grandparenting is fun and expensive…❀️

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  12. Grandbaby fever πŸ™‚ My friend seems to be obsessed with her 3 grandkids (judging by the thousands of pictures I’ve seen in their first couple years of life πŸ™‚ ).

    I can’t help but think the intense focus (gift- and attention-wise) is mostly a new cultural phenomenon?

    Ha, either that or my down-to-earth Iowa grandparents were slackers in the $purchasing$ and lavishing department. πŸ™‚ Kind of like mumsee I guess.

    But they loved me, it was always fun visiting and staying with them (and having them visit us). But I always saw them as strong, towering figures more in the background of our lives, not front and center particularly.

    Things change with the generations I suppose. Or maybe now with smaller families than in the past the attention is simply more riveted on children?


  13. We bought a double stroller for our latest grandchild. Really it was for mom and dad, since a 16 month old and newborn are going to be a challenge. We will be leaving today. I wish we could stay longer or lived closer, as far as helping out goes. I know my daughter will be exhausted.

    I brought a book for jury duty and then was told after about a half hour to take it back to my car. I am not sure why they allow nothing. It seems totally unnecessary. Not sure if it is ignorance, a power thing or what. My mom knit a whole sweater years ago. I understand no knitting needles. The rest is beyond me.

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  14. I lost my car keys. I looked all over for them
    I took Elvera to Adult Center in the truck.
    I have looked every place they could possibly be.
    They just disappeared. But they have to be somewhere.
    reminds me of a poem I wrote about ten years ago.n

    The Truant Dental Floss

    Last night I went to brush my teeth
    The way I always do,
    And then I have to work the floss
    Before the job is through.

    But Lo, it isn’t there I see,
    Now, just where could it be?
    I know, it’s with my shaving stuff,
    I’ll find it easily.

    I fumble through the drawer below,
    Stuff for my face and hair,
    But vainly for my dental floss
    It plainly isn’t there,

    What now, sez I, what can I do?
    I must call nine – one – one.
    Some thief broke in and stole my floss,
    Though nothing else is gone

    In panic now, my floss is gone;
    Oh my, what can I do?
    I know! I’ll just use my wife’s Glide,
    β€˜Cause every piece is new.

    It puzzles me, I just can’t sleep,
    All night I turn and toss,
    What could have happened to that
    Stupid roll of dental floss?

    Come dawn, now through bleary eyes,
    Say! What is this I see?
    That truant roll of dental floss,
    Just staring back at me.

    That Earhart girl, Virginia Dare,
    Did Oswald act alone?
    Those statues now on Easter Isle,
    Gigantic blocks of stone.

    The Stonehenge, and so many more
    That puzzle mankind so,
    And how that floss got with my socks,
    This world will never know. Charles W. Shull 07/13/2007

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  15. I would enjoy buying the stuff, I just know that the moms and dads are particular as to what they want and can afford whatever. We do send hand me downs to second granddaughter. We sent a bike cart a few weeks ago. They can do as they like with them. And I do try to hand make each baby a special blanket, but, as daughter says, everybody gives a blanket so I know those are not even appreciated all that much.

    But I am available to spend time with them if they are ever out my way.

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  16. My car keys: I had them yesterday when I went to the store.
    They came back with me.
    I haven’t been anywhere since.
    They must be on the premises somewhere.
    No. I’ve looked in my pants and all the logical places.
    Somebody obviously came in and stole my car keys but left the car.

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  17. I remember the day my mom looked everywhere for her glasses and then found them in the fridge! That was funnier when I was ten than it is now . . . now it could probably be me.

    When I had foster kids, I was diligent to keep keys completely out of sight. I had one set I kept in my pocket at all times (and in my bedroom at night), but I also had a spare set, and I hid those. For months and months after the girls left, I could not find that spare set; I knew I had put them somewhere high (out of the girls’ reach and out of sight), and I checked everywhere high that I could think of, but didn’t find them. Eventually I did find them, though I don’t remember where. While they were lost, I worried a bit, since I had a copy of each key on each ring, so they were virtually identical . . . except that my neighbor’s house key was only on the lost set, and I worried that someday they would tell me, “We’re moving, and we need our key back,” and I’d have to tell them, “I’m sorry, I don’t know where it is!”


  18. Oh, when we lived along the river I wanted to get one of those amphibious cars. Then my commute would have been shorter. There was no bridge from our town to Illinois, and the school was almost due East of where I lived. If I had an amphibious car, I could cross the river to a gravel road and head East. As it was, I had to go 12 miles South, then go Northeast.

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  19. The house craziness of the past year has led to some lost-keys (and other items) incidents for me. I used to hang them on a hook near the front door. But now I mostly come in the back door since I’m parking far up in the driveway and have a decent back sliding door that actually locks from the outside.

    I do have a spare set, though, than hang on a hook in the kitchen. I had to grab those a couple weeks ago when i couldn’t find the main set. They were found later after I came home.

    Funny poem Chas. πŸ™‚

    So the harbor was very fogged in this morning — didn’t see it until I was driving out of town to go to work.


  20. Kathaleena, that is so odd about how they wouldn’t allow even a book in the jury room. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Could it be part of an over-zealous security policy? I take it people couldn’t use their cell phones or tablets either?

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  21. Jury duty. I have never been called. I am glad, though I want people to have a fair jury. I have never passed the questionaire apparently.

    But it would be painful to have to sit that long without a book.


  22. I lost my keys one fall in Connecticut, same issues, hunted everywhere.

    I found in the spring when I finally finished raking the leaves! They had weathered well and are still with me 32 years later. LOL

    Lovely morning sitting here at the computer with a purring kitten curled up on my life.

    Oh, spoke too soon, now she wants to play with the keyboard.

    Why yes, Mumsee, why not move the keyboard outside? πŸ™‚


  23. It is a beautiful day for it. Of course, she might get distracted and go chase a mouse or something. And there you would be, forced to soak up the sunshine, listen to the birds, feel the soft breeze, while you go about your work, life can be so hard.


  24. I am actually doing something, by the way. Twiddling my thumbs while daughter takes her nine week verse quiz.

    Which reminds me. The other sixteen year old got busted in school for watching an inappropriate (not that way, but as in not educational) video on the school computer during class. Well, duh. They now require line of sight on his screen every time it is open, by a teacher. And they only allow him to use the computer in two classes. A distance learning Spanish class which he is flunking. And a computer science course. Which I believe he is acing.

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  25. Looks like the wolves are getting a bit aggressive over there in Greece. Might want to keep an eye on those coyotes there in CA.


  26. The same thief who stole my pet rock took my car keys.
    I looked in Elvera’s purse, the last logical place I could think of. Not there.
    It isn’t an emergency, I have spares, but it has the remote on it and I don’t have a spare for that.
    I have looked in the refrigerator, washer & dryer, everywhere.


  27. I know there is a trend for many evangelicals to believe the Reformation is basically over and Roman Catholics aren’t all that different from us anymore (even, heart-breakingly, within my own denomination, which will probably end up with a split within the next few years over just such issues). Here’s a good, but brief, piece on why there really are still huge differences: http://thecripplegate.com/the-woman-in-a-wheelchair-who-thought-that-she-could-not-be-saved/


  28. No book for jury duty? Three stints in LA in the 80s and one in Ann Arbor about ten years ago and I never heard of such a thing. Has anyone else besides Kathaleena heard of such a restriction?


  29. Worst lost-keys story for me was on moving day. It led to a whole series of mishaps and problems (not to mention expense when I had to call a locksmith to get back into my car).

    I did by an extra remote key for the Jeep — although I confess it had vanished there for some time until I began hauling everything out of closets and spare rooms and the garage. Not sure where it was exactly, I think in a box in my bedroom closet, but nice to have the extra so there is now a full set of extra keys for car and house.


  30. Oh, now we can talk about the end times again. πŸ™‚

    This is from the Minnesota jury handbook online, so I wonder if there was some odd kind of security crackdown going on when (because??) Kathaleen was there?: very curious

    18. Will there be long periods of waiting?

    Maybe. Sometimes you may be required to wait in the jury assembly room or outside the courtroom during court recesses. You may want to bring along a book or magazine for your own enjoyment. You will not be allowed to read, however during the jury selection process.

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  31. I have been called for jury duty many times but have only had to go downtown twice. I took a book the first time and the second time I took my kindle….that room was packed with my fellow citizens and most had a book , laptop and or phone…..very perplexing why they do not want you to read a book. Are you allowed to have your phone?


  32. After I confessed to becoming a Christian after reading The Late Great Planet Earth, I found another convert like me. Michael Spurlock (Rev) from the story All Saints: The Surprising True Story of How Refugees from Burma Brought Life to a Dying Church.

    (Now a movie).

    I enjoyed reading about how God worked in the lives of the Karen refugees, along with Spurlock’s life itself. Encouraging and faith-building.

    The book itself was so-so, mostly because of the writing. I’m not sure, either, there was enough of the Karen point of view–what it was like to live in the chaos of America after the years in a refugee camp. Still, it was refreshing to read about people open to God leading in unusual ways and becoming members of a multi-racial group. It just could have benefited from hearing more from the racial minority.

    We really can be tone deaf. πŸ™‚

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  33. After mumsee’s comments about the wolves in Germany, I see where it’s a very similar story — wildlife predators that were killed with abandon 100-200 years ago are now making a major comeback amid a very different culture in the west that now prizes no-kill (at any cost) solutions and coexistence with all wildlife.

    Perhaps there’s a middle road?


    Germans divided over return of the wolves

    Wolves have been making a comeback, with a few dozen packs already roaming Germany’s forests. But the return of a predator feared since ancient times has the human population fiercely divided. western culture that

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  34. When we bought this house we got a new key, since there was only one that came with the house. I lost it and one set of car keys the next day. I think they fell into the trash when I was throwing something in. Even though we both went through the trash, we never found them.


  35. Michelle, many Karen people settled in the Greensboro area. Our church has a Karen church meeting at our location and sponsored by our church.
    I understand that they have adjusted well.

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  36. Chas – Have you looked between & under your couch cushions? Whenever something small goes missing, I check the couch cushions, & that is often where I find things.


  37. Well, it has been an interesting day. I had my 45 minute appointment with the interim pastor who is meeting with each member to see how we feel about moving forward either with a replant of the church or with revitalization. We are really past the revitalization. The meeting was pleasant and the individual appointment times each person gets to give input as to the most important change they think is needed. I said for the generations to have more interaction. We are really segregated by age which is sad to me. I explained that I was attracted to the church partly because it was multi-generational. I told him that I tend to fit into both groups because I am on the extreme end, age wise, of each group.

    Both of his children went to Baylor so we discussed that connection a bit, too.


  38. My keys once latched onto a crocheted/knit throw because they were slightly hanging out of my pocket as I walked by it. That was a big mystery to me until I finally saw them and realized what had happened. I also have left them in a jacket pocket and momentarily forgotten that I had been wearing a jacket. Then again, some fugitive pet rocks have been known to steal keys!


  39. Interesting, dj. I know we were told to be prepared for a full day and assumed that meant bring something to occupy ourselves. We were told phones would not be allowed in the court room. We were also strongly encouraged not to bring any purses, bags or backpacks. Some brought phones, but were told they would not be allowed in the actual jury room. One lady did bring her there and she left it in the jury room when we went into the court room. I left my coat after going in and out several times. The room is locked, so there really is no problem doing so.

    I think the workers might be just plain ignorant and no one protests enough. Makes me want to start a movement—for at least a few minutes.

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  40. I also think the workers just don’t want to bother with the added security head ache. They are either ignorant, lazy and/or under staffed. It may be different for those who end up with a long trial. I would think there would be actual rebellion otherwise.

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  41. Home.

    Bills paid online (I usually do that earlier in the month, so this felt good to get it out of the way at last). We get paid again on Friday, this is a rare 3-paycheck month for us. it’ll help.

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  42. My life is getting very busy. I have had four Bible studies this week. And both yesterday and today I had three ladies over for lunch. If you have extra food, you should use it. Now tomorrow morning the other missionary gal asked me for a ride to the airport. Then I think that I am going to finally get to take my oldest daughter out to lunch for her birthday last June. She is so busy that I am looking forward to time just with her. That never h appens. Friday I am babysitting my two older grands, but they also have things happening and it will be overnight.

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