34 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-27-17

  1. The Kurds have voted overwhelming to declare their independence. So of course the thug regimes of Turkey and Iran are making threats because they fear what it will do to their populace. Iraq isn’t happy and is already making threats as well.


    “Iraqi Kurdish leaders have announced that yesterday’s vote for Kurdish independence was a resounding “yes.”

    According to the Kurdish Rudaw news outlet’s live results page, as of this writing, 3,440,616 votes have been counted, with 91.83% voting yes. Final results are expected Wednesday.

    Reuters reports:

    Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said on Tuesday that Kurds had voted “yes” to independence in a referendum held in defiance of the government in Baghdad and which had angered their neighbors and their U.S. allies.

    The Kurds, who have ruled over an autonomous region within Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, consider Monday’s referendum to be an historic step in a generations-old quest for a state of their own.

    . . . . “We may face hardship but we will overcome,” Barzani said, calling on world powers “to respect the will of millions of people” who voted in the referendum.

    . . . . Earlier, the Kurdish Rudaw TV channel said an overwhelming majority, possibly over 90 percent, had voted “yes”. Final results are expected by Wednesday.”

    “As we noted yesterday, Turkey and Iran fear that a positive outcome for Iraqi Kurds seeking independence will result in heightened tensions with their own Kurdish populations by inspiring them to also seek independence.

    The New York Times continues:

    Turkey and Iran fear that a move toward independence by the Iraqi Kurds will inflame separatist fervor among their countries’ Kurdish minorities. Videos on social media showed Kurds in at least two Iranian cities celebrating the Iraqi Kurds’ vote.

    . . . . Both Turkey and Iran have threatened sanctions against the Kurdish region, including the closing of border crossings. Turkish and Iraqi troops are conducting military exercises on Iraq’s northern border near Kurdistan, and Iranian forces are carrying out similar maneuvers on Iraq’s eastern border.

    Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that Kurds further pursuing independence will lead to a “sectarian and ethnic war.”

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  2. Another establishment candidate sees the writing on the wall. Like our long sitting Congressman, I’m sure he has numbers that show he’d have a hard time winning, he didn’t wanna be primaried by Blackburn, so retirement is less embarrassing. Blackburn is now the likely replacement.


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  3. Corker is a former mayor of Chattanooga and a pretty good one. Although I’ve heard Blackburn’s name, I know little about her yet. We’ll also be getting a new governor around the same time, so things are up for grabs here in TN.


  4. AJ @ 7:03 The candidate favored by the Russians supported Strange.

    I would be curious to know Kim’s reasons for opposing Moore. From a distance he appears to be sort of a Trumpian buffoon and publicity hound. However, I have not closely followed his career or studied his policy positions.


  5. Roy Moore is a buffoon. Not only did he ride a horse to vote but the other night in Fairhope he whipped out a gun and brandished it around for Gun Rights. We can only hope it wasn’t loaded but still…
    Only an idiot would “play” with guns like that. When I have a gun out whether it is loaded or not the barrel is pointed down. What if the dang fool had accidentally shot someone????
    He will get to DC and embarrass Alabama…like we need any help in that arena!!!!!

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  6. Brooks gets some things right in this article:


    He gets one huge thing wrong. We have not been living in a meritocracy for the last 40 years. White males have been systematically discriminated against in education and in employment by all levels of government and major corporations during that period. That is no excuse for voting for an ignorant, infantile demagogue, but it is the reason so many did.


  7. Debra,

    Corrosive liquid attacks are on the rise in Europe. Hopefully this isn’t the start of something similar here.


    “Acid attacks, similar to the one injuring four U.S. women Sunday at a French train station, are escalating across Europe, and authorities are concerned that corrosive substances may become more of a “weapon of choice” for potential terrorist attacks.

    Sunday’s attack in Marseille against four Boston College students studying abroad is not being considered a terrorist attack, French authorities said. The female suspect, 41, has a history of mental health problems and was arrested at the scene.”


    “Twenty people at a packed nightclub here suffered chemical burns from an acid-like substance thrown at them on April 17, an attack that authorities say reflects a frightening trend.

    Toxic substances such as drain cleaner are being used as weapons more frequently, apparently as a result of a crackdown on guns and knives in recent years.

    Metropolitan Police figures from March show attacks involving corrosive fluids in London jumped 74% from 261 in 2015 to 454 in 2016 — a huge spike from 166 in 2014. Across Britain, such attacks increased 30% between 2012 and 2015, according to the London Times.”

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  8. Ricky, sometimes the only choice is an infantile, ignorant demagogue against someone you know means you harm.
    What are you going to do?

    Stay home and pray?

    Aj, some people are just evil. These random terrorist attacks do nothing at all to advance the Muslim agendas. it only sets opinions against them stronger.

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  9. This is one of the more interesting takes on the NFL protests.

    I’m calling foul on all the leftists rushing to protect the NFL’s protest crusaders from President Donald Trump’s criticism of their national-anthem antics. Their shabby line of defense? The NFL is a “private enterprise” whose “rights” are being violated by those who dare to challenge the league’s political radicalization. The anti-Trump Democratic Coalition has even filed an ethics complaint alleging that the president’s comments constitute a criminal violation against using government offices “to influence the employment decisions and practices” of a private entity…..

    As for the NFL’s status as a “private” enterprise? That’s some Super Bowl–sized audacity right there. I first started tracking publicly subsidized sports boondoggles with my very first watchdog website, Porkwatch, back in 1999. Since then, taxpayers at all levels of government have foot the bill for football stadiums to the tune of an estimated $1 billion every year….

    Over the past decade, new tax-supported NFL stadiums rose up for the Indianapolis Colts (the $720 million Lucas Oil Stadium), the Dallas Cowboys (the $1.15 billion AT&T Stadium) the New York Jets and Giants (the $1.6 billion MetLife Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings (the $1.1 billion U.S. Bank Stadium), the Atlanta Falcons (the $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium), and the San Francisco 49ers (the $1.3 billion Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara).

    Next in the works: a whopping $2.6 billion stadium for the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams and a $1.9 billion stadium for the Oakland Raiders when they move to Las Vegas. Left behind? An $83 million taxpayer debt on two-decade-old renovations to the Alameda County Coliseum that the Raiders are abandoning. Both political parties have supported massive redistribution of taxes from working people to the gridiron’s spoiled 1-percenters.

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/451831/nfl-protests-donald-trump-its-not-just-private-enterprise


  10. Here we go.


    “President Donald Trump has two red lines that he refuses to cross on overhauling taxes: the corporate rate must be cut to 20 percent and the savings must go to the middle class.

    Gary Cohn, the president’s top economics aide, says any overhaul signed by the president needs to include these two elements.

    Trump had initially pushed for cutting the 39.6 percent corporate tax rate to 15 percent.

    The administration says that the benefits of any tax cut will not favor the wealthy, with Cohn saying that an additional tax bracket could be added to levy taxes on the top one percent of earners if needed.”


  11. For those concerned about Puerto Rico, the USS Kearsage should be there now, a Marine ship which can transport tons of material equipment, along with helicopters to ferry it ashore. Marines can come ashore without a dock and begin helping and setting up a field hospital.

    A Navy hospital ship takes longer to get places because it is (wo)manned by reservists who need to be called up first–there isn’t one sitting at a dock waiting to be sent out.

    Kim’s Mr. P can probably answer these questions better than I.

    In addition, the US military base in Puerto Rico, Roosevelt Roads (“Rosie Roads”) was in poor shape the last time my husband visited it (on a submarine) 30+ years ago. It’s not an answer to the enormous problems on that island.

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  12. Shouldn’t everyone pay the same percentage of taxes?

    Oh, and I still think the Donald was way better a choice than Hillary. She was/is a crook. One nostril breathing…


  13. Good. Make them pay for their stupidity in the only way they’ll understand.


    “Professor Jacobson is not the only one who is “tuning out” sports and entertainment venues because of social justice warrior activism.

    It turns out millions of American are joining him. Sunday Night Football ratings plummeted the night of the #TakeAKnee protests.

    In metered market numbers, the primetime matchup that saw the Washington Redskins beat the Oakland Raiders 27-10 snared an 11.6/20, the worst SNF has performed this season so far. It’s an 8% dip from the early numbers of last week’s game, Atlanta’s 34-23 win over Green Bay. Amid cheers and boos from fans at FedEx Field in Maryland last night, the third week of the SNF season declined 10% from early numbers of the comparable game of last year on September 25, 2016.

    Sunday’s SNF peaked with a 12.r5/20 during the second quarter from 9-9:30 PM ET. Still, NFL ratings are down double-digits this season so far after taking a similar tackle-for-loss last year. Add to that, Sunday’s game was the worst a Week 3 SNF has done in 11-years.

    I have seen several lists of NFL sponsors make the rounds on social media, as citizens prepare responding to the social justice drama that has become part of recent football culture. In fact, economists are projecting fiscal consequences are looming ahead as Americans turn their wallets into weapons against the progressive pap they have been forced to endure while watching the games.

    Should this Trump-NFL controversy roll on for the season, the playoffs or Super Bowl, then Pepsi, Visa, Budweiser, McDonald’s and such will feel the pain of lower ratings, lukewarm advertising impact and slower sales.

    That’s a frightening scenario for huge companies that are staples of the U.S. economy and employ millions of people.

    And while the elite media will want to blame President Trump’s “divisiveness”, the truth is this is a Commander-in-Chief who is willing to fight the Culture War with verbal daisy-cutters and nuclear tweets. Trump simply said what millions of Americans are thinking.

    The elites and glitterati are upset because they aren’t used to someone fighting back AND getting popular support while doing so.”

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  14. Educating today’s youth….. in the finer points of domestic terrorism.


    “She’s back. The far left activist and middle school teacher Yvette/Yvonne Felarca was arrested this week in Berkeley following a scuffle between Antifa activists and members of a “Patriot Prayer” rally.

    We’ve written about Felarca before:

    This is her second arrest in just a few months.

    Nikita Vladimirov of Campus Reform has the details on this latest incident:

    Antifa leader arrested after scuffle in Berkeley

    Prominent anti-fascist leader Yvonne Felarca was arrested Tuesday following a rowdy Antifa “Victory March” in Berkeley, California.

    Felarca, a 47-year-old middle school teacher who leads the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary (BAMN), was arrested following a scuffle with demonstrators who had turned out for a Patriot Prayer rally.

    Images and video obtained by Campus Reform appear to show Felarca being surrounded by numerous police officers in riot gear in the middle of the street. According to an eyewitness on the ground, the activist was then taken to the back of a police car that promptly left the scene.

    Felarca, an organizer of many anti-fascist demonstrations in Berkeley, has a history of publically advocating for violence against her political opponents.”

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  15. He could always resign his leadership position…… 🙂


    “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, once viewed as the wiliest politician in Washington, is on an epic losing streak:

    His candidate, incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, got crushed by 10 points in last night’s Republican primary in Alabama. So McConnell’s narrow majority will now include someone he doesn’t respect, and who doesn’t like him.

    More incumbents are now likely to face primaries, including Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, making it vastly more expensive to preserve the majority.

    Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, yesterday announced his retirement in “another blow to the Republican establishment” that will likely touch off “a highly contested, ideologically driven primary,” per the WashPost.

    Health care repeal died again yesterday, this time without a vote. (N.Y. Times lead headline: “REPUBLICANS DROP MEASURE TO UNDO HEALTH CARE LAW.”)

    McConnell is crossways with a president of his own party, who is fed up with what he considers the Senate leader’s archaic style.

    A poll back home in Kentucky last month gave McConnell an 18% favorability rating, making him one of the nation’s least popular politicians.”

    Well at least he’s good at something, right? 🙄


  16. The consequences are starting to hit for dirty NCAA coaches and their teams.


    “In a stunning fall from grace, Rick Pitino has “effectively” been fired as head basketball coach at the University of Louisville, following the earlier firing of athletic director Tom Jurich, meaning the two greatest architects of Louisville’s 21st century athletic success are gone.

    Interim University President Gregory Postel said Wednesday that both Pitino and Jurich have been placed on “unpaid administrative leave” pending further review. But sources tell Yahoo Sports that both men interpreted their meetings today with university officials as a de facto termination and do not expect to be retained at the resolution of the situation.

    Postel also stated an unnamed student athlete has been withheld from “all NCAA activity.” It’s presumed that athlete is five-star prospect Brian Bowen, who unexpectedly committed to Louisville late last spring.

    Postel said he hopes to identify an interim basketball coach and athletic director within 48 hours.

    Board of Trustees chairman David Grissom said the board “unanimously” supported the actions taken against Pitino and Jurich.

    When asked why “administrative leave” and not outright dismissal, Postel said, “This is a typical way that universities deal with a situation where there is an ongoing criminal investigation. The criminal investigation is not complete and individuals at this institution have not been formally charged.” He added that the university is following its “personnel policies and the individual’s contracts.”

    Pitino, the Hall of Fame basketball coach who guided the Cardinals to the 2013 national championship and two other Final Fours, has been effectively forced out after the second major scandal of the past two years enveloped his program. In June, an NCAA investigation culminated in a ruling that forced Louisville to vacate that national title as punishment for a stripper scandal funded by a staffer on behalf of players and recruits. And on Tuesday, an announcement of a federal investigation into massive college basketball corruption ensnared Louisville basketball in a web of potential broken laws and broken NCAA rules.”


  17. I see where Saudi Arabia is going to allow women to drive next summer.
    Some fear that it will lead to more sin and corruption.
    One problem is that to get a license, she will have to have her picture taken.
    What is this world coming to?

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  18. Flag/anthem protest;

    Thinking seriously about it for the first time; I’ve reached the conclusion that this is a well thought out idea on the part of Kapernik. Athletes kneel when there is an injury or emergency of the field/ice. By kneeling during the anthem it becomes a metaphor for the emergency and injuries of black youth by police (as Kapernik sees it). You may disagree with his views but his form of protest is logical.

    Its important to remember he isn’t protesting the flag anymore than Parks was protesting buses or Gandhi food.

    Personally I thought it rather passive but effectively. And for the most part, the protests were minimal and unobtrusive…. until Trump made it about him or at least about politics and nationalism.

    His reaction to Curry declining the invitation is similar l. He reacted like a child whose b-day party invitation; “you’re not invited anyway”. This forces the team to react and now its political.

    Contrast this to a similar situation Obama faced. Tim Thomas an NHL goalie and libertarian declined an invitation to the white house via twitter. Obama didnt reply only later commenting as did the team that this Thomas’ choice. Obama didn’t treat this as a child but rather as an adult who understood that there are opposing views.

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  19. Please forgive my grammar etc, I’m using my phone.

    NFL ratings – I’m sure the controversy doesn’t help but there are other factors. All major sports have declining ratings as there are more viewing options. The NFL is also boring — unless you gamble — and very predictable. More info on brain trauma has reduced youth participation and therefore lowered interest in the pro game. And the NFL owners are fairly arrogant; communities are upset with being blackmailed for new stadiums. The lower ratings for the Oakland game could be traced to their pending move and the current alienated fan base. San Diego and St Louis are also probably finding someyhing else to watch.


  20. Debra at 12:21

    The left is using the “private enterprise” argument but I think they are using it in a slightly ironic way. The left normally complains about the NFL’s special status and massive subsidies.

    I’ve also been told football players used to stay in the dressing room or tunnel until the anthem was over. It was 2009 that they were required to go on the field and stand. In addition some leftist have pointed out that the DofD has paid the NFL millions for “patriotic displays” at games. If so, this current problem may have its origins in owner greed and govt propaganda.

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  21. It will be interesting to see if more established republicans are replaced by right wing populists and if there is enough support for these politicians or will some voters hold their nose and vote Democratic. And will the Democrats have a big enough tent to hold the spectrum from sane Republicans to follower of Warren/Sanders?

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  22. HRW @ 6:45: Warriors’ Coach Steve Kerr was really funny in an interview on the “disinvitation”. He said, “He (Trump) broke up with us before we could break up with him.”

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  23. hwesseli, In the midst of this NFL tempest, I also thought it would make sense to just require all players to stay in the locker rooms until after the anthem. But that’s entirely up to the NFL and the players. As far as I’m concerned they can stay in the locker room and never come out—-but then pro sports are not my cup of tea.

    The economic angle is much more interesting to me. I linked Michelle Malkin because she was the only one I saw making the argument. Cities have always subsidized the sporting industry hoping for an economic boost. As for Democrats being opposed to that, well it depends on the Democrat.

    Hartford CT is currently teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and one of the things pushing it over the edge (besides intractable unions) is an unfinished $320M minor league baseball stadium. It was begun under the last Democratic Mayor, and is faltering under the current Democratic Mayor. The primary reason for the project was economic and community development.

    Cities are desperate to increase revenue. Most don’t know how to achieve it.


  24. Both democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives seem to think there are economic spin offs to sports. Perhaps if done right but that barely happens. The left (NDP in Canada) rarely bought the argument. When Toronto bid for the Olympics there was a group called “Bread not Circuses” . My right wing friends now agree this group was right ….sports events are generally wasteful.

    Even as a hockey fan, I’m very reluctant to support any assistance. Its an entertainment spectacle and shouldnt survive via govt intervention. Leave the govt intervention to the essentials – health, education, infrastructure etc.

    Municipals have both a revenue and spending problem. Traditionally they are limited to property tax and fees yet higher level govts continue to download responsibilities on them hence they are spending in areas which should be the federal or state/prov’s responsibility.

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