Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 2

Week 2 is here. Some very interesting games in store, including several Top 25 matchups, the biggest being the Big 12’s Oklahoma traveling to the B1G’s Ohio State. Tychicus chose the tie breaker this week.

Have at it, folks.

1.​ Iowa @ Iowa State

2.​ Buffalo @ Army

3.​ Tulane @ Navy​

4.​ So. Carolina @ Mizzou

5. #5 Oklahoma @ #2 Ohio State

6. ​Auburn @ #3 ​Clemson

7. #15 Georgia @ #24 Notre Dame

8.  Houston @ Arizona

9.​  Boise State #20 Washington State​

10.​ Tie Breaker:  UT-San Antonio @ Baylor​ – Pick winner and final score

14 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2017-Week 2

  1. um…you seem to have misspelled Idaho.

    Iowa State
    So Carolina
    Notre Dame
    Wait! What is this! BOISE!!!!!
    San Antonio 28-21


  2. 1.​ Iowa
    2.​ Army
    3.​ Navy​
    4.​ So. Carolina
    5. Ohio State (this pains me, but I’d like to win)
    6. ​Clemson
    7. Georgia
    8. Arizona
    9.​ Washington State​
    10.​ Baylor​ 28-21

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  3. Two games to go and it’s down to either Janice or Kevin. She has 7 of 8, he has 6. But they picked different winners in the remaining games. It all depends on who picked correctly. If it ends up a tie, then it ends up a tie, since neither of them picked the winner in the tie breaker game. In fact, only two people did.

    I’m tired and going to bed. Check in tomorrow evening for the final results.


  4. Janice wins! She got 8 out of the 10 games. A couple of surprises caught some of us, such as UTSA and Oklahoma winning on the road against better teams.

    So, here are our results:
    7 games- Debra, Kevin and Ricky. Debra got closest on the tie breaker, by the way.
    6 games- AJ and Tychicus.
    5 games- mumsee, Chas and I. Mumsee was the only other one to get the tie breaker.
    4 games- kare.

    Well, I think this is Janice’s first time winning this little contest, so gets the to pick a game for the tie breaker. You’ll find the schedule here:

    If you want to know the scores of this weeks games, go here:

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