21 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-7-17

  1. I know some people who won’t like this. 🙂

    But he has a point. Having to rely on Republicans alone to advance his agenda and get things done hasn’t worked at all because they can’t get their act together in Congress and do what they promise. Maybe it’s time to try something new.


    “President Donald Trump stunned Republicans on Wednesday when he overrode pleas from GOP congressional leaders and sided with Democrats on a proposal to attach emergency aid for Hurricane Harvey victims to measures to keep the government funded and its borrowing limit suspended until mid-December.

    Mr. Trump’s decision to strike a deal with Democrats upended the partisan alliances that have long set the boundaries of congressional policy-making, opening up new possibilities for bipartisan deal-making if Democrats can again persuade Mr. Trump to bypass Republican leaders.

    For months, Mr. Trump had suggested that he might work with Democrats if Republicans couldn’t advance his legislative priorities, but he always pulled back at the last minute. The Republican president’s move Wednesday raised questions about whether he will now turn to Democrats to reach deals on tax reform and immigration.

    The startling deal Wednesday, reached after a meeting between Mr. Trump and congressional leaders in the Oval Office, was driven by an urge to present a unified government at a time of crisis, as millions of Americans braced for Hurricane Irma’s wrath and others struggled to rebuild after Harvey, GOP leaders said.

    If approved by Congress, the agreement would defer the threat of a partial government shutdown and a default on the country’s debt until Dec. 15 and dispatch the first $7.85 billion installment of Harvey relief, clearing the three most pressing items from the crowded September legislative agenda.”


  2. My impression of Trump is that he is a “doer”. He wants to accomplish something and relationships, especially artificial ones, don’t mean anything to him.
    He isn’t really a Republican, as we think of a political party.

    He will ride with whoever is going his way.

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  3. As noted yesterday, after Trump’s election, support for globalization reached an all time high. I have seen other polls that indicated that after Trump’s election, support for immigration rose sharply. I support The Nashville Statement, but if we really want to curb the spread of perversion, maybe we should try to persuade Trump to repeat his performance at the Republican Convention and tour the country advocating perversion.

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  4. Facts from the Trump cultist Lou Dobbs? Yesterday Trump cultists were calling Ann Coulter a RINO for daring to criticize their exalted idol.

    Let me get this straight: Dobbs says Ryan is a Republican in Name Only for criticizing long time Democrat Trump for caving in and agreeing to the debt proposal of Democrats Schumer and Pelosi. It is worth noting that Trump gave more money to Schumer than any other Senator.

    And I thought Jim Jones, the Moonies and Scientology leaders could persuade their Cult followers to do and say strange things.

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  5. @8:15 Shhhhhh, whisper. Don’t wake up the pollsters. They believe their own polls, so they probably think Hillary is president. Someone should eventually tell them that projection is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, but for now, let them enjoy their dreams.

    If support for globalism is up, then run another Cruz or Bush in the next election and watch the other side take the presidency with a Bloomberg-ish Democrat. Republicrats would be happier than they are with Trump, but social Conservatives will be giving elections away for the foreseeable future if they don’t focus on domestic stability and growth. Party loyalty is giving way—has given way—to people who see their interest aligned with the country’s internal stability in terms of infrastructure and domestic job growth. The days of free-wheeling foreign economic adventurism are drawing to a close. And that probably explains the ‘Chicken Little’ reaction of some Republicrat commentators–except for them, the sky really is falling.


  6. Ann Coulter is not a RINO. She’s an ass.

    Now as to Ryan….

    Let’s see….

    He’s a globalist.

    He supports illegal immigration for his big business buds.

    He must support Obama’s illegal DACA, since he did nothing about it for 7 years. So much for being a “tough on immigration” conservative.

    His ObamaCare replacement, AHCA, was a total failure he and McConnell couldn’t even get their own party to support. It was killed by the Freedom Caucus, you know, actual conservatives

    Doesn’t sound very conservative at all.

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  7. @11:41 Good link, and good list.

    My cousin and a couple of his daughters and local church members have been making regular missions trips to Haiti for several years to rebuild. They’re still recovering from an earthquake.


  8. AJ, Did you hear Huckabee-Sanders say that Trump wants Congress to turn DACA into legislation. Trump even tweeted about it.

    Trump attacked the House healthcare bill from the left as “mean”.

    His deal with Schumer and Pelosi will allow Dems to exert pressure for higher spending on multiple occasions over the next 18 months.

    Does that sound conservative?

    By the way, how do you define “globalist”? An American who can make a living without protective tariffs? An American who would like talented, hard-working legal immigrants to join him in supporting non-working Democrats and Trumpkins?


  9. Accidentally put this on yesterday’s thread. . .

    I saw something recently, not an article to explain, only a statement, claiming that one of Trump’s tax reforms would tax the money a person puts into their retirement account. Anyone know anything about this? Is it true?


  10. Putting this on both the daily thread & the news thread, since it seems to fit both.

    One of my liberal friends posted something on Facebook that made the point that conservatives against abortion say we shouldn’t blame the child for the sin or crime of the parents, so also we shouldn’t hold the crime of illegal immigration against the children who were brought here.

    ~~~”President Trump is asking Congress to vote a compassionate path forward for the DREAMers (DACA recipients). In a time when we are divided as a nation, and with so many concerned about immigration, this moment should be a unifying win for America, for the DREAMers, and for justice. . .

    The DREAMers represent 800,000 hard-working students and dedicated employees currently residing in the U.S. They were brought here by their parents, through no choice of their own, and now we have to ask how to respond appropriately.

    The reality is that these DREAMers aren’t foreigners in the traditional sense (not that such a designiation would allow for mistreatment). Instead, they are already valued and deeply invested members of our communities. They grew up here and want to stay. This is a group that offers an opportunity for a just and compassionate resolution across a very divided political landscape.”~~~


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