24 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-26-17

  1. I have been telling you that I can’t find a single person locally who had a bad word for Jeff Sessions.
    The lawsuit that “proves he is a racist” was over voter fraud. Guess what? It was a group of black people who went to him and told him their votes were stolen. He did the right thing. I believe in my heart that Jeff Sessions is a good man. He has been tarred and feathered by the left and the media–which really makes it funny now that they are defending him against Trump.

    Along those lines. Did you see John McCain speak on the floor of the Senate?

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  2. While the media concentrates on Trump they continue to ignore actual collusion with foreign agents by Democrats. Wasserman-Schultz colluded with foreign agents, and allowed them access to the House’s computer network. The feds have finally gotten their hands on WS’s computers/hard drives. And her IT “specialist” was caught trying to flee the country yesterday and charged with counts of bank fraud as part of the House IT procurement scandal.

    But the media continues to focus on collusion with the Russians despite there not being a shred of evidence. Actual crimes by Dems? Not so much.



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  3. Ricky,

    Hayden, like the rest of the Deep State, has an opinion, and some “anonymous” people that supposedly agree with him, and nothing more.

    Does he have evidence? No, just an opinion.

    But hey, keep fishing, you’ll get a bite sooner or later.

    You should just stick with the Sessions debacle. At least there you have a point, and most agree what’s happening to him is wrong, and Trump’s a knucklehead for doing it.


  4. This is a very good non-T article by David French @NRO.

    Human beings are hard-wired to search for meaning and purpose.

    In some secular progressive circles, a certain myth persists. If you defeat the forces of traditional Christianity — you know, the rubes and fools who believe the Bible is the Word of God — then you’ll make way for a more enlightened, rational, and humane nation and world. In other words, the alternative to religion is reason, and reason is mankind’s great liberating force.

    Although I’ve heard some variation on this argument countless times, as I grew older I noticed something odd. Many of the best-educated and least-religious people I knew weren’t all that reasonable. They held to downright irrational views about reality. I remember an elite-educated secular friend in Philadelphia who scoffed at my wife’s Christian faith; this friend was also convinced that her child had an “indigo aura” that imbued him with special gifts. I recall conversations with Harvard Law School classmates who laughed at the New Testament but thought reincarnation was “cool.” And how can I forget the strange sight of Harvard students walking in and out of the neighborhood witchcraft store?

    Just today, I saw the news that much-beloved singer Lana Del Rey has admitted to asking her fans to join a “mass occult ritual against President Donald Trump.” ……

    You believe the Bible? How stupid. Pass me the tadpoles. I need them for my potion.

    Lest you think these are isolated and meaningless anecdotes, I’d urge you to read a fascinating article in this Sunday’s New York Times. It turns out that America’s less religious citizens are far more likely to believe in things such as ghosts and UFOs than people who attend church. The author, psychology professor Clay Routledge, locates this phenomenon in the quest for meaning…..

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449789/post-christian-america-superstitious-intolerant-reality

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  5. It just keeps getting weirder. Afraid that he has completely alienated the Right with the Sessions nonsense, Trump just announced no “transgenders” in the military in a three segment Tweet. He may be insane, but he is resourceful.

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  6. Ricky,

    “AJ refusing to drink Trump’s Koolaid on Sessions? I’m shocked but pleased.”

    I’m glad you’re pleased.

    But I notice that in your efforts to avoid the Trump KoolAid you’ll guzzle whatever’s put in front of you. Take the word of Michael Hayden for example. You’re guzzling some of the finest KoolAid out there when you drink his stuff. After all, this is the guy who brought us warrantless searches against US citizens, torture of CIA detainees, which he then lied to Congress about, and assisted in the Iraq War WMD charade. Yet you’ll take his word, as long as he’s saying what you want to hear. KoolAid is powerful stuff, so be careful who’s you’re drinking.


  7. I can believe it DJ. But primarily because our previous president and the SCOTUS stampeded the nation with a whole suite of gender issues. If not for that, I have to believe this would still be a low-key fringe state matter.


  8. And it begins…..

    Want federal law enforcement dollars for your city? Then your law enforcement agencies need to follow the law. What a concept!


    “It’s official: After months of empty threats, the Trump administration is moving to lay siege to progressive cities, with federal grants as its weapon, in the name of immigration enforcement.

    On Tuesday night, the Department of Justice announced its first real attempt to prohibit “sanctuary cities” — cities that, in the federal government’s view, don’t do enough to help federal agents enforce immigration law — from getting federal funds.”

    “The Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program hands out funds to states and cities that get used for everything from training to military-style equipment. It’s the biggest grant the Department of Justice administers to local law enforcement; in fiscal year 2016, it handed out more than $263 million in funds.

    The Trump administration isn’t trying to strip funding that’s already been promised. But starting in the fall, according to the DOJ’s Tuesday announcement, applicants for new Byrne grants are going to have to certify three things:

    -that they comply with a federal law banning any state or local policy that prohibits municipal employees from sharing information with the feds about someone’s immigration status;
    -that they allow ICE agents into local jails; and
    -that, whenever ICE sends local jail officials a “detainer request” — a request to hold someone after they’d otherwise be released so ICE can pick them up (sent when ICE agents have reason to believe someone in a local jail is deportable) — jail officials give ICE at least 48 hours’ advance notice before letting that person go.”


  9. More details on Fusion GPS, the firm behind the biggest Trump smear.

    No wonder they don’t wanna testify on the matter. Their sordid past might be exposed. The firm who brags about being former journalists are nothing more than paid propagandists now.

    Also note it was Democrats who cut the testimony short.


    “Corrupt Russian and Venezuelan officials benefited from the work of the Washington-based firm that also commissioned the largely unsubstantiated anti-Trump campaign research dossier, according to testimony from a leading South American human rights campaigner submitted to a congressional panel probing the 2016 Russian election-meddling scandal.

    Thor Halvorssen, head of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, said in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Fusion GPS operated a smear campaign against journalists who threatened to expose a multibillion dollar fraud involving faulty South American electric power plants, the laundering of its proceeds in U.S. banks, and a kickback scheme to pay off Venezuelan officials.

    “Corrupt government officials in dictatorships would be powerless if they didn’t have cronies in the business world, and these cronies, in turn, would be useless allies without enablers like Fusion GPS, who are eager to whitewash and profit from their crimes,” Mr. Halvorssen wrote in testimony that he also published on Facebook.”

    Fusion GPS’s co-founder, former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, has been a key figure in the Russian election meddling saga ever since the Anti-Trump dossier, which alleged a years-long Kremlin conspiracy to elect Donald Trump and included colorful sex stories, was leaked to the press after the Republican’s November victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.”

    “The hearing — initially scheduled to feature Donald Trump Jr. and former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort before they agreed to private interviews — was cut short when Democrats invoked a Senate rule to stop committees from meeting more than two hours once the Senate goes into session.

    The committee was about to hear testimony from British-American businessman Bill Browder, who has also called Mr. Simpson a “professional smear campaigner.””


  10. In the future, I really wonder if competent men like Jamey Comey and Michael Hayden will spend years serving their country as the heads of agencies like the FBI, the CIA and the NSA. They put in years defending the US and they wind up getting slimed by left-wing Democrats AND The Trump Cult.


  11. My son sent me this from Bret Stephens:

    It contains the following wonderful line:

    “That’s a plausible surmise in a White House where the line between idiocy and malice isn’t always clear.”


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