48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-25-17

  1. Good morning, early birders!
    What is for breakfast? I think I will have egg salad on a sesame seed bun with coffee and some grape juice.

    Art’s conference begins this a.m. While he is there, I will have a good space for reading, writing, and planning.

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  2. I have the impression, don’t know how I got it, but still?
    The impression that sane people ought to stay out of Idaho for a while.
    It’s getting wild up there.

    What was the name of that movie of two wild women on the loose?

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  3. Good morning! My hot water heater is not working. It did the same thing a couple of months ago, but I was able to get it relit. I think it is the thermal coupling. Pilot will not stay on, even after holding the button in for 2 minutes. Looks like another cold shower before I head to jury duty. I’ll head down to Alamogordo afterwards to pick up a n ew one.

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  4. Guess who slept in?
    I had planned to work from home today but when the,alarm went off at 5 I just couldn’t make myself get up.

    Today I will have to deal with battery issues on the car. Ugh

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  5. Matt. 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall was cold.”

    From ATT.net
    “An 18-year-old Ohio woman has been charged with reckless homicide after investigators say they found the remains of her newborn baby buried outside her family home earlier this month.”

    They say she buried her baby alive. And you thought abortion was bad.


  6. Certainly Jo is not the wild one. You would think that living in the jungle would mean she is used to creatures far more dangerous than a mouse. And It seems that mumsee exaggerates at times.


  7. Chas and remember that there is nothing new under the sun. Did the Romans not leave their “unwanted babies” out to die of exposure, and the Christians tried to rescue them?


  8. Good morning. It’s Ann. I’m at a dance conference with Becca-so I’m on my cell.
    I just posted a time-sensitive prayer request on the prayer thread.


  9. Headline: Residents rattled after reporting chupacabra sightings in mountains of Riverside County


    On a foggy morning more than a week ago, Cary Shuker’s cat raced inside his Riverside home, terrified of something outside.

    “This thing was standing out there, looking at me” said Shuker, a private contractor who lives at the base of Box Springs Mountain, which divides Moreno Valley and Riverside. “It was the ugliest looking thing.”

    Shuker said the hairless creature, glaring at him about 80 or 90 feet away, had a tail like a rat or a possum, with rippled pinkish skin, teeth jutting both up and down out of its jaws and was “at least two feet or more longer than the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen.” …

    “I thought, ‘That is the strangest looking animal I’ve ever seen,’” said M.J. Bunt, an early childhood educator. …

    “The ears of a deer, long snout, no hair, tail like a rat, long hindquarters,” she said. “I thought it might be a sick coyote, a sick wolf. But it had too many different characteristics from any of them.”

    Chupacabra sightings first occurred in Puerto Rico in 1995, and were soon echoed throughout Latin America. Initial reports focused on the “goat suckers” preying on livestock. By 1996, The Press-Enterprise was reporting sightings in Fontana and Perris. In 2013, chupacabra sightings were reported in Redlands, northeast of Box Springs Mountain. …

    “There is no such thing, except in the folklore of various communities,” John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services, wrote in an email. …


  10. C’est fini! I have written my final statistics exam.
    Just have that presentation to do next week, and I will be done until September.

    As for my health, well, it remains to be seen. I finished the prednisone on Sunday and have been feeling the withdrawal symptoms since, but then the side effects weren’t pleasant either – the main feature this time was feeling like an old woman with a heart condition every time I exerted myself. My asthma itself, however, seems to have been a least temporarily tamed.

    Some of my classmates expressed their intention of going home and having a few drinks after this exam. I think listening to some music is a better way of relaxing. This is a song of the couriers du bois, the French Canadian fur traders who traversed the waterways in the interior of North America, performed by some of their descendants:

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  11. Someone said the best way to solve this mystery is either to photograph it (obviously!) with a smart phone or … shoot and kill it. He said it shouldn’t be a legal issue as the animal officially doesn’t exist, according to authorities.


  12. Perhaps it would be a good pick for the White House.

    Headline “A vacant White House job: first pet” —

    (AP) ~ The job of first pet — an enviable White House gig with luxurious live-in privileges, after-hours access to the president and guaranteed positive press coverage — is not currently available.

    That’s because President Donald Trump is not looking for a fluffy sidekick at the moment. Asked about plans for a four-legged addition to the White House, Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for Melania Trump, said in a statement: “The first family is still getting settled so there are no plans at this time.”

    If Trump stays pet-free, he will be breaking with a long held tradition of presidential pet ownership. …


  13. I love that music, Roscuro. It does sound good for a celebration of completion. Congrats. I sent the link to husband and son who will appreciate it.


  14. Kizzie, it is as Kim said, I wasn’t on it long enough to really create the adrenal insufficiency problems. Even some of the side effects had just got started when I stopped it – I was just starting into the trouble sleeping the last couple of night I was on it.

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  15. No jury selection for me. I did get to Alamo for the new hot water heater. I can hardly believe how expensive they are now. I remember, not that long ago, when you could buy a top of the line for $300. I cannot even imagine what would make a water heater worth $800. I think I will wait till tomorrow to install.

    I did go pick up the grands. We made the feed and grocery round on the way home.

    I think I broke my little toe this morning. The goats all decided to run across my foot when I was returning them to their pens after milking. It is a pretty shade of blue and purple. Very painful.

    I am so happy you have your classes behind you, Phos. We are celebrating with you.

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  16. Roscuro & Kim – Nightingale was on a brief round of prednisone, but they still had her taper off. Maybe different doctors do it differently.


  17. RKessler – I saw your comment on the prayer thread about the legal path to citizenship & the problem of lost documents. Recently on a friend’s FB post, one of her friends mentioned having gone through the process herself, & she said it was “almost impossible” for most immigrants, & also very expensive.

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  18. Michelle, I keep forgetting to tell you that I recently took out our very old copy of My Utmost for His Highest / . I think my husband had it before we married and I had read some it. I think I was too spiritually immature to really appreciate it like I am now. Looking forward to your book.


  19. Ouch rkessler! Did you tape the broken toe to the one next to it? I remember once doing that with my broken baby toe….it hurt to put a shoe on that foot…praying yours heals quickly.

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  20. rkessler – I feel your pain. I kicked the same chair with the same little toe I dislocated a week prior on Saturday. It’s not very multi-coloured, but it sure is swollen and painful 😦

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  21. Another frustrating time. I thought I signed up for automatic bill pay on my phone, but they are saying the bill is due today. I have no service here, but they will text me my password, which I don’t remember. The saga continues.


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