22 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-1-17

  1. Not really a rant nor rave. Just a curiosity.
    The water in the renovated bath has a constant volume and velocity.
    You can turn the hot water full force. a constant stream of hot water comes out.
    Then you can turn the cold water full force. The volume of water doesn’t change, just the temperature. Manipulating the hot and cold faucets doesn’t change anything but the temperature.
    I don’t mind. I’m not particularly impressed by the innovation.
    But I suspect someone in Washington had something to do with this.

    But the innovation has changed the way we do the shower.
    The hot/cold control is one handle. You also control the volume with one handle. (Essentially on/off, you get a constant stream.( But the temperature is a different handle. It works with the on/off handle. So you set the temperature you want and leave it. It is always the same. No fumbling around each time to get it right.
    But it still bugs me to think that someone in EPA did this.

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  2. I put Prague on my iPhone so I could tell what time it is for Tychicus.
    I just put Madrid on there so I cold tell what time Chuck & Linda have.
    Amazing! I would have thought at least an hour’s difference.


  3. I view all those innovations as more to go wrong or be fixed. πŸ˜‰ The same in cars. They give a lot of people jobs, though.


  4. πŸ™‚ I so wish we could have given some of you our rain lately. Today we finally have some sunshine and perhaps some warmth. I like cool, but we have had extremes we don’t need. I feel bad for the tourists. The good side of it is that we do not have to worry about fire danger.


  5. I like most of the innovations in cars. One thing I have to be careful about is that my car doors can be locked from the passenger’s side. Elvera always locks the doors when she gets out. It’s a reflex. That’s one reason I never get out of the car with the buzzer sounding I always take the keys, even at the gas pump.
    I can open the doors with a keypad and I have the combination in my wallet.
    But I like all the innovations I have in the car.
    New cars come out with built in GPS and back up cameras. And Linda can talk on the phone while driving, no distraction. I don’t know where he mica is. The sound comes from the radio.


  6. My daughter will land in Dublin, Ireland in three hours. First member of our immediate family to travel there.

    She’s flying Air Ethiopia, which reserves the right to switch planes if the one she is on doesn’t fly well. Otherwise, they’re just refueling. She’s also the first member of my family to fly on Air Ethiopia! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been trying to beef up my website’s Search Engine Optimization for the last six months in preparation for Biddy’s launch in October. This is such a snarled rat’s nest of frustration, it often leaves me wanting to cry at my mental limitations. Website management is incredibly complicated–thank you AJ for putting up with all the work, even as I realize your goals and mine are completely different for our sites.

    I’ve spent this six months trying to get organized so that once the fall arrives (when, now, I have two books being published in October–the essay book, Utmost Ongoing releases October 2), I have a clear plan that will unfold without me having to THINK too much.

    This week I got handed a very long list of additional things to do, including directions from the publisher. It feels overwhelming and the “excitement” (which at this point has elements of dread to it) is still three months away.

    During our time at the lake, in addition to reading to/playing with children, cooking and overseeing their safety (which is a result of me being “too controlling/fearful” rather than laxity by their parents), I’ve got a lot to think and pray about the book marketing plate.

    I’m the daughter and sister of successful salesman. Marketing, publicity and sales drains my vitality and makes me feel weak, inept, grasping, show-offy,and pushy. It brings back insecurities and that famous Sally Field’s thought that no one really likes me and they’d prefer I go away.

    We talk a lot about this “problem” in Christian writer circles, reminding ourselves if God brought us to the writing life, He’s given us something important to share. Obviously, I feel there’s plenty to share in Biddy’s life and experience, not to mention My Utmost for His Highest.

    But I’m stepping out of my personal comfort zone and I struggle. If I wanted to be a salesman, I’d have joined the family business.

    OTOH, which I’ve told you about frequently, God has led me along and through such wonderful experiences in writing this book, it seems clear it’s from Him. I tell myself not to fret about the success, but to let God lead and me follow. Biddy belongs to Him, not me. This book is not about me, but really, about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. My goal is that people would read my book and turn to Utmost–and there refresh/learn and grapple with the God who created and loved them from the dawn of eternity.

    The life writing life feels better when I focus on that goal and not my personal inadequacies.

    Enough from me. I’ve got to do laundry.

    How lovely, though, to start with a rant and end with a reminder of who we worship.

    Hey, that’s just like a psalm! πŸ™‚

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  7. Mumsee, it happened that cars got beyond regular guys messing with them about the time I couldn’t do it anyhow.
    I call AAA for dead batteries now.
    Reminds me that for my 25th BD, my friends gave me a battery because they were tired of pushing my car.
    I was the only one with wheels in those days. I bought a ’50 Chivvy while in the AF.

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  8. While we’re on the subject, I thought I would pass along some advice I received from the plumber who did my bath. I happened to ask about the convenience of cleaning the trap on my sink. In Hendersonville, I had to clean the trap about three times a year. It would get clogged and drain slowly. I didn’t have much trouble with Elvera’s side. (We each had our own sinks in that bathroom.) I thought it was because I shaved. It was, but shaving wasn’t the reason.
    The plumber said, β€œDon’t use bar soap.”
    Chuck (a chemical engineer) agrees. He says bar soap has something that keeps the surfactant in the bar that liquid soap doesn’t have. That is the reason I had the problem in H’ville. Elvera used the liquid soap you squirt onto your hands. I do too now.

    I told Chuck that I never had that problem in Annandale. Chuck said that the aluminum drains in older homes didn’t have the problem that new plastic traps have.

    So? If you have plastic drain traps, it might be helpful to use liquid vice bar soap.

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  9. πŸ˜₯ I got an e-mail from Vernon’s son.
    VF has died.
    I first knew Vernon at USC. He was a good friend all these years.
    Vernon was a retired AF chaplain , a Baptist. He was at Southwestern Seminary when I went and got me a job at the USDA Soil Conservation service.
    Lots of things I could say. I wrote his wife a two page note about this. She knows us from those days.
    Vernon was a month younger than I am.

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  10. πŸ™‚ Our son-in-law showed up unannounced a few hours ago with a rented chainsaw, to cut down our dead pine tree and some bushes that needed to go.

    πŸ™‚ He bragged about how good a wife our daughter is to him.

    😦 Guess who got to be the one dragging pine limbs not to our own burn pile but to the neighbor’s pile (with prior permission, since his is larger and doesn’t have a living tree near it)? Hey, it’s good exercise!

    πŸ™‚ Most of the way through dragging tree limbs over, when I was quite worn out, the neighbor himself showed up with his tractor, and after that we just had to load the “bucket” and he took the pieces of stump and then the cut bushes.

    😦 We’re halfway through this year already, June is over for another year, and the days are getting shorter.

    πŸ™‚ or 😦 Someone in this house turned half a century this week.

    😦 My husband has been sick all week, so he wasn’t much fun.

    πŸ™‚ He was open to me going to our state park without him (the day after my birthday) since he knew I don’t like to waste June by spending too much time inside.

    😦 In the middle of having a sick husband, I missed church through being detoured twice for construction/utility projects. The second time I had to call my husband to say, “How on earth do I get to church from here?” When he didn’t answer the phone, I came on home.

    πŸ™‚ God’s in His heaven, all’s right with the world.

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  11. 😦 Chas, I have the same setup in my new shower. I don’t like it much either, but I’ve adjusted.

    πŸ™‚ Good thing I’ve already switched to liquid soap long ago.

    😦 Anyone turning up with a chainsaw. Maybe I watch too many scary movies?

    πŸ™‚ Had a nice day with the cousins. Went out for lunch at a hip spot near cousin’s historic housing district — it’s an old craftsman house that’s been turned into a popular eatery. Food was pricy and sparse. We decided we’d “been there” and didn’t need to go back.

    πŸ™‚ Cousin (whom you may remember was hit in a crosswalk some months ago) is recovering nicely, he just finished PT and actually now is walking again (on his own) and drove us around a bit today.

    😦 However, turns out there was some neck/spinal damage they hadn’t caught before so another surgery ahead for that.

    πŸ™‚ After eating, we sat on his big porch talking to all the neighbors who passed by (it’s one of those super close-knit historic areas where everyone knows everyone). He’s especially popular with all the dogs and their owners as he keeps a jar of dog biscuits available to pass out.

    πŸ™‚ Got a personal tour of one of the craftsman houses a new couple bought and is redoing — they’re from Colorado and have taken what was a badly altered original Craftsman, put stucco on it and outfitted it with 1970s cabinets, bathrooms and kitchen. They have taken all the stucco off, put up wood siding, redone the wood windows, rebuilt the big porch that had been taken out — it’s gorgeous, although the inside will have to wait as they’re now out of money.

    😦 Fireworks. My dogs don’t like them. And even though personal fireworks are illegal in LA, everyone has them so the town pretty much is a war zone every night.


  12. πŸ™‚ new cars are a different story, however (from new shower fixtures). My female cousin recently bought a brand new Suburu Forester. Sweet. And my other cousin’s car, the one we were in today, also is very new and has all the nice gizmos — including a parking and backup aid video on the dashboard.


  13. Donna, it isn’t the situation that bothers me as muck is knowing that someone in Washington knows how much water I need.
    The implications of that are serious.


  14. We use liquid hand soap, too, but the bathroom sinks still clog maybe two or three times a year. A lot of females here with long hair who comb their tresses too close to the sinks contributes some to the problem. There needs to be some retraining — getting them to stay farther back, or just do their hair in their bedrooms. (Or immediately wipe up the stray hairs that make it into the sink when they’re done getting dolled up.) πŸ˜‰

    Another thing my husband said to do was to make sure we’re running the water long enough when washing hands, so the soapy mixture isn’t so thick when it hits the drain. He also recommends a periodic run of very hot water down the drain for a few continuous minutes to help clean things out in there and prevent sink clogs. It seems to help — I think we don’t have as many clogs as we used to.

    Don’t know if the government will get after us for using too much water…

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  15. I actually have a rant. Underminers.

    Not having heard from my neighbor in a couple of months, I gave her a call. She started right in telling me in a very angry voice, how angry I was with her and she just wanted to be a grandma and ….As you may recall, fifteen year old was starting fires last August in the neighbor’s fields. The deputy told him he could not go on the neighbor’s property. The angry neighbor lives on the burned neighbor’s property and she kept insisting it did not matter what the deputy said, she wanted him to come over. I, wanting him to learn something about authority, said he could not. One day, we went to Moscow and took our time getting home because son had baseball practice and would not be home for a couple more hours. Shortly before we got home, we learned practice had been canceled and he had come home on his bike. He is not allowed in the house without a grown up and is expected to wait at the end of the driveway if we are ever not home. He had come in the house to leave his backpack and went to the neighbors where she had him watching movies and eating snacks. She called me to tell me it was my fault for being late and she could not leave the poor little guy out in the rain. He had a hay barn to wait in at the house. I told her to send him home and loudly. I let her know I was not pleased with the undermining but I appreciated her trying to be nice. Anyway, she walked away from the phone and left me jabbering to myself trying to clarify what was going on. I wrote her a nice note apologizing for hurting her feelings, which she will probably throw out unread.

    And now for the rant. when son got home today, on time, I asked him how church was. He had asked to attend the old church (he is embarrassed to see the guy he quit at the new church). We never let a child attend a different church but we said fine because he is so resistant to authority. As long he attends. We were fairly certain he did not go this week or last week. He said he did not go. Or last week. I told him (having previously discussed this with husband) that he could no longer go to weight lifting in the mornings. He left here at five forty five three days a week to weight lift at the school with the football players. He said okay.

    Then I asked the last time he went swimming. He went this evening. I asked how since we had signed a paper at the pool (where all the lifeguards know everybody) and specifically told the main lifeguards that he was not allowed to swim. He said he did not know he was not supposed to swim. Then I mentioned that the two main lifeguards, one of whom is dating son’s older brother and the other attends the old church and has been friends with our children the past ten years and knows I mean what I say, could be fired for this. He then said they let him because, after they showed him my signed paper saying he could not swim, older brother signed him up on his form. They all knew. They all decided it did not matter because they knew better how to bring up this boy. I called older brother (whom I had bought ice cream for earlier in the day) that I was not pleased. He claimed ignorance on the paper. I believe him, he is not the brightest bulb.

    And so, the undermining continues and the boy continues to learn that parents are not necessary and authority means nothing. Lesson well learned after six years of the same thing.

    End of rant.

    Pray for us
    Pray for wisdom.

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  16. oh, Mumsee, how hard to see everyone undermining what you are trying to do.
    Rant on lady, we will listen and pray.
    I will come give them all a talking to in my best teacher voice.

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