32 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-1-17

  1. From ATT news:

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Friday approved a six-month delay in allowing transgender recruits to join the U.S. armed forces, a Pentagon spokeswoman said.”

    I can see transgender in the military. We have a woman with a man’s genitals in a female barracks. I can see to commotion this will cause.
    Mare interesting is the female in a man’s barracks. She will be the most popular guy there.
    Especially in the shower.

    These people can’t be stupid enough th know what will happen.
    Evil is the only other answer.

    Seriously: I would like for someone to explain to me in terms that I can understand, how this will work.
    I don’t believe you can turn a woman into a man.

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  2. A man into a woman is a different problem. Women are not going to tolerate a man in their barracks. (Unless invited 😆 )


  3. Jonah Goldberg also deals with the unavoidable subject.


    However, the interesting part of the article deals with Reagan. It was Reagan who united social conservatives, Cold Warriors and free market proponents to form modern conservatism. Goldberg tells a very interesting story that illustrates how Reagan made members of all three groups believe that their concerns were really his primary focus and the other two were secondary.


  4. Some Presidents try daily to rebuild our defenses. Others work on tax reform or fighting poverty. Then there is the one who every morning must fight with Joe and Mika:

    Has anyone seen an article that reports how the rest of the world is reacting to this lunacy?

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  5. From Michelle’s link….


    “How can the flailing old women of the Nominal Right huff themselves up so much to pretend outrage that a guy being attacked by the media everyday decides to occasionally attack them back?

    I understand the leftist media’s interest in pretending that they’re behaving normally and haven’t rewritten the professional code of conduct to allow attacks on Trump which would have been near-hanging-offenses on Obama.

    But what is the interest of the sissified Nominal Right over defending the media and pretending along with them?

    We are not in a normal situation. Why do the sob sisters and pearl-clutchers of the Pretend Right insist on pretending the media’s behavior is normal and that it’s only Trump who’s guilty of “norm-breaking”?

    How much are we supposed to pretend to satisfy these sissies’ demands that we pretend we’re all Good Friends so that their delicate constitutions aren’t too discombobulated?”

    They have a desperate need for self-validation. They’re looking for anything they can use to show they were right about Trump all along. This is just their latest “See! See! We were right!” moment. And this too shall pass. False outrage is hard thing to keep going for long. And we have 3 and a half years left of Trump, at least. There’ll be plenty more opportunities for them I’m sure. If it helps them cope, then fine, rage away. 🙄


  6. More fake news, this time from the AP.


    Their retraction makes it sound like no big deal. But it is.


    “This time, the Associated Press invented an imaginary meeting between EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris, and then alleged that some kind of impropriety happened as a result.

    This is exactly the same mistake CNN made a week ago, when it alleged that Anthony Scaramucci—the founder of SkyBridge Capital and an associate and ally of President Donald Trump—held “meetings” with Russian investment fund leaders and was under investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee and Treasury Department as a result.

    A Breitbart News investigation uncovered that no such “meetings” took place, the Senate Intelligence Committee was not investigating the matter, and the Treasury Department had already—at the urging of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to now Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin before Trump’s inauguration—looked into it and determined the matter to be entirely “without merit.”

    “The Associated Press originally refused to issue a correction on this despite knowing since at least Thursday, as Breitbart News can confirm—the article ran on Wednesday—that the piece was inaccurate. The AP has caved and finally corrected the inaccurate hit piece on Pruitt. What’s more, the Associated Press is now—while under scrutiny thanks to a Breitbart News investigation—trying to cover up the mistake and not answer questions about the editors and others involved in the grave error, or whether they and the reporter responsible for it will be held accountable.

    The AP refused to do anything about its inaccurate reporting for two days, after the original piece was printed Wednesday. Now, Friday evening, the AP is admitting its original piece was wrong by running a new piece that completely undercuts the old one. And, finally, hours later after originally refusing to do it even on Friday evening, the wire service has issued a correction on the old piece.”

    “Easton similarly originally resisted transparency a month ago before the AP terminated New Hampshire-based freelancer Melanie Plenda after a Breitbart News investigation over the course of several pieces discovered she violated AP standards for journalistic integrity.”


  7. The crackdown continues.


    “The Trump administration said Friday it will begin arresting parents and others who hire smugglers to bring children into the U.S., in an effort to break up human-trafficking operations.

    The new “surge initiative” by Immigration and Customs Enforcement marks the latest get-tough approach to immigration by the federal government since President Donald Trump took office.

    It is also a sharp departure from policies in place under President Barack Obama, during which tens of thousands of young people crossed the border illegally. The children were then placed with sponsors—typically parents, close relatives or family friends—who cared for the minors while their cases moved through the immigration court system.

    The government said it plans to arrest the sponsors.

    “ICE aims to disrupt and dismantle end-to-end the illicit pathways used by transnational criminal organizations and human-smuggling facilitators,” agency spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez said. “The sponsors who have placed children directly into harm’s way by entrusting them to violent criminal organizations will be held accountable.”

    ““Arresting those who come forward to sponsor unaccompanied children during their immigration proceedings, often parents, is unimaginably cruel,” said Wendy Young, president of Kids in Need of Defense, a nonprofit that has matched thousands of unaccompanied minors with attorneys in the last eight years. “Without caregivers to come forward, many of these children will languish in costly detention centers or be placed in foster care at great expense to states.”

    Children whose sponsors were arrested would be placed with another verified relative or guardian, or under the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the federal agency that takes custody of unaccompanied minors, Ms. Rodriguez said.”


  8. Friendly-fire, for not cracking down hard enough.


    “Ten Republican Attorney Generals are threatening to sue the Trump administration over its refusal to immediately rescind the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program benefiting young undocumented immigrants.

    In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the attorney generals called for the government to phase out the program by refusing to accept new enrollees and refusing to renew current permits. State attorney generals from Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia signed the letter, as well as Idaho Governor Butch Otter.

    The Obama immigration policy “unilaterally confers eligibility for work authorization and lawful presence without any statutory authorization from Congress.” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote in the letter.

    DACA protects nearly 788,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children from deportation and provides them access to work permits. Although Trump decried the program during the campaign and promised to “immediately terminate” the program, his administration has yet to do so.

    The Department of Homeland Security announced June 15 the Obama policy will remain in effect.” Enrollees “will continue to be eligible” to renew work permits and no permits “will be terminated prior to their current expiration dates,” the statement said. DHS has said more recently no final decision on the program has been made.

    The administration did move to cancel the Obama administration’s never-enacted Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program. DAPA would have protected undocumented parents of U.S. citizens from deportation, but got blocked in court after Texas sued the administration for overstepping executive authority. The Supreme Court split on the case last year and upheld the lower court’s decision blocking the program. “

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  9. It seems that Kevin Williamson is part of the Nominal Right that Ace insists is feigning outrage now that Pres. Trump isn’t playing by the old rules of the leftist media.


  10. Williamson is a conservative with a brain who hasn’t joined a cult. So are Goldberg, Charen, Will, Timpf, Stephens, Kristol, Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes and others. Those who have been reading Williamson for any length of time know:

    1. Rather than “feigning outrage”, he has been sounding the alarm about Trump’s pathetic character, complete ignorance and liberal background ever since Trump entered the race; and

    2. Williamson is part of the “Nominal Right” to the same extent that the Pope is a “Nominal Catholic” or Hitler was a “Nominal Nazi”.

    Ace is full of bull. I watch Morning Joe occasionally. You can call him part of the “leftist media” but Scarborough is clearly to the right of Trump. The criticisms of Trump on the show have happened when Trump said or did (or Tweeted) something idiotic (which happened almost daily), not on those occasions when he did something conservative.

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  11. rw: I’m not saying Williamson isn’t conservative – just that it seems Ace would place him in the Nominal Right b/c of his attitude toward Trump.

    “Ace is full of bull.” I take it you don’t agree with his assessment of the leftist media?


  12. Tychicus, The media is being leftist when they are extremely biased in their reporting on healthcare or the budget or other substantive issues. Trump’s fights with the media seldom, if ever, involve those things.

    His fights with the media happen when they accurately report his lying, his ignorance, his fighting with Australian and German leaders and Nordstroms, his moronic Tweets, his forcing of his staff to lie and humiliate themselves, his apparent obstruction of justice, his release of top secret info to the Russians, his calling Comey a “nut job” to the Russians, etc. The media doesn’t have to be leftist to be critical of those actions. The strongest criticism has often come from conservatives like Williamson. The only members of the press who aren’t critical of such actions are those who are ignorant, Trump cultists or both.


  13. Ricky, I’m not referring to Pres. Trump’s job performance, but rather the leftist media’s “changing the rules” so that they engage in relentless personal attacks against Trump and his family. That’s a big part of the reason why he takes to Twitter.


  14. Another question: Would you rather have a ‘polished’ President like Obama who appoints leftist judges, or someone like Trump as President who appoints judges like Gorsuch?


  15. His tweets, like 99.9% of the rest, are stupid. No one disagrees with that. Everyone also agrees he should stop.

    But one of the biggest issues I had with Bush was his insistence that he be a punching bag for the media and left. He never stood up for himself, or his allies. While Trump’s delivery is crass, he has the right to defend himself, whether you and the left like it or not. I find it refreshing that someone is finally calling BS on them, uncouth as his delivery may be.

    And as I’ve stated before, Europe, Germany, Austria, whoever…. their opinion is worthless to me. They’re a whiny bunch of ungrateful whelps in my opinion. But rest assured, the next time the need the US, and they will, they’ll be back to being big fans.

    Also, as I’m sure you’re aware, he as president has the authority to release the info to the Russians that he did.

    Your (and the leftist media’s) insistence, contrary to all evidence presented, that there was obstruction is hogwash. You, like the media, just don’t seem to be able to accept it. But that’s your problem, not ours.


  16. No, Tychicus. Joe and Mika don’t attack Trump’s family. Neither do CNN, ABC, CBS, the Washington Post or The New York Times. Melania and the little boy have behaved very well and have received very good press. Ivanka has received very favorable press. The sons get criticism rarely and when they behave like their father. The press hasn’t changed any rules and they don’t “attack” Trump. They simply report his childish, dishonest and idiotic statements, Tweets and actions. Much of the time, the press has done just what I did on Thursday and Friday when I simply copied and posted Trump’s offensive Tweets.

    The reason it seems that the negative stories are relentless is that Trump’s idiocy is relentless. Remember when Debra and I played the game to see how many days Trump could go without idiocy. Poor Debra became frustrated.

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  17. You may remember that Trump’s “voter fraud” commission is a boondoggle caused by Trump’s absurd lie about why he didn’t win the popular vote. Trump’s minions asked for voter data from all states. Many states have told the Trumpkins to fly a kite. The conservative Secretary of State told the federals to “jump in the Gulf of Mexico”. That is the old Southetn spirit I like to see.


    I have some hope that Trump’s relentless misogyny (Fiorina, Kelly, Heidi Cruz, Mika, Miss Universe, the sexual assault victims, etc,) may lead to a resurgence in chivalry, at least in The South.


  18. I haven’t caught up with all these comments yet, so excuse me if I repeat something already said. (I want to get this down before I forget what I was gonna say.)

    “He hit me first!” is the childish response of a kid caught in a fistfight.

    If Trump wants to defend himself from media criticism, then let him do so with facts & truth. Smearing people & lying only paint him as immature, & even unstable.

    I have been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, to not jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon. (My husband likes him.) Those of you who are my Facebook friends have seen me share some things on either side – sometimes defending him against a popular lie, sometimes taking him to task.

    But when he does this kind of thing (referring to his resent Mika & Joe tweets), I feel uncomfortable, & even embarrassed for our country. This is not only unpresidential, it is cruel & petty.

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  19. Tychicus @ 2:07, Great question! I have thought about that a great deal.

    Unless his idiocy, childishness and lack of self-control lead us into an unnecessary war, I would agree that a President Trump is better than a President Hillary or President Obama IN THE SHORT TERM.

    However, when you consider the long term damage that President Trump is doing to the Republican Party, the Conservative Movement and the country (including the long term estrangement Trump is causing between the young, the intelligent and the educated and the Republican Party) it is unclear to me and many other conservatives whether President Trump is better or worse than a President Hillary or a President Obama IN THE LONG TERM.

    I will trust your judgment to give a final answer to that question in twenty years.

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  20. Okay, I will admit I do not understand the significance or ramifications of this, but the friend who shared it (a very intelligent man in our church) thinks it’s very bad, prefacing it by saying that “the fox watching the hen house just ushered in the little foxes in to collect eggs.”

    He also said that he now believe that Trump “is the ultimate fall guy for the upcoming world financial collapse… Forget impeachment, it won’t happen, I was wrong, they won’t let their fall guy be removed before he plays his proper role. Next comes a world war.”

    As I said, he is very intelligent, but sometimes I greatly disagree with him. But since I don’t understand what this all means, I don’t know what to think of his comment.

    The headline: “Fed gives big U.S. banks a green light for buyback, dividend plans”



  21. Kizzie, Sometimes very smart people believe in big conspiracies. My 60 years have taught me that when you have to decide whether something was caused by some big evil conspiracy or dumb mistakes, never underestimate the power of stupidity. A big conspiracy of the smartest 100 people on earth could have never managed to have elected Trump. Instead, it took a whole lot more people, acting independently from each other, making one dumb mistake after another.

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  22. John Podhoretz reacted to Trump’s latest Tweet:

    This reminds me that the single greatest political prediction of my lifetime occurred when the President in the movie version of Idiocracy (like Trump 11 years later) had previously appeared in both professional wrestling and pornographic movies.


  23. Ricky – I agree with you about conspiracy theories. Another very intelligent friend of mine has often written about how very unlikely it is that any of those conspiracy theories some people believe in could ever have have succeeded. And how would we know about them anyway?

    What is the economic significance of what is told in that article?


  24. Kizzie, I am sorry. I couldn’t access the article.

    Debra, Other people are stealing our game.

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  25. Another word on Trump: I tweeted to my Congressman today, this note-

    “It’s time to censure or impeach @realDonaldTrump since he has crossed the line of civility, unbecoming of the office of POTUS.”

    I hope all Conservatives with any moral backbone will make the same suggestion to their Congressional representatives. Mine is a Conservative GOP rep, but he’s been in office since the ’90s and perhaps has drunk the Trump Kool-Aid.

    To answer the question of whether I would prefer an churlish bully who happens to stumble upon good decisions, or a polished Liberal, I say we need a civil, moral leader who makes decisions based on facts and doesn’t lower his standards to wrestle the pigs in the media. Oh wait, Trump isn’t lowering his standards, he’s revealing them.

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