26 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-12-17

  1. Spicer’s replacement needs to be someone who:

    1. Has the courage to tell Trump he will not go to The Press Room to tell or defend ridiculous lies.

    2. Is respected by the press and the public.

    3. Is calm.

    4. Has a decent knowledge of historical events and is careful with words.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure that anyone with those qualifications would ever agree to serve as Trump’s Press Secretary.

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  2. Our embarrassment of a FORMER governor has done more harm than just locally. As always it’s the comments that tell the most. Want religion out of politics? He may have helped.


  3. I only heard Tucker Carlson a few times after he took over for Megyn(?) — not a bad way to go, though he’s rather combative. But in some ways he was refreshing, not as knee-jerk right-wing when compared to the usual Fox lineup these days.

    I don’t think O’Reilly was particularly a fan of Trump’s, though, was he? For me, I just couldn’t ever listen to or watch the man, I felt he was a blow-hard who was just too full of himself. And consistently rude to his guests, besides. Way too annoying. Hannity, too.

    But I still think the fox NEWS staff is decent — Baier, Hume, Wallace, etc. — and commentators like Krauthammer remain worth listening to over many of the other “cheerleader” types.

    But as for me, I’ve been taking a fairly long break from cable news since this last crazy election and I really don’t miss it.

    OK, revving up the Jeep to return to the Land of Denial.

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  4. And re the NYTimes article on the Alabama governor, loved the one quote from a churchman who said, basically, that the devil made him do it. 🙂 Hadn’t heard that one in a while.

    There but for the grace of God is always true for each and every one of us. But that said, a Christian who becomes so prominent in public life — and who is so “out there” in speaking bout his Christianity — brings much dishonor to the faith when he falls so badly and so publicly. It’s a stain that remains and gives cause for unbelievers to mock. Painful, and there are many lessons to be learned perhaps.

    Maybe time for the church to spend more of its time and focus on “the One thing.”

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  5. Donna, I go on record as never trusting someone who tells me what a good Christian they are and toot their own horn about it. I figure if you are a good enough Christian I will figure it out on my own. Same goes for someone who tells me how honest they are. They are about to rob you blind.
    This man always gave me the creeps but he especially gave me the creeps by falling back on his religion all the time.

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  6. We are called to pray for those in a authority, and I think it behooves us to do it more when it is a fellow believer. Baby or mature, they need our prayers as they are in the position where a successful attack is most obvious.

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  7. Mumsee, we might could have forgiven his “affair” if it hadn’t been for his attitude, the way he strong armed to suppress the evidence, and the amount of money he cost the State in paying his “mistress”, her husband, and all the trips they took on the State’s nickle.
    He refused to resign, refused to apologize, refused to admit the illegal things he did. He was a arrogant cad.

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  8. I’ve long said these guys, when caught, just need to resign asap and with as few words as possible.

    Remember the governor who, after he was caught, went on TV with a news conference and blabbed on and on and on about hiking the Appalachian Trail (Oh, is that what they’re calling it now? I remember thinking). Sheesh. Dude. Enough. Just go already.

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  9. Ah, I guess I wasn’t the only one … Mark Sanford, who could forget — and, of course, there were the tears. …


    How hiking the Appalachian Trail became code for an affair

    Republican Gov. Mark Sanford said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

    But for six days in June 2009, no one – not even family and staff members – really knew where he was.

    Sanford finally resurfaced on June 24. And, acting on a tip that The State newspaper had received, political reporter Gina Smith was at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport waiting for Sanford when he got off a flight from Buenos Aires.

    Sanford told Smith that he had been in Argentina. And, at a televised news conference later that day, he admitted he admitted an extramarital affair.

    He had spent five days in Argentina visiting his lover, Maria Belen Chapur.

    A little more than a month later, former first lady Jenny Sanford moved out of the Governor’s Mansion with their sons, and the couple’s divorce played out in the media.

    … There were many calls for Sanford to resign, but he didn’t. He also avoided impeachment. …

    My advice: Leave office quickly and quietly, spare everyone, including your family, the humiliating details.

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  10. All of what has been said makes Pence look all the wiser for maintaining his archaic “rules”.

    DJ, Trump and O’Reilly are friends. They go to Yankee games together. O’Reilly gave Trump constant exposure and generally easy questions in interviews and favorable coverage. Trump responded in kind by being O’Reilly’s character witness last week.

    Fox needs to make sure that the whole culture of sexual exploitation established by Ailes is ended forever.

    I like Tucker Carlson. He has changed his persona to take M. Kelly’s place, but is doing a good job. Hannity is a lightweight and the ultimate member of the Trump Cult, but I believe his personal reputation is good. Trumpkins watch Fox and Hannity gives them what they want.

    If O’Reilly goes away, I would like to see Fox bring in someone as smart as Carlson. I would love to see them give Krauthammer and Napolitano a show together. Surely, the Judge has now finished serving his time in the penalty box.


  11. My complaint about Hannity is his complete and utter one-sided-ness and seeming inability to block out any other possible arguments in a debate. It just gets old, whether it’s on the left or the right.

    The people I want to listen to are those who can fairly “hear” other sides and allow those views to be at least explained (before slapping them down) — and who, also, aren’t so completely predictable. . 🙂

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  12. I’m always flummoxed that leaders think they can have secret affairs in this age. Sure, Kennedy and Roosevelt got away with it, but that was long before journalism became 24-hours a day with a vendetta to “get” politicians after so many careers were made from Watergate.

    I always think, if you can’t be faithful to the person you promised to love and cherish, why on earth would I trust you with my nation/state/ city?

    He who is faithful in a little is also faithful in much–said someone we all know well . . . .

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  13. Michelle is correct. It is different now.
    Everyone needs to know that there is ALWAYS a camera, always a phone and information travels at 186,000 mi/sec.

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  14. And there is this:


    Inquiring minds may question whether Putin and Trump may be playing a little game to pretend to be mad at one another to deflect attention from the help Putin gave to Trump in the election.

    I am not saying that is what is going on, but we are dealing with an ex KGB agent and a con man. It is a reminder that character counts. Unfortunately, we had no good character candidates in this past election.


  15. Speaking of Putin and Trump:


    This article makes the point that Putin is now blasting Trump for spreading “Fake News” and relying on those same Western intelligence agencies that Trump compared to Nazis only a few weeks ago.

    It all sounds like a Peter Sellers movie except those are real American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are at risk.

    And we remember:
    1. There is a good reason US Presidents should not attack and ridicule our own intelligence agencies.
    2. There is a good reason not to elect a childish lunatic as the President.

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  16. In the video I shared yesterday, the Marine insinuated that Assad was not to blame for the chemical attack. He said that Assad had invited U.N. inspectors into his country, & they were there the very day the attack happened, just ten miles away.

    Are the Marine’s assertions accurate? Were there indeed U.N. inspectors, invited by Assad, in Syria that day?


  17. Kizzie, You may consider me to be naive, but I tend to believe Western intelligence agencies. For my 60 years of life, their record for knowledge and truthfulness has been pretty good. I would certainly believe Western intelligence agencies when their statements or conclusions are challenged by Assad, Putin or Trump.

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