36 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-31-17

  1. Trump makes fun of Democrats’ microphone:


  2. The EO was not well executed, but like Trump, wasn’t anything nearly as outrageous as is being portrayed by media and gobbled up by hystericals. There is no Muslim ban. We’re not any closer to full-blown fascism than we were one month or one year ago. Take a breath, folks! (I don’t mean anyone here; I’m talking about social media drones, like people who protest Uber over this EO thing–is that dumb or what?).

    Also, to clarify a point of fact some folks strangely ignore, Christians (or conservatives or Republicans…whoever) acknowledge Obama allowed entry to “Christian refugees.” Yes, but the question is, how many *from Syria*? In 2016, it was about a handful. That’s atrocious.

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  3. So who are you trusting as your news source. I am tired of seeing something and having to spend 10 or 15 minutes googling to find out if it is true or false, from a right or left wing source, and if it is pure fictional hysteria.
    I want to be informed but this is getting ridiculous. I don’t have time in my day to work and stay informed.

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  4. I pick a trusted person from both sides and read what they post. Somewhere in between there may be insightful versions of the truth.

    (Newspaper reporter technique; know both sides.)

    Or, as the Soviets used to read Pravda: the truth is often three or four paragraphs up from the bottom.

    David French from yesterday is usually pragmatic; he’s with National Review–which editorialized against voting for Trump.

    Breakpoint today, was insightful on the refugee situation: http://www.breakpoint.org/bpcommentaries/entry/13/30425

    I read Christianity Today, sometimes agreeing sometimes not, but at least their heart is in the right place.

    I scan the headlines on TWitter. Because I lean conservative, I lean toward The Wall Street Journal and pay attention to information coming out of England–not necessarily true, but a different perspective. I might read some Canadian papers if Roscuro suggested something. It’s helpful to get outside perspective.

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  5. One of the agents I work with somewhat is retired military and worked with NATO. I had a discussion with him earlier. I explained that I lived in a mostly Republican but still Utopian bubble and would appreciate his thoughts. I asked for honesty and feel I got it.
    Still don’t know who to trust for news but one of his master’s degrees is in international relations and diplomacy


  6. SolarP, As noted yesterday, I do not consider Trump or his minions to be part of the Right. However, I think liberals would answer your question by saying:

    “Steve Bannon telling the press to “Shut up!” And K. Conway calling for reporters critical of Trump to be fired.”

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  7. Those are good examples, RickyW, and Bannon is so terrible, I mean, that guy. Get him outta there. I do think those are things that have been said by both sides in one form or another, though.

    The real similarity I’m looking for is someone or some org making a formal rule–something beyond just brash talk–prohibiting or inhibiting the speech of “the Right” on their grounds.

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  8. Good point, SolarP! Speech is tightly controlled on university campuses and in the offices of large companies. I think this is one reason so many folks support, enjoy or tolerate Trump and his antics.


  9. Michelle, growing up, my family listened to the national broadcaster, CBC. My parents sometimes observed that the broadcaster skewed liberal, but it was good practice, learning to sift fact from journalist bias. There were some important reports and interviews that I got to hear – one of my vivid childhood memories is listening to the Jerusalem correspondent describing the impact of the Scud missiles that Iraq fired during the first Gulf War. The broadcaster had some high quality international journalists (sadly, their best international program, Dispatches, no longer airs). None of us children grew up to reject our parents Christian worldview, although we frequently heard opposing viewpoints from the media. Now, on my FB feed, I get articles from World and also from the Guardian. It helps me feel assured that the story is being reported factually, when to idealistically opposing media suppliers describe it the same way. Now, as to a Canadian newspaper, we never could afford a newspaper, so I’m not as familiar with them. However, generally, if I’m looking for an online news article on Canada, I go either to the CBC: http://www.cbc.ca or to The Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/


  10. When I read the text of the EO on immigration, I wondered if this would happen. It did: https://world.wng.org/2017/01/christian_aid_groups_grapple_with_refugee_ban_fallout

    But the wording of the executive order gives no clear preference to Christians, and no clear bar to Muslims. It does clearly ban all Syrian nationals, which would include about 400,000 Christians who have been forced from their homes during the Syrian civil war, many of them threatened with torture and death by ISIS…
    Christians in the Middle East do qualify as religious minorities, but in countries where they face severest persecution (Iran, Iraq and Syria), all immigrant visa-holders and refugees are subject to the 90-day travel ban…
    In Philadelphia on Saturday, U.S. officials detained a Syrian Christian family of six with immigrant visas and green cards—then sent them back to Qatar.


  11. Ricky, I see from yesterday that you admit to liking the Mad Max films – despite your general opposition to films after 1960. I’ve not seen the ones with Mel Gibson, but I enjoyed Fury Road. Not from my typical genres of preference, but it tells a strangely compelling story.

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  12. Roscuro, You caught me. I do like the Mad Max movies. The Road Warrior is very good, though a touch too explicit. The boomerang throwing feral 6 year old steals the show. Beyond Thunderdome is what happens when a producer has lots of money and can hire Maurice Jarre to write the musical score. Like you, I really enjoyed Fury Road.


  13. Trump is on the right track with most of the things he’s done so far. But I don’t expect Hillary supporters or other globalists to stop whining anytime soon. Maybe not ever. There is a lot of money at stake for a minority of people in the US. And overseas too. The US has been subsidizing growth everywhere but here for 30 years, so when the gravy train appears go be stopping, there is a collective YOWL. That’s to be expected.

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  14. Debra, Our poorest people have giant screen TVs and cell phones and are obese. Americans pay a much lower percentage of our income for food, clothing and many other consumer items than did our parents. That is because of free trade. By definition “free trade” benefits both parties. If it didn’t, one party wouldn’t make the trade. Read some Adam Smith. He was one of the original globalists.

    So how did we cunning globalists create a system where the average first generation legal Indian immigrant makes double the annual salary of the average native born American. I had to go to the bathroom and missed that part of the lecture at the World Globalist Convention.


  15. As the politico link indicates Trump’s EO was created by incompetence. My newsfeed contained a story of an 11 month old breastfed baby separated from his mother and a Syrian Orthodox Christian family sent back to Syria despite having a green card — a judge ordered a halt to deportations 6 hours after they were deported back to Syria. The latter I confirmed elsewhere, the former I’m not sure of. In any case, this mass of confusion is a blemish on America’s reputation and an early indication that the Trump admin can’t govern. For Gingrich to compare this to learning how to roller-skate is ridiculous, the US presidency is not something you learn by doing and making mistakes — you are messing with people’s lives, not getting a few bruises from falling down.

    Similar to Roscuro I trust the CBC, the Globe and Mail and the Guardian.

    SP — Ricky is right, the right do have an equivalent to a free speech chill and its the Trump administration. Its far more dangerous to have the president’s officials negating free speech than universities. Conway, Bannon, Spicer etc are not good spokesmen for American freedom

    Ricky — I’m currently reading “White Trash – The 400 Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg. In her introduction she roundly criticizes Murray for ignoring the historical evidence that class and specifically the lower classes has always been part of America. Similar to my criticism, she criticizes Murray for using the early 60s as his starting point and thus comparing the present to the only period in US history when there was a large middle class and equality of opportunity.

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  16. Debra I know you are referring to the Supreme Count nominee but given the events of the last few days I don’t see pro-life getting a boost. 5 year olds in hand cuffs, 11 month old denied breast milk, a 12 year old stuck in Djibouti, a grandma dying in Iraq, and Syrian families sent back to a war zone is not a boost to right to life. Its a callous treatment of human lives with little regard to the consequences.

    Not to mention the possibility of a loss of health care insurance for those still in the US. Although some Republicans are starting to realize repealing the ACA is harder than they thought. Trying to keep the subsidies while repealing the revenue streams doesn’t make fiscal sense.

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  17. hwesseli, Are you referring to overseas hardships or those of Detroit, Chicago, Flint, etc.? I know it’s bad in many places. The hardships of those traveling to the US will mostly go away shortly. We have grants to give them counseling, job assistance, English classes, food and housing assistance until they are established. They can start over here. Detroit, Flint & company are in for a much longer haul.

    I dare not hope that healthcare in the US will ever reach the level of Canada’s. A decade ago, I would have said that single payer, Canadian styled healthcare would work here. Now I’m convinced it won’t. Why? I think Americans don’t like Americans. Half the country despises the other half, and wishes them ill. In addition, there is too much of a plantation mentality here—a holdover from the civil war most likely. Overlords like to keep the serfs on the edge.

    The best we can do for the poor is to expand medicaid. The ACA is an unmitigated punishment unless you are broke–or nearly so. I’m not in compliance myself, though I am insured and have a HSA. I’m prepared to just pay the fine—but it looks like we may not have to. Trump described my healthcare once when he said words to the effect of ‘ it only helps if you get run over by a tractor’. That about says it all.


  18. hwesseli,I agree with you and RickyW, that Conway and Banning aren’t great at their jobs, but I disagree with you that any of them is shutting down free speech. How are you comparing campuses actually banning conservative speakers with Trump reps complaining about the press? And when did Spicer, who I also don’t care for, do anything like that?

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  19. Debra, Which half “despises the other half and wishes them ill”? Do Trumpkins and Democrats adore their “globalist overlords” and wish them well?


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