36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-30-17

  1. Morning all. I went and had tea this afternoon with a friend who has served here many times. She and her husband are helping out and visiting their grandchildren – the quints. It was so refreshing to visit with someone who understood and who would pray. I could tell her anything and everything, all of the hard things and the troubling and she understood. What a blessed, sweet gift of God the time was.

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  2. Glad to see the beach first thing this morning when it is 31 degrees and dreary gray skies here.

    Thankful you had time with your friend, Jo, just as I had time with my friend.

    On Saturday we went hiking at a nearby nature center area where I took son to when we were homeschooling. Yesterday my friend went to church with me and then we had lunch at Chili’s and afterwards went to the Tellis Science Museum north of Atlanta. We only had energy and time to go through the giant collection of rocks and minerals. Someday I hope Art will have an opportunity to go there.

    Friend and I did not discuss anything political so we really had a good time. It is great to have someone to go places with not involving doctor appointments or hospitals.

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  3. In case you are wondering. I washed the jeans I wore Saturday. Now everything in that load of laundry smells like J’ Adore. πŸ˜‰

    DJ’s bathroom looks fantastic. Some of you may have seen it on FB. She has gotten lots of comments about matching it to Annie. I am thrilled for her.

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  4. (Chas, don’t bother. You won’t like it. AJ might)

    You were right on there Kim. I watched 18 seconds. It was about 25 long seconds before I managed to get out.


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  5. A lot of folk remember the Israelites complaining but so did the disciples. How are we supposed to feed these people? Well, duh, just the other day….. Hopefully we will learn that God is faithful.

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  6. I almost hit “like” to Kim’s 10:22. But I’m embarrassed to do so.
    Elvera’s doctor says she does have a urinary tract infection. It is mild and they’re phoning a prescription to CVS. I told Elvera that we have a sixtieth anniversary coming up in June and I don’t want to have to celebrate it alone.

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  7. chas will like this one.

    That’s our 100-year-old federal breakwater — marking the entrance of the Port of Los Angeles — shown in the photo that has stood the test of time and lots of surf.

    Apparently it was quite the event when they began dropping huge rocks into the ocean and a real estate company arranged to serve a free lunch to people who wanted to come watch from the coast (and I’m guessing they had to endure a real estate pitch as well).

    The Angels Gate Lighthouse still stands as well — I rode a water taxi out there just a couple years ago to tour it, it once had a Coast Guard lighthouse keeper living there but has long since been automated. Fascinating to climb the winding stairs up to the top where the view is amazing of the passing container ships and other port traffic gliding by. We were taller than many of the birds in flight.

    The breakwater was put together with some precision, specially cut rocks fitted together like a puzzle. It’s required some minor repairs over the years after big storms, but in generally has stood strong. People used to walk all the way out on it (I believe it’s 1.7 miles long) to get to the lighthouse, but it’s very dangerous of course so it’s widely discouraged and not done much anymore.

    My photo was among several I took after a storm one day a couple weeks ago, I was out there on an assignment (interviewing Army Corps of Engineer guys about some ongoing breakwater repairs, actually) and it was a gorgeous day. I took the snowy mountains photos that AJ used a couple weeks ago on that day.


  8. Donna won’t believe this, but that type of swing music was before my time.
    I think they called it “jitterbug” and it was twenties style music. Heavy on brass.


  9. I knew it was before your time chas, but figured you’d appreciate the historical engineering aspects of it all. πŸ™‚


  10. New photo: out of focus birds on a lifeguard station. πŸ™‚

    I used to like sitting up on the lifeguard stands after they were “closed” when I lived in a neighboring city and used to walk on the beach after work as the sun was going down.


  11. I got an e-mail from Costco that says I may have won $50.00. All I have to do is tell when I check e-mail
    Down below, it says: ‘This is an advertisement Costco is a trade mark not affiliated with this’….”
    I deleted it, be careful about these things that want to give you money. They may take yours.

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  12. In the subject line of one of the things in my spam folder earlier, it asked me if I was dead or still alive. Had to laugh. (I don’t usually read the subject lines before deleting, but it somehow caught my eye.)

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  13. I read the subject line of everything. It only takes a second.
    But you have to be alert and rather paranoid too.
    They are out to get you, and will if you let your guard down.
    I am skeptical of anything that offers me money in return for a survey, or some such.
    They will send the money straight to my bank if I give them the necessary information.


  14. I don’t know what it was but years ago there was a research group that staged “mock” trials for the attorneys to come in vet us and ask questions. We took it all the way through verdict sometimes. They paid a hundred dollars. That was a decent night’s work in 1993

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  15. Chas – I may not read the subject lines, but I do skim down the names, to make sure a real email didn’t get caught in the spam filter, which happens sometimes.


  16. I don’t read them and I don’t even scan them. If they are there, they are probably supposed to be. Too many acquaintances send stuff without knowing that actually belongs there.


  17. Mumsee – I’ve had legitimate emails from organizations I support, or companies I buy from, & even from a couple friends ,end up in spam.


  18. I’ve been even watching it now and again, Janice

    Did anyone see the NCIS from last week 1/20?) where Ducky’s assistant sits out on a ledge trying to keep a guy from jumping? Guess a lot of that, esp in early scenes, was filmed in out town but I missed it and have been trying to find it to watch

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  19. We watched Bull for a while, but weren’t thrilled with it. I thought that they were so eager to distance him from his Tony character that they made his new character too bland.

    Yes, DJ, we saw that NCIS episode. It was really good.

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