Our Daily Thread 5+9=14

Good Morning!

Today’s header photo is from Cheryl.

This one is from Kim.



On this day in 1502 Christopher Columbus left Spain for his final trip to the Western Hemisphere. 

In 1926 Americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett became the first men to fly an airplane over the North Pole. 

In 1960 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for sale an oral birth-control pill for the first time. 

And in 1996, in video testimony to a courtroom in Little Rock, AR, U.S. President Clinton insisted that he had nothing to do with a $300,000 loan in the criminal case against his former Whitewater partners. 


Quote of the Day

“If you would be loved, love, and be lovable.”

Benjamin Franklin


Today is Hank Snow’s birthday.

And it’s Tom Peterson’s. So Cheap Trick covering Elvis.


Anyone have a QoD?

72 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5+9=14

  1. Good morning! We made it to Daufuskie Island last night around 5:30, after leaving our house at 8. Our beach cottage is clean, cute and has cimfortable beds! You never know when booking over the internet…so I was pleased. We have a lovely view of the ocean. Today we will explore the island a bit, then attend the rehearsal dinner tonight at 5:30, followed by a bonfire on the beach.


  2. The island is tiny—3 x 5 miles is all. There is a general store here, but no actual grocery stores, so we brought groceries over on the ferry from Savannah. We waited to get milk and had to pay $8.00 for a gallon on the island!


  3. Good Morning. It is FRIDAY. Dogs have been out and fed and watered. I am having coffee. Dogs are napping and I have to go to work. It is a good morning.


  4. I love birds in the morning! Love their songs AND today I love their pictures. Thanks, Kim, Cheryl, and AJ for blessing my day with a view of God’s beautiful creation. We need many reminders of the beauty He created as a part of the many ways He shows His love for us.


  5. Good morning, Annms, sounds like a wonderful time. Islands are often lots of fun. But you do need to bring a goat on the ferry next time so you won’t have to pay so much for milk.


  6. I had never seen or heard that band, Cheap Trick, which does the video of the Elvis song.. They seem quite talented. When I turned on their music Bosley ran off. She does not care for rock and roll. She prefers bird songs in the morning. 🙂


  7. Is it Friday yet?
    When I think of the Oregon Trail, I think of a movie.
    Moving On was Hank’s first hit. He did a bunch of railroad songs after that, “Golden Rocket” “Hobo Bill’s Last Ride,” etc. before moving on himself
    It is Friday, and lots going on.


  8. Every time I use or put away my plastic food containers, I think of Cheryl, who once told us that her friends criticized her for storing them with the lids on. So here is a silly QoD: Is there anything that always reminds you of one of us?


  9. Blackberries, honey bees, mowing on hillsides: Chas.
    Children sewing and playing violins: Phos.
    Cats and snakes: Kim,
    Bats: Peter L.

    The list goes on and on….


  10. When I see a breaking political news story I wonder if AJ knows that yet.

    If I taste or read areally good recipe I wonder if Kim has that in her files.

    If I see or hear a good pet story I think of Donna and Cheryl, or if I see a pleasant looking rock I think of Chas.

    If I think or hear about Canada I think of Kare and Roscuro.

    Special needs children and adoption stories along with life on the farm reminds me of Mumsee.

    When I think about sports and who might be competing and winning I think of Peter. Also Spanish language.

    When I think of really deep spiratual thinkers I think of Kathaleena and Cheryl.

    When I think of homeschooling I think of 6 Arrows and AJ.

    When I think of those living out their faith in difficult circumstances I think of Karen O and Donna.

    When I think on storm destruction I remeber kbells home was destroyed and how they got through it.

    When I think on getting something wrong when I guessed, I think of how I thought Linda was her daughter in that photo. 🙂

    Married to a Marine and theology reminds me of Drivesguy.

    Woodturner and beautiful wooden objects reminds me of Makeitman.

    Fellow Georgia bloggers reminds me of inbutnotof and MIM.

    An oxymoron reminds me of NJL. How can a New Jersey lawyer be so nice?

    Research and historical trivia reminds me of Michelle..

    Missionaries to remember in prayer along with the few people I know in other time zones include Jo and Ajisuun.

    I am sure there are those I left off. But something is always reminding me of someone here!


  11. Let’s see…
    Cheryl reminds me of books and kindness. I always wonder if a book I read might have been edited by her. Cheryl and I have “history”. When she first appeared on WMB I thought she was a bossy, know it all, uptight, old spinster. We argued a bit at first but gradually I came to understand what she was saying and the position she was saying it from. It ended up that if there was an argument I didn’t want to get involved in or if I made a comment it was
    1. What Cheryl said!
    2. OK I have said what I had to say. Now I will wait on Cheryl to come along and explain what I meant.
    3. Cheryl will be better at stating that than I will be so I will wait on her.
    I will never forget that when my father died Cheryl looked on a map to see how far she was away from me. If we had been closer she would have driven in to attend his funeral. It is definitely one of those instances where it was the thought that counted. That a person who had never met me face to face cared enough to be with me on the worst day of my life.


  12. Cats and snakes don’t remind me of Kim.
    I’m reluctant to start listing things because I know for a fact that I will omit something important.


  13. When Kim was here, rescuing me during some of the worst days of my life, one of the cats walked across the yard carrying a snake.

    Talk about somebody showing love to somebody they had never met. She came here when I was totally mindless and let God use her to restore peace and sanity to our world. The children were fed, I had somebody to talk with, the dishes were done. Life could move on while I processed. Amazing.


  14. When I think Friday Funnies or gardening I think of of Chas.
    When I look at realestate (and the problems we’ve had, or when I think of Southern Belles, I think of Kim.
    I can’t think of what else reminds me of others, except hardworking people like Mumsee.


  15. Oh this is a sweet thread. 🙂 Actually I’ve dreamed about several of you, met three (one, EYG, is no longer on the blog unless it’s as a lurker), and have made attempts to meet several more (or you have been coming through my area when I’m not around, so the attempt has been on your end). Thank you, Kim–I’m very glad we ended up becoming friends, and I do hope we can meet in the flesh someday.

    It’s actually quite often that I think of one of my friends on here. I see a border collie and think of Donna, or wonder what Chas would say about something, or wish I could send a friend who’s an indulgent mother of adopted children to Mumsee for a week, or wonder what recipe Kim might have for something, or whatever. My brain isn’t in gear yet, or I’d think of more, but you guys are on my mind a lot (and in my heart), and my husband could testify to that. So could my sister–she knows a lot of you by name, too, and has prayed for several of you.


  16. Re the goldfinch photo: that was taken a few weeks ago (the goldfinches are more “complete” in their transformation to summer color now) on my mother-in-law’s bird feeder. The photo looks to me just like an oil painting, with the “peeling” goldfinch and the “peeling” paint on the metal feeder echoing each other beautifully, both of them with a feeling of texture. (I wasn’t anywhere close to the feeder, by the way–that shot was only possible with a long zoom lens.)

    So here’s my question: some time ago I bought a package of a few sheets of expensive printer paper, a canvas surface, specifically to print out photos that look like paintings and make them into cards. This one is perfect for that, and since it was taken at my mother-in-law’s house, I’d like to make it into a card for her. (She loves birds, and her whole sunroom is filled with a bird theme, including bird figurines everywhere.) But I also have a beautiful photo I took of a tree in blossom (a close-up of two pink flowers). Is the goldfinch one “pretty” enough (in a feminine way) for a Mother’s Day card, or should I go with the flowers? If it was her birthday, I wouldn’t hesitate on using the goldfinch, but she doesn’t have a spring birthday. (I have another photo of the same goldfinch eating, and I’d use it inside in a smaller photo, so I could easily incorporate it into a Mother’s Day sentiment–Mom is known for her ability to feed people well, and here she is also feeding the birds well.)


  17. Birds, for her, are more personal so I would go that route, Cheryl. And you could always make a second card from the whole family. More cards, more joy!


  18. If I have a problem and don’t know how to do something I always think of my whole blog family and know that someone here or their spouse will give me valuable advice.


  19. Cheryl I love this photo of the Goldfinch….I do have a softspot in my heart for them…I would definitely use that one for a card.
    My brain isn’t in full motion yet, but, I will say Janice always brings to mind sweet communion with our Lord…the intimate conversation she allows us to be a part of on the prayer thread is edifying and personal…I am blessed to have such sweet moments with Him amongst my sisters and brothers here on this site.
    I will post more of my thoughts of you all on here later…gotta make hay while the sun shines 🙂


  20. Music appreciation reminds me of 6 Arrows, AJ, Kim, Kathleena and Chas.

    I am on a roll. Linda did not know what she was opening up when she asked that question.


  21. Fun thread! I think of you all frequently — whenever I hear of things going on in different parts of the country or world, for that matter. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone from the south, for example.

    When I was very new on the blog (back when it was under the world banner) I remember how Karen and what she was going through with her mom who was ill at the time just popped into my mind while I was driving through town one day.

    And that happens often to me now, someone’s prayer request or ongoing trial will come to mind at random moments during the day. I have this visual picture of where people live, what their houses & yards look like …

    And, yeah, lawn mowers & little rocks with faces pretty much always bring Chas to mind. 🙂

    I’m off to drop the dogs off for grooming followed by another day at work. Glad it’s Friday.


  22. I’m off topic here but….shhhhh, it’s confidential (so says HR) but I was chosen for a second interview. Thanks for all the prayers- I feel God’s power and peace in this- regardless of the outcome. It was a big step for me to take to go for this job and fairly out of character.


  23. That’s wonderful to hear, Mrs. The Real. 🙂 I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    BTW, I haven’t commented on your avatar yet, but it is beautiful. Especially so, as I just noticed now how the picture of you and your daughter inside the circle looks heart-shaped, particularly at the top. I love that!


  24. Great QoD today, Linda! A real blessing to read all the responses so far. My commentary will be a bit later, but I love thinking on this one.


  25. Mrs. Real, is this job closer to home or would you still have that looong commute?

    Cheryl, our goldfinch continues to come around, as does the pair of cardinals and a strikingly bright blue fella (I have no idea what he is).


  26. Linda’s QoD:

    When I see a license plate from a different state, a person from here will come to mind if I know someone on this blog is from that state.

    Similarly, when I’m working with 5th and 6th Arrows on their U.S. geography, I think of you all. I visualize you in your various places around the country (and world). Also, I pray for many of you by geographical region when I’m on those internet breaks you know I take from time to time.

    (I’m glad I came out of my most recent hiatus in time for this thread!) 🙂

    And, yes, there’s some irony that I “see” you all in your states, and I don’t reveal mine. Well, a few of you do know in which state I reside, and maybe some more of you have guessed correctly, as I’ve given more hints than I did at first.

    But I’m off-topic now… Let’s just say I live in the state of Confusion. 😀

    When I tell someone about my kids, I think of Mumsee, and call them my children instead. 😉 Or my “arrows”.

    When I hear about atheism, I’m reminded of Random. And then I think of Ree, and the excellent way she engaged in discussion with him.

    When I hear about public schools, I think of Peter, IBNO, and HRW.

    When I look out the window and see goldfinches, woodpeckers, etc. I think of Cheryl and all she knows about birds.

    We recently subscribed to our local newspaper (weekends only), and I thought of Donna. 😉

    When I hear a clarinet piece, especially Mozart’s clarinet concerto, I think of Michelle.

    When I sit down to play at the piano, I often think of Roscuro.

    When I hear music recorded by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, I think of Janice.

    When it snows, I think of several of you: Karen O, Linda, AJ, Cheryl, and especially Kare and NancyJill. (Sorry, ladies.) 😉

    When I hear the weather forecast for Northern Minnesota (while listening online to Minnesota Public Radio), I think of Kathaleena.

    When I read a book or hear a talk by a Southern woman, I think of Ann, Kim, KBells and Janice.

    When I wake in the middle of the night, sometimes I wonder what Jo and Ajisuun are doing right then in their parts of the world.

    I think of Tychicus when I read about Tychicus in the Bible.

    And when I sit in church on Sundays, I think of all of you collectively, and look forward to reading what you share about the message, music, etc. you experienced in church that day.

    And right now, I feel a bit like Chas did at 10:46 above, when he said “I’m reluctant to start listing things because I know for a fact that I will omit something important.” I feel like I’m giving a thank-you speech, and someone is going to get left out. But I typed too much to erase it all now and say “Ditto Chas 10:46.” 😉

    Fact is, you’re all important to me, and if there’s anything I’ve learned on my internet breaks, it’s that I miss you, even when I’m busy with other things (and people). You’re a part of my life, and I like it that way. And unless AJ bans me, you’re sort of stuck with me. 😉


  27. One more, and I’m off to other things for the time being:

    Did you notice the 5+9=14 for the date today? 🙂


  28. 6 Arrows said “Let’s just say I live in the state of Confusion”
    She gave it away. We now know she lives in DC.


  29. I too figured indigo bunting. I’ve only ever seen one, but they’re beautiful and they’re the bird my husband always mentions as wanting to see. (He’s seen them a couple of times.) That was actually one bird I wanted to see this week when I went to tea with a couple ladies from church. I think I saw one, but just a glimpse of one. I got a good view of a rose-breasted grosbeak (and photos), and since that was a species I hadn’t seen before, that was even better than the indigo bunting would have been.


  30. Got the card done for my mother-in-law, and also a very cute card (I think) for my younger stepdaughter’s birthday coming up. (We won’t have any more teenagers! We had two when we married.) I had a rubber stamp that is a single M & M. It’s a round circle with the “m” white, so basically you can do it in any color of ink you want; use a lot of different colors and you have a “bag” of M & M’s. The front of the card, I cut out the numbers 2 and 0 and covered them with different colors of M & M’s (the colors of the rainbow, not precisely the colors in a package of candy) and mounted the numbers on a purple background (her favorite color). Inside I stamped a two part greeting (hip hip hooray and a birthday greeting) and made them into little “signs.” I also stamped a single birthday candle. Then I stamped little M & M’s around the page, and drew arms and legs on them, putting some holding the signs (a couple of them stepping on each other’s heads to do so), two holding the candle, one jumping into the air, and one falling off a sign (I stamped the same color several times, each time a little fainter, and did the bottom couple upside down). She likes M & M stuff, and I thought of her when I saw the rubber stamp. It’s the first time I’ve done anything “cartoony” for a card, but the theme just demanded it, and I think she’ll like it.


  31. LOL Chas. 🙂 Glad I’m not there! Peter, we have some relatives in the state of Misery. 😉

    Cheryl, the rose-breasted grosbeaks showing up here each spring is a highlight of the year. They usually arrive the last week of April (and tend to leave by late August), but one year in the past, they didn’t come until May 1 and 2. (The males generally show up at our feeders one day before the females.)

    This year, though, was the latest they ever came — May 5. The very cold, snowy winter we had probably had something to do with that delay.

    Our juncos left later than usual, too. They’re normally here from mid-October to mid-April, but we still had a few sticking around even as recently as a week ago. I’d never seen them still here in May.

    If you ever get to my area in May/June/July, we could have a meet-up and perhaps have a chance to see and photograph some of our grosbeaks. 🙂 It’s fun when they start bringing their young to the feeders in the summertime. Usually by early August, though, we don’t see them much anymore, even though I know they’re around. (I hear the males still singing in our woods for a few weeks after we stop seeing the grosbeaks at the feeders.)


  32. Linda 1:26 pm- nope, same exact commute- might even be a longer walk from the parking lot :). It is at the same corporation I work for now, just a different dept. In fact, a different type job than I have been doing for the past 18 years, but from my conversation with the interviewer, it should build on my knowledge and skills. It actually sounded like it would be a very good fit for my personality and temperament. It involves a lot of reading and she was thrilled when I mentioned that I loved to investigate and problem solve. I am hoping that if I get the job it will turn out to be less stressful and that the morale in this dept will be better, More money would be nice, but it is a lateral move, so if there is a pay increase it will be small. I just need to get back to a better work/life balance that we here so much about.


  33. I have loved reading all the responses to question of the day!

    Border collies – Donna
    Children and goats – Mumsee (Munsee Road always reminds me to pray for the Nest when I drive past it)
    The South – Janice, Kbells & Kim – usually when I watch a TV show or movie with southern people, I wonder “what would Kim say about that?”.
    Wisdom, humour and gardening – Chas – I often share his stories with my husband
    Prayer – Janice
    The Gambia or PNG – our missionaries, Ajisuun & Jo. I often wonder if people I know in PNG will have met Jo.
    Schooling – Peter
    Woodwork – Mim
    Bonbons – Mumsee
    Stories about newspapers in the news – Donna
    Classical piano – Roscuro & 6arrows
    Shabby chic or all white or country decor – Nancyjill
    Pine forests and birds – Nancyjill
    Birding or card making – Cheryl
    Eschatology – Cheryl (amazingly I had never heard that word before – or paid any attention to it)


  34. Books & authors – Michelle
    Grandchildren – Linda & KarenO
    Thoughtfulness and caring – all of you!


  35. Ha! I just learned it is 57 degrees here right now, which made me think of Kevin, Peter, and Mumsee. Lo and behold, I come here, and here is one of them claiming fifty-seven!

    What number is this anyway?


  36. I’m here. Just went to the high school sports tournament down the hill to buy the great food they were selling for lunch. Even got plenty for dinner. I take every opportunity to let someone else cook! 🙂


  37. Looks like Kim will be getting back to us a different day, as day is almost done. (Well, maybe not for Jo.) 😉

    Night, all.


  38. The rehearsal dinner was nice. There were about fifty people there–many who had traveled quite some distance to attend. Bride and groom were beaming. Many toasts were said. Afterwards, there was a bonfire on the beach, but we didn’t go because Scott (Hubby) had a headache. I’m glad we made the trip as it seemed to mean a lot to my cousin (groom). Both of his parents are deceased and he only has one brother. Tomorrow, we will be seated on the front row as we are his closest living relatives.


  39. As for today’s question, I think of many of you frequently, and even though I don’t post as often as some, I do always read the daily thread before going to bed, so I can stay current with all of you. I also check the prayer thread and try to pray over them regularly.


  40. Hi all, again. Just got an email saying that my renters are moving out by June 15th. I have had the same renters for 8 years. Please be in prayer as this will involve costs for advertising and other things that I was not planning on. I will put it on the prayer thread.


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