51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-13-21

    there is a commercial for something for women. I didn’t pay any attention. But the commercial ha about a dozen women briefly on the screen. Each one different.

    It astounds me how a woman can be beautiful in so many ways.
    Think about it. How many different ways can a girl be pretty?

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  2. Good morning! It was 49° this morning at 8 a.m. I have been trying to put away all the cold season clothes, but then I have to pull a few back out. It is a pretty day, and I enjoy the coolness more than hot and muggy. It is difficult to jump back and forth though with never getting acclimated to one or the other.

    I have no doubt that Elvera was prettier than all the rest. I saw her a few years back, and she was beautiful then with her sweetest of smiles. I was so blessed to have once had lunch with her and with you, Chas, thanks to arrangements made by Jo. That was an outstanding treat in my life and especially since Art took time off to go with me it had even more significance. He does not take much time away from work.

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  3. I’m off for the MRI on the knee this morning but have to race home so I can (maybe) cover a virtual port thing (so someone else doesn’t have to do it). I’m going to need some time off soon, I’m hitting that wall again.

    I’ve also decided to give a go at trying to lift Cowboy myself into the car when we have our next very early appt tomorrow. I’ll put the Jeep at the curb, to give us a little less distance to navigate, and just see if I can get my arms under him and give him enough of a heave-ho to spill him into that back seat.

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  4. Good morning. I had the strangest thing happen last night and am wondering if anyone here has experienced it:

    I had a dream that a raccoon, or maybe a skunk, I don’t recall now (but we had had a raccoon alternately hanging around our back deck and front porch yesterday afternoon), got in the house and bit me on the nose.

    The dream ended immediately, and I woke up, lay in the darkness, fully awake, knowing that I’d only had a dream and was no longer asleep, yet the bridge of my nose HURT, literally hurt, for maybe half a minute or a full minute. The pain felt exactly like it did when the animal latched onto my nose in the dream.

    Is there a name for that phenomenon, where the sensations from a dream linger into the period of wakefulness that follows? I know I’ve had scary dreams before that leave me feeling tense and scared for a time after waking up, but I’d never actually felt physical pain upon waking from a dream in which physical pain had been part of it.

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  5. This morning, when I went out to feed the chickens, they were all still roosting Odd as I was a few minutes later than usual, having put a puzzle together with grandchildren. I proceeded with my task, glancing around as I worked. Noticed a raccoon staring at me from just outside the fence. Went on with my work. Wait. That raccoon does not belong there. And it is eating my favorite rooster. Argh.
    But it was in a live trap leg holding device. It was eating the rooster through the small mesh in the fence. Apparently, climbed in and killed the rooster, then climbed the fence and was trying to get to the rooster through the fence when he got in the trap. How he did that I do not know. It was the front paw, like it was reaching for the marshmallow. Probably as dessert after its chicken dinner but since it had been there several hours, was starting on breakfast. It will no longer be killing our chickens. We have lost close to fifty this year, to raccoons.

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  6. If I have a pain or discomfort in my body, I will sometimes work it into my dream. That does not sound like what you are describing Six, but that is as near to what you said as I have personally experienced.

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  7. When I was young I never wanted my variety of foods to touch each other on the plate. Somewhere along the way I moved into discovery of how nicely food flavors and textures work when mixed together. Is it just a cultural thing to have foods not mixed together for the young? Does it get started by those divided plates or feeding the young from baby food jars?


  8. I remember now why MRIs are so annoying. But the saving grace this time was that I didn’t have be be totally submerged — just needed to be inside the tube up to about my waste. Still, just not the most pleasant experience.

    I prayed for many of you during those times I could not move a muscle under threat of having to do the whole test over again.


    Ramp was tried multiple times with Cowboy a few years ago. He’s a very nervous and anxious dog by nature, and even with a couple of us (neighbors) working on it, using high-end treats, it was a no go. He’d get maybe half way up and leap off. (Tess is fine using steps or a ramp, but she has a very different personality and much more confidence than Cowboy — kind of like people, I suppose; not everyone takes to things in the same way.)

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  9. I worked with him and the ramp on a few weekends in a row, I mean we really did try, lots of positive encouragement; I finally had to just let it go.

    Since this came up the other day:


    Religion plays a role in the renewed conflict in Israel, but it may not be what you think

    At heart, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a dispute over land. But religion is often the proxy for those disputes, pitting two different ethnicities and religions.

    RNS) — Violence between Gaza and Israel intensified this week to levels not seen for years, with Hamas shooting hundreds of rockets toward the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and Israel retaliating with heavy strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

    The buildup to the current conflagration — some are already calling it a new “intifada” or “uprising” — began several weeks ago in a Jerusalem neighborhood near the Old City, close to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites for more than 1,200 years.

    While Muslims pray at Al-Aqsa year-round, the mosque attracts even more worshippers during Ramadan. Wednesday (May 12) marked the end of Ramadan and the start of Eid al-Fitr, a joyous time for millions of Muslims concluding a monthlong fast.

    There’s no doubt that the most extreme Jewish nationalists would like Israel to recapture the Al-Aqsa Mosque because they say it sits on top of the ruins of the ancient Jewish Temple, the only remainder of which is the Western Wall.

    But except for the setting of the conflict, faith is only tangentially related to the violence. Here’s a quick explainer on the conflict of the past few days, and what, if any, role religion plays. …


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  10. (And Cowboy only took those few steps to get half way up on one occasion, all the times before and after he really just wouldn’t take a step at all.)

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  11. Michelle and Donna reminded me of a radio series that I listened to as a kid.
    The Lone Ranger
    In the program there was always a bad guy doing bad things. Then, a masked stranger who shot silver bullets but never hit anyone:
    “Shot the gun right outta my hand.”
    The program always ended with some guy saying, “Who was that masked man?”
    “Why? That was the Lone Ranger”

    “Hi Ho Silver, AWAY”
    The horse was named Silver

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  12. I listened for years not knowing it was the William tell Overture that was the background. It was unique in that it was used throughout.
    I grew up with the Lone ranger on the radio. I never saw it on TV. But I saw it once in a movie, or something.

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  13. DJ – My cousin and his wife own That Pizza Place (yes, that’s its name) in St. Helena, California. She was wondering on Facebook how they are going to be able to tell if an unmasked person has been vaccinated or not.


  14. I did it, I did it!! I successfully submitted my claims. I talked to someone in Manila and they had not record of me. Yet she found my user name and helped me get a password. Whew. I submitted this, I thought, in March, but they had nothing. We will see. Simple things take so long.

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  15. I saw “The Lone Ranger” TV show several times as a teenager (that’s when we got a TV), and I named the car I owned when I met my husband “Silver” in its honor. (The car was Silver, but I’d earlier had a car I bought on Friday the 13th and named “Friday” in a nod to Robinson Crusoe, and Silver seemed to work for that car.)

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  16. Kizze, good question — and along those same lines, some people worry they’ll get the ‘judgey” eye from others for not having a mask on.

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  17. Looks like the series was filmed in Chatsworth primarily including Spahn Ranch (where the Manson family later lived); along with a canyon in Griffith Park.


  18. I’m guessing that businesses can still require masks — and personally, I’ll just plan to still wear one when I go inside a store or business. Just to avoid any drama.

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  19. Newsom also is set to come out with some new mask provisions as our state approaches the June 15 “opening up” date


  20. A gray day here. We are having a student free day and a teacher work day. But, since I do not have a class, there is not much for me to do. So I am enjoying a day off. I will go down the hill soon to get cash, check my PO box, which is usually empty, but one has hope, and go to the store.

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  21. The new CDC guidelines on mask use are out and my husband and the elders, plus the new pastor, all agree, this has division written all over it. They’re praying about how to respond at our church.

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  22. We always watched The Lone Ranger. “Hi, ho, Silver away!” We are watching the old version of Annie Oakly. They had to tell us before hand how Native Americans are stereotyped. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who would not know that. The really funny thing is that the Caucasians all act totally ridiculous. No warning for that, however.

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  23. Janice, 1:45pm, I think I’ve worked actual pain into my dreams before, too, but I don’t remember specific instances.

    I have experienced actual, mild pain on the bridge of my nose from the wires in two of my masks that provide a better fit. If I wear either of those masks on a long piano teaching day, the bridge does sometimes ache after I remove the mask.

    The nose bridge “pain” in my dream last night felt like the actual mask-induced ache, only stronger. But I haven’t worn those particular masks in several days, and the ache from them is only temporary, gone after a few hours. Maybe my sleeping/dreaming mind was thinking about those two black, wire-containing masks when that masked raccoon came along. 😉

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  24. michelle (9:54) Indeed. We already have two (divided) services though, early one with masks being mandatory, 2nd one a free for all for all the rebels (and the larger of the two services)

    Being vaccinated, I don’t really care all that much, We’ll see what happens, but my guess is there are still some non-vaccinated folks in the early service so the mask requirement may not change for a while there.

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