45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-3-22

  1. Nice garage/barn, Kathaleena! And gorgeous, majestic trees on the property.


    ~ What are the symbols on Amish barns?

    Originally, the Pennsylvania Dutch painted barn stars directly onto the siding of their barns. Gradually, this changed to the practice of painting the six-pointed stars onto large wooden discs and then mounting them onto barns. These wooden signs became known as hex signs. ~

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  2. The barn quilt was a gift from my daughters. It sat in the basement until they came up last summer to put it up on the garage, replacing the basketball hoop. That hoop was heavy!

    Lol about the trees giving some inspiration to your Charlie Brown tree, dj.

    I love the beauty of this time of year. I appreciate the fun that winter sports enthusiasts have. Children can have so much fun in the snow. I do not like the almost 40 below we had the other day.

    That is a little shed behind the garage, not a part of the garage. It is further back than it looks. Interesting how deceiving pictures can be.

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  3. I like the snow covered trees, mostly because they’re not mine. 🙂

    But the 2nd pic she sent is a cool shot. I like that one best.

    There’s your tease for tomorrow’s pic. 🌞

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  4. Looks like that garage sees cars in it. Mine used to but not for years. We built it to hold the van and the Subaru. It holds the table saw and my lawn mower.

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  5. But aren’t you seeing some snow Aj? A friend in VA sent photos of her snow…she’s downright giddy over her winter gift of snow! 😊

    Our roads are still slick in most places but I haven’t needed to venture out on them. Husband decided to drive out to the shooting range due to the warming temps and calm winds. I shall get the floors clean before he comes home…so he can dirty them again! 😏

    I think it’s Monday…?

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  6. Son in Virginia sent pictures and is delighting in it as well. It was mid sixties yesterday. Headed toward fifteen today. Trees are popping and snapping.

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  7. We had snow and ice Saturday and some yesterday. I went out and got the pickup ready to drive to the cave, but the ice on the passenger window was so thick I couldn’t scrape it. And the right side wheel lock for 4WD was frozen, so I only had 3WD. I needed it to get up the hill in front of the house.

    So I drove 15 minutes to the cave, and when I got there, the owner and managers stepped out and told me they decided I didn’t need to be there. I wish they had thought of that a half hour earlier.

    SO, I drove back home and put some large concrete blocks in the truck bed for traction, spread some ice melt around the tires, then got the truck up the driveway hill. Later, Mrs L and I are going shopping for the week, since I’m off for the day.

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  8. No work “snow day” here, in fact the gardeners just showed up as usual.

    I have to do a follow on on our ocean sewage spill today plus call a couple of our hospitals for a regional piece someone else is pulling together on hospital impacts and preparations as cases go up again and many hospitals are feeling the impact again.

    Let’s hope this is the last hurrah and end of this pandemic once we clear this variant our of our systems.

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  9. Happy birthday to Mumsee’s 4th daughter!

    Very nice photo, Kathaleena. I love that quilt hanging, a perfect gift to always keep you looking up and having good thoughts about your dear ones.

    We picked up Miss Bosley. Ten days/nights of boarding is not her thing.

    They said she did okay until the weekend when she became a hisser when they approached her with love.

    Actually, they call her a him. The name Bosley trips them up since no one bothers with the title, Miss.

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  10. We are going through The God Equation by Michio Kaku and an economics course through Hillsdale College, Michael O’Halloran by Gene Stratton Porter, The Two Towers, Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis. Just finished Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I love the variety of homeschooling.

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  11. I miss homeschooling, Mumsee. Today I see the results of it.

    Wesley has been in his room all day long working away on prep for the next semester. I have hardly heard a peep from him.

    I have been sneezing and have nasal congestion so have wondered if that is partly why he has has isolated so much.

    I have been very attached to the velcro cat since we picked her up at 8 a.m. so I have not been lacking company.

    It has turned cold here, and the emergency ‘cold weather heat’ has turned on. That may be giving me allergies, but I may be among the masses who picked up Omicron.

    My church prayer thread is full of families who are afflicted, even a four month old has it in one family.

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  12. Discovered the latest / best Cowboy dog pill delivery method — warm up some shredded cheese in the microwave, stick pills inside the delicious, gooey blob.

    Down it all goes. Even the dreaded blue-and-green capsule.

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  13. Well my day is ending before I get to check on all of you. Up at 4. Coffee, read, exercised, made my lunch, got dressed and went to the office. I did a FaceTime showing for a buyer in Arkansas, but the house needed too much work. We will find another.
    Tomorrow I am showing property to a couple a I showed to last week. It’s new construction.,..fingers crossed.
    Class went well today. I have 10 agents in it. I find it easier to teach if I have more than 5 and with adults more is better. They are taking valuable time away from something else to be there and if there are questions or discussion iit meaningful to everyone else in the class. I tell them they can learn more from each other by asking questions than I can “lecture” to them.
    I have set some pretty big goals for this year….3 days in and I’m doing OK.

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  14. We got no snow here. It all stated south and east along the coast. The Del-Mar area and Cape May county in NJ got hammered, we got clouds.

    But we are supposed to get our first measurable snow Thurs. night into Fri. with 2-4 expected.

    But Isaac is here, so I will have help shoveling. 🙂

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  15. Wesley got a bookcase in a box for me for Christmas to fit in the room from which we moved out all the furniture to his apartment.

    Now I hear hammerings and thumps from the room.

    I guess he called it a day on the school prep work.

    He said he has to do double prep because he has to be ready at a moment’s notice to switch to online teaching from in person teaching. Covid has made it so rough on those who are dedicated to work.

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  16. Oh the perks of having a future son in law!! He sounds like a keeper!! 😊
    Good night Chas….sleep well!

    It is warming here today and tomorrow…the ice melted on the roads and the driveway is nearly snow free after husband scraping the top layer off several times. Snow and cold air predicted to move in Wed evening and hanging around on Thursday. Then again on Saturday. We are in a winter pattern! ⛄️


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