Our Daily Thread 12-11-13

Good Morning!

Only 14 Days Until Christmas!

This day in 1719 was the first recorded sighting of the Aurora Borealis in New England.

On this day in 1844 Dr. Horace Wells became the first person to have a tooth extracted after receiving an anesthetic for the dental procedure. Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, was the anesthetic.

In 1928, in Buenos Aires, police thwarted an attempt on the life of President-elect Herbert Hoover.

In 1941 Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.

And in 1961 the first direct American military support for South Vietnam occurred when a U.S. aircraft carrier carrying Army helicopters arrived in Saigon.


Quote of the Day

“As nations can not be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this.”

George Mason


First up, TSO.

From Atlantic Records

Next, some Sidewalk Prophets.

And the Royal Guardsmen.


Anyone have a QoD?

58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-11-13

  1. I am thankful that I am not at Surfside Beach getting ready to head west.
    Good morning everyone. I am waiting for TSWITW to get ready for the Y.
    I’ve been mentioning those of you on the prayer thread yesterday, to the Lord.
    I am thankful for a safe and uneventful trip home, even if the sun was in my eyes for over an hour. Driving in the wintertime is more difficult because it takes longer for the sun to set. That is because it doesn’t go down directly. Phos and Ajisun, likely Jo, probably notice that twilight is very short where they live.


  2. Morning all. Welcome to Wednesday. Just about over here. Very quiet and peaceful. I can hear a few crickets chirping and that is all. Time for some sleep.


  3. 2 weeks to go. 🙂

    I better get wrapping soon because I’m running out of hiding places for gifts. I think we’re done purchasing so it shouldn’t be a problem I guess. But I always procrastinate on the wrapping. Don’t know why, I just do. It’s always last minute.

    Now would be a good time, yet here I sit. 🙂


  4. Yes, Chas, not much twilight here year round. Though it is staying light until close to 7pm this time of year, when usually we only have until 6:30


  5. Jo,

    Here in our neck of the woods I can hear the cricket’s teeth chattering. They’re so cold they’re rubbing their legs together to try and make a fire instead of music. There’s even talk of burning a stick bug if they can get him lit. 🙂


  6. Good morning and good night. Some troubles posting lately and th3 computer I use at work was totally down. With the holiday format here I have to go sideways with the phone and it gives me a different keyboard and slowness of entry and more typos.


  7. I am somewhat familiar with Evernote.
    AJ what kind of “wrapper” are you. This year I have a gold and silver harlequin patterned wrapping paper. I buy coordinating ribbon and make my own bows. This year the ribbon on the tree is red and gold and solid gold. The ribbon (wired) is silver, gold, and red.
    I have a 6ft pencil tree that has seen better days but a new tree wasn’t in the budget this year so I lifted it up a few feet. I turned a storage box over and put a partical board table round on top, covered that with a round white table cloth, put the tree up, and scrunched a reddish-gold sheer fabric around the bottom. To cover up the gaps and missing needles in the tree it has too many ornaments and too much ribbon garland on it with over 700 white lights. I am satisfied with the look.
    The presents look good under the tree.
    Just so you do know –a lot of thought has gone into the gifts inside the package but it makes ME happy to see pretty packages under the tree. That is sort of like my present to myself.


  8. Kim, my gifts are wrapped in blue, white, and silver. I, too, buy the wired ribbon and make my own bows. I think it’s so pretty. Then hubby wraps my gift and… 🙂 I think I have enough blue/white/silver paper to last me for 15 years or more. Maybe I should be buying bigger/more presents so I can use it up and switch to a different colour?


  9. For those who didn’t follow the Air Force band all the way through, the carol most familiar to the audience is “Joy to the World”. No one in the audience seemed to care about the Constitutionality of any of this.


  10. Those of my friends who use it love Evernote, particularly it’s syncing ability.

    For me, it’s just.one.more. Thing to learn, probably with a password, sigh.


  11. Never heard of Evernote.

    Liked the TSO & Air Force Band today 🙂 And the Snoopy song was popular on the radio when I was a teenager.

    From Kim: “This year I have a gold and silver harlequin patterned wrapping paper. I buy coordinating ribbon and make my own bows. This year the ribbon on the tree is red and gold and solid gold. The ribbon (wired) is silver, gold, and red.”

    That is just SO Kim, isn’t it? 😀 Maybe it’s also a southern thing.

    But I must say covering a gift wrapping “workshop” at one of our local public libraries last year inspired me anew and gave me some simple new tips on how to dress up a holiday package. Most important thing I learned: Buy high-quality fabric ribbon, it’s like liquid to work with and drapes so beautifully. You don’t need much more than that — a pretty solid paper (silver’s nice!) with liquid (red, blue or green) ribbon. 🙂 And I have enough left over from last year to carry me through this holiday.


  12. Kim,

    I’m not picky. I’d just use paper but folks seem to frown upon it. So I use those really nice bows with the tape on the back. 🙂

    And no ribbon if I can get away with it. I’ve always thought it was the gift that was important, not the wrap. After all, that get’s torn off about 3 seconds after you give it to someone, so why bother with all that for 3 seconds?


  13. Whatever paper is on sale in bulk. For birthdays, I just wrap their book in a blanket. They have to return the blanket, just in case there is a second book. Not that I would think, “you could have bought me much more present if you had not bought that fancy paper and ribbon”, no, never.


  14. Kim will get over it, Donna. I am sure that AJ and Kevin have good reason not to worry about the wrapping. As do I. We’re guys, after all. We used to use Sunday funnies or brown paper bags. When the children were little we would hand them crayons and let them go at it. Now I use those new gift bags when possible. And I reuse them.


  15. Re: Elf on the Shelf

    I think the idea of this – telling the children that the elf is keeping an eye on them to report to Santa, & moving it from place to place – is so creepy!

    I am almost 53 years old, but I still occasionally have nightmares of dolls coming to life. The creepiest ones are the ones in which I don’t observe the movement, but see the doll’s position has slightly changed, & the direction of the eyes have shifted. So this Elf on the Shelf thing creeps me out, dude!

    Emily isn’t necessarily creeped out by it, but she thinks it is manipulative.


  16. I was 30 years old when Karen was born. I have never heard of ‘Elf on the shelf.”: We never had a shelf. But I have heard of “putting him on the shelf”. That.s when she rejected him, but not entirely. He’s handy if she needs something. (“Boyfriend” that is.)
    We had a shelf on the house in Annandale. We have two here, but we put clocks and pictures and bears and whatever. Maybe we could make room for an elf.


  17. Donna,
    “What would Christmas really look like if men ran it all?”

    That’s easy. Follow my new rules and everything will run alot smoother.

    To start, there would be a lot less color coordination, fancy frills, and ugly sweaters, I can tell ya’ that much.

    There would be less gift giving angst too. We’d just ask everyone what they wanted, and if reasonable, that’s what they get. Everybody’s happy, and I don’t need to spend hours wandering the mall wondering what I should buy. Surprises are for the kids.

    Also, if you are a child over the age of 18, you get a gift card or some cash at best. You’re an adult now, it’s time you stop just receiving and start buying some. It’s the circle of life or something. Sorry, adulthood isn’t all about you. You will learn a valuable lesson by doing so as well, that it really is better to give than receive. Trust me it is, and the quicker you learn it, the more you’ll enjoy it.

    And more food. You can never have too much food.

    See, easy peasy. I’ve just eliminated most of the problems with this time of year in 5 minutes. 🙂

    You’re welcome. 🙂


  18. And yes Karen, I agree.

    Waaaaaay creepy. 😯

    I like the one at the top of the page, but that’s because he’s not staring at me while I sleep. If I was a kid, as soon as Mom left he’d be in a drawer.

    What’s next, Elf on a shelf nanny cams? Give the kid some privacy. 🙂


  19. Ha.

    OK, so for grown-up gifts we’re talking a cheeseburger and a handful of cash stuffed into a crumpled, re-used gift bag. With mis-matched or no ribbon and bow. Or maybe some tinsel flung willy-nilly on top of it. Old name on the tag scratched out and the new name scrawled in its place.

    Yeah. We’re beginning to get the picture.


    Kim has fled room, by the way, her lower lip quivering.


  20. Donna,

    Just a couple points…

    The gift bag doesn’t need to be holiday specific, any will due. Birthday too, since after all,
    technically it is a birthday celebration. 🙂

    Tinsel is fine, but there was a discussion the other day about what happens when your cat eats it, so I’d just go with some tissue paper. It’s much easier for the cat to pass.

    And last one, name tags are unnecessary. Just get a pen and write the persons name on the bag/paper. Easy-peasy.

    And something else I should clarify for the men too. There are times when going all out fancy are appropriate. Say you really want to impress a girl, or it’s a special gift for your wife, or some such. So don’t blow it, get a professional to do it at the store. Those people are trained professionals, you’re not. Nothing shows someone how important they are to you like a professionally wrapped gift. It says “I love you so much I had someone do it right so it would look nice for you and I wouldn’t mess it up.” 🙂


  21. Just to be fair, one year all my presents were wrapped in craft paper with pretty ribbon. It looked very nice. As I said the pretty paper and ribbons are me being selfish. I like the way it looks and it makes me happy.
    The Elf on the Shelf is fun. There is so little wonder and amazement left in this world. Whitney, our Elf used to leave notes for BG. I did see that one clever mom had her elf bring the Christmas Tree and new pajamas. That is it. Then the elf moves around the house.

    Now my real problem is that yesterday I ended up with the company Christmas party and a thousand dollar budget. I met with the woman who owns the location where we were supposed to have the party. She started back pedeling and really didn’t want us to use her space. We were only going to be allowed in her courtyard and would have to go down the street to a public restroom. I got a deal at the art center–of course I will pay that debt in March when they have the art show.
    Last night I got a call that the caterer had backed out on doing the food. It wasn’t enough of a payoff for her. I called in a favor and a caterer friend is cutting me a deal. I called a lender and he is paying the fee for the facility. I called a title company and they are buying the drinks. I have a call in to a builder to help offset the cost of the food. It’s all coming together and will be fine by next Thursday when we have the party. We are having bruschetta, London Broil, Salmon, cheese tray, veggie tray, and fudge for 50. I wish we could have had pickled shrimp but that wasn’t in the budget.

    I will post photos of my packages on FB


  22. Aj, I have to admit it, I’m with you. I also write names on the wrapping paper and just love reuseable gift bags. I brought a bunch back here. hmmm….maybe I will pack them and take them back to use this year.


  23. Chas, if you are willing to get here I can make sure you can attend the party. I will even let you and Elvera sleep in BG’s double bed, but you will have to share my bathroom because we made the former master bedroom the guest room and Middle Son has first dibs and will be here on the 18th, plus it has a queen sized bed and I know you wouldn’t like that. 😉


  24. i do like how pretty presents look. I just don’t do them. Same with the tree and other decorations. I like to see them in other folks’ homes, but here, we just hand out stuff and the children put them where they think best. Sometimes all of the nativity sets are together, sometimes they are sorted by type (all the sheep together, all the babies in mangers together some place else, all the Josephs together, etc), sometimes they are together separated. I like it all.


  25. We don’t tell our children about Santa, nor do we tell them he is a horrible guy. If they ask, we do tell them he is not real. Six year old said she knows Santa is not real, but she sort of wants to believe in him. I told her that was okay, we could pretend he is real. We will see how that goes. Most of our children come from Jehovah’s Witness foster homes, where they did not celebrate birthdays at all, so this is a change, having their own and Jesus’ birth celebrated. I am not too concerned about Santa at this time.


  26. Part of my simple (okay, cheap) approach to Christmas gifts comes from my mother’s family, so you can’t blame it all on men. Uncles and aunts never bought presents for nieces and nephews, just $5 bills. I got one from Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol, and one from Uncle Jerry and Aunt Betty. My siblings and cousins each got two $5 bills. Until we turned 18, that is. After that, nada.

    Wrapped presents were for children and grandchildren, parents and grandparents.

    Dad was an only child, so there were no uncles, aunts, nieces or nephews on that side. His mother was the Martha Stewart of her generation, and had only my family on which to lavish her huge store of affection. Wrapped presents from her were works of art. It would have felt like a crime to just rip the wrapping off. I’d take a picture of it before carefully peeling it open. Then it would hang around my room for days because I couldn’t bear to throw it out.

    For my 16th birthday she gave me a guitar in a case. I have no idea how she wrapped it so beautifully (with shiny gold paper of course). I can never wrap an odd-shaped box without it looking like it was wrapped by a five-year-old. No odd creases or doubling up in the wrapping fo that guitar from Grandma, though. She ran three wide ribbons side-by-side over the paper across the case, and attached a line of 16 brand-new shiny pennies on top of the middle ribbon. And she always used only double-stick tape, so you never saw a trace of type on the wrapping.

    I still wrap some presents with the funnies.


  27. I am all for whatever works for everyone. I love Christmas and think it is one of the only times a child can receive a gift without having to say “thank you”. If my child were interested in putting out nativity sets I wouldn’t care where they went. She doesn’t want to decorate the tree either. She is a party pooper but she isn’t raining on my parade this year.


  28. The accommodations sound great, Kim. But if I showed up, you’d have “He doesn’t look at all like Burt Lancaster” on our facebook in a minute.

    But thanks for the invite.


  29. AJ, would you really wait till the child is 18 to stop “just receiving and start buying some”? From the time we were little we bought gifts: one for each sibling who lived at home (we didn’t have to buy for our older brothers) and one for Mom and one for Dad or, if the gift actually worked for both of them, one for Mom and Dad. We got gifts as inexpensive as possible considering we might have had five bucks to our name at any given time. So anywhere between thirty cents and a dollar for our siblings (coloring book, small toy), and one to three dollars for our parents, but we were responsible for buying gifts and wouldn’t have considered not doing so. The way it generally worked was that one of the three of us woulds buy a can of shaving cream for Dad (the cheapest and easiest gift), one would but him a Whitman’s sampler (if we could get it on sale, which we usually could), and then one person would have to look everywhere to find anything he might possibly like. I think we found Mom easier, but I don’t remember anything we bought for her!

    Now, we buy gifts for whatever family we’ll see at Christmas, and not for anyone else. That means if I went to my sister’s house, I’d buy something for her and her husband and something for each child; the adults would buy for me, but the children usually wouldn’t. If I went to my brother’s, I bought for his family and not for my sister’s family. And while Mom was alive, I’d buy something for her, whether or not I saw her at Christmas. Now that I’m no longer spending Christmasses with my sister’s family (as I did most years when I lived in Nashville), my husband and I mail a gift to the kids.


  30. Forrest likes the character of Santa (that’s how Emily is approaching it – that Santa is a character in a sort of game), but also seems to think he’s real. He still has no idea about God or Jesus. 😦

    But I know that God has all sorts of ways of getting through to people, & He could even use a child’s interest in Santa (St. Nicholas) to reach him.

    I need to put out our nativity set soon, & I will approach the subject of “Baby Jesus, whose birthday Christmas is about” carefully.


  31. Good music today, including the USAF band flash mob Chas posted. I always enjoy the holiday flash mobs.

    Neat to watch the TSO video. The blonde girl on the left looks like 3rd Arrow did some years ago at that age. There’s a good close-up of her at about the 38-second mark.

    I laughed till I almost cried with some of the gift-wrapping posts! Kevin’s comment “I can never wrap an odd-shaped box without it looking like it was wrapped by a five-year-old…odd creases and doubling up [the wrapping paper]” hit a little too close to home, LOL! My six-year-old is doing all the wrapping this year (except for her own gifts, of course). Hopefully by the time she’s an adult, she’ll be doing a much better job of it than her mother. 😉


  32. I have enjoyed reading these comments about wrapping gifts! I will admit to using pretty gift bags and stuffing pretty tissue paper at the top….the past couple of years I have purchased the prettiest Christmas gift boxes at Home Goods and Tuesday Morning….if Paul or Hannah get something in those boxes, they have to turn them over once they get their gift out so that I can use the box again! I am not the gifted wrapper like Kim..! This is the first year I have heard of the Elf on the Shelf…he reminds me of the porcelain china elves my Aunt displayed on her what not shelf when I was a kid….kind of impish and cute!


  33. Amazon, just send it all to Kim. Thanks. My problem is my frugality overrides my very minimal artistic ability so that is where I am.


  34. One of my first Christmas jobs was in the gift wrap department at Sears. That year my family could barely open their gifts, I’d learned to wrap everything so snug.


  35. Karen O, Just yesterday, the twelve year old girl was trying to tell me about all the scary doll movies she had seen and how scary she finds dolls. I usually let them talk about what scares them, but she was doing it in an attempt to scare the six year old so had to cut her off. Most of my children have seen those.


  36. Mumsee, the good thing about using pretty ribbon for your gifts is that nobody else (at least in my family) knows how to tie them, so they just give all the ribbon back to me and I use it again the next year 🙂


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