51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-27-23

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here as we enter day five of the babies on the outside. I cannot imagine Sarah at her age doing this.

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  2. Good morning from chilly Atlanta. It was 62° with up to 40 mph wind gusts and will be down in the 50s tonight.

    That is a great looking mess of fish in the header. A caption for the photo, “My precious!” 😀

    I am trying to learn more about chickory root. It is suppose to be a great prebiotic.

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  3. Changed two babies, fed two young folk and one young adult, got two babies back to sleep, about to pick up one….and so goes another day.

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  4. I remember my dad harvesting the eggs from fish he caught. Then I remember helping him cut little circles from netting, putting the eggs in them, weaving thread through the edges and pulling them closed. My dad was an avid fisherman. I imagine fishing brings back good memories to a whole lot of people.

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  5. It may be a good question of this weekend to hear other people’s stories about fishing, whether their own or others they have heard.

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  6. We used to go fishing a lot with our granddad. We caught lots and lots of perch and he wanted every one. He also did lots of crawdadding but I never tried them. Then we fished on our own and cleaning the fish came into play. Taught my first two to fish and it stuck with one of them. Then went fishing while pregnant. Brought up the fish and heard it crying for help! Burst into tears and ended my fishing career.

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  7. My mom told me she aways felt sorry for the worms, let alone a caught fish.

    A boyfriend took me fishing out at the marina. I spent the whole time hoping I wouldn’t catch anything (I didn’t).

    I like the pre-seasoned, pre-cooked salmon and other fish you can buy at the Sprouts deli counter though.

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  8. I probably would have cried, too, mumsee, pregnant or not.

    Crawdad fishing was big in our neighborhood park here but not sure the stream still has crawdads but it think it does. Lots of ducks and turtles though.

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  9. Random comment, i found a tip for muffin baking I had never seen before.
    “MUFFIN TIP: Baking the muffins first at 425ºF, then dropping the temperature, will result in a higher muffin top and typically less baking time overall.”

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  10. We went fishing occasionally with my father but never caught anything so I thought it was a dull and hot way to spend time.

    Later when son was young, our family camped by a stream and I caught a fish. It was a shady stream, I was out in the water, and I loved it. We never did it again.

    Now at least I understand why people enjoy it.

    I did also enjoy vacations with a friend and her parents who liked to fish off piers in FL. Again, I never caught anything, but we were out late after sunset so with the ocean breeze and the enjoyable chatter of people fishing, that ,too, was fun.

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  11. It’s back to Fleet Week for me today, but it should be a shorter stint than yesterday. Doing a story on the Navy’s rock band, they perform from 1-2 p.m. Found some stuff online about that which will help, but hoping to grab them for a quick interview as well.

    Thankfully, the weather has been SO cool and overcast.

    Now if I can just find a place to park …

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  12. Boy enjoys fishing with his dad, and has his own fishing gear. They do the kind of fishing in which the fish is thrown back in. Boy enjoys it very much.

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  13. That’s Louie.

    He’s a trout fishing guru. We met up at dawn this morning, and had another productive day. 👍

    He’s a member of our Wednesday nd Saturday men’s groups, and attends a church near ours. He’s good people.

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  14. We used to catch the crawdads in DJ’s neighborhood park, take them home in a van, forget about them, and throw them away a few days later.

    I don’t know how many times we did that growing up.

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  15. Catch-and-release I could live with.

    Louie looks like a very nice guy. 🙂 Like he could have a TV show, maybe a sitcom. …

    Fleet Week day was long, another 6-7 hours on my feet and then I couldn’t find my car in the over-crowded cruise terminal parking lot … walked and walked and walked through that asphalt jungle, the Love Boat docked at berth mocking me.

    Finally got home, filed the story (on the Navy’s rock band).

    My back, legs and feet all ache, I told Abby the evening walk probably will have to go dark tonight.

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  16. Speaking of fishing. Today was the community picnic for my community. I had never been before and was quite impressed. They give you four coupons for food so I invited my daughter and her two littles. She didn’t let me know they were coming until I was getting in my car to go, but I am so glad that they came.
    You could have one or two hotdogs or burgers and then two drinks and then ice cream from the best in our area. I got food for us early and am so glad that I did as the line got longer and longer. Finally she texted me that she was close so I said that I would meet her at the road as I had a parking pass for her. I gave her the pass and got the kids while she went to find a place.

    I was taking the kids for ice cream later and we passed a booth for the fishing club. He offered the kids a ticket for a drawing for a fishing rod. They were drawing in 15 minutes and you had to be there. So we came back. There were only about 8 kids there and they wisely gave them each a new ticket and then had Lucy draw the first winner and it was her ticket.

    Those kids had so much fun pretending to fish. They pretend casted again and again and were just thrilled.

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  17. Then we went over where they had blow up water slides, such excitement. And nearby they had some rental stuff that you could try for free. So the four of us went out on a boat that you paddle by sorta cycling with your feet. I needed help to get in and out as I have no balance, but it was such fun to be on the water.

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  18. Believe it or not I’ve only ben fishing once in my life – last summer in Louisiana. A friend told me when I visited I had to go fishing, so we went to his son’s house on a private lake. I actually caught a 6 inch croppy. I think I sent the photo to AJ back then, but maybe not. I’ll send it again.

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  19. I would like catch and release but too often I have seen damaged fish go back. I like the thrill of pulling in a big one, but no. I will stick with hookless fishing which still Carrie’s the risk of leaving tangled lines in the water. But I have not gone in twenty years or so. But I try to encourage all of my children to give it a shot! I think it is a very refreshing sport. And it gets people outside.

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  20. One thing I have noticed about fisherman. Many of them are the ones doing the manual labor to keep the waterways clean. Picking up trash, pulling out old fishing line.
    Same with hunters. Keeping an eye on the wildlife, roadways open, campgrounds kept up.
    And loggers, the original environmentalist.
    Having a vested interest keeps them involved in keeping the experience for future generations.

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  21. We still have a commercial fishing fleet in port, but it’s much smaller than it once was. Netting, fishing line and other issues have been common in our local oceans. And there are some ongoing battles with sea lions who have been targets for bullets at times.

    Pastor from one of our sister churches in San Diego filled in for us today (our pastor and his wife are on an anniversary trip, Hawaii I think). Sermon was very good, an exhortation from Hebrews 4:14-16 (Hold Fast to Christ). Good hymns, also: Holy, Holy, Holy; My Hope is Built on Nothing Less; Be Thou My Vision; God Be Merciful to Me (Ps. 51); 10 Thousand Reasons (Ps. 103).

    I’m feeling much better today after the back-to-back Fleet Week stints.

    Our weather remains overcast and cool, 60s — with drizzles expected along the coast through the rest of this week. May Gray will transition into June Gloom.

    Can’t believe how fast this year is going.

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  22. Kim, that sight at your church must have been a bit jarring — and sad.

    Comforting, too, I realize, but … The times we live in. 😦

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  23. I forgot to ask someone if our security team is armed, but I am suspecting that they may be. It would make sense. I noticed a man wearing a shirt that kind of looked like a special concealed carry shirt that Hubby had, but I wasn’t sure if he was on the security team or not. And maybe the shirt was just a shirt. But it did make me wonder.

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  24. We have a few uniformed police around on Sunday mornings so no question about if they are armed (wanted to add, legged, too).

    Miss Bosley is snoozing and snoring. It depends on her position. Mostly she sleeps quietly.

    Son asked for a lounge chair for the beach for his birthday. I also found a folding wagon that is close to the same color. So glad to think of the wagon so when he and friends go to the beach it will make things easier to transport. The wagon will be a surprise.

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  25. DJ, that hunt for your car sounds like some of the nightmares I have had. Only I never do find whatever I am after.

    Maybe this should be on the rants and raves thread, but it is also kind of funny. I just returned a library book to a local thrift store. I had ‘bought’ a couple of books from the thrift store when also I took out the library book from the library, which is across the street. For some reason, I thought this particular book was a library discard and one that I had picked up at the thrift store. I should have looked at the book better. I shelved the book myself, so will return on Tuesday to, hopefully, find it and return it to the library where it belongs. Anyone can give a donation for any item in the shop, so there is no set price. If one of the workers notices, they will probably just return it, too.

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  26. Dj, that is like what Kathaleena said, one of my nightmares, too. But I’ve also had that happen in big parking lots here so I tend to park near a landmark such as grocery cart corrals if available.


  27. Kathaleena, i have always been afraid of doing something like that with our books over the years. I did once lose a children’s picturebook from the library and had to pay about $30. I later found the book under a bed or somewhere like that.

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  28. Janice – Yes, our security team is legged, too. 🙂

    So did you take back the book and ask for your money back? 😀


  29. I began to wonder if I’d ever find the car … I remembered a post that said B1 one aisle over so I kept looking for that — saw A1 and C1 but no B1 …

    Eventually I wandered further toward the west perimeter and there I spotted parking aisles that went further back into the lot. When I started walking that way, I spotted the B1 sign! Then I knew exactly where my car would be.

    But I was already tired and achy from all the walking and standing for hours on end, two days running, so the extra trek back and forth through that parking lot was about to do me in!

    I’m feeling mostly recovered today, thankfully.

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  30. Occasionally, I have dreams in which I realize that I left my purse somewhere. In the search for it, I will see something the same size and color, but when I get up to it, it is something different. That will happen a couple times, at least. Always a pretty stressful dream. I think I have actually found the purse in one or two of the dreams, one for sure.

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