19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-26-23

  1. Well, here today is! I thought I had been thrust into a vortex and would never see a new day, always being so yesterday. Wait. Oh, never mind.

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  2. Good morning, all! A beautiful day here in the city of trees. Sounding like I may send youngest home tomorrow and stay through next baby dr appt on Tuesday. My brothers can handle the memorial with my dad.

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  3. Yes, I saw you patiently waiting….

    Well…. maybe not patiently…. but waiting for sure. 🙂

    Good morning Mumsee. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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  4. That header photo is so beautiful. It would be great for either a large framed poster size print or made into a painting to hang on a wall❤

    Already another week ends! Too fast, too fast, the time evaporates.

    We went to Chattahoochee River National Recreation area yesterday. The weather was perfect, unlike when we went in the heat of last summer. It was absoluely beautiful and categorizes our local boardwalk as, “in the sticks!”

    At the ranger station a river map showed that our local streams are a part of the Chattahoochee system so it was neat to see we could follow the river and stream paths from there to here.

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  5. Well, good morning the real! Yes, indeed. I thought I would get ahead of the rush this morning. No pitter patter of small feet or wails of small lungs so thought I would pester you all, only to find nobody awake! How late do folks sleep on the eastern seaboard?

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  6. I agree, Janice, about the photo. I find it delightful. It is a good one to repeat.

    I planted some planters early for our zone, going on what I saw predicted. Then we had to go out and tuck them in with sheets after seeing the late weather. I have one tall tomato cage covered with a sheet on the back deck. It looks like a squarish ghost in the dark. 😀

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  7. I was up at 6:30 today as well — long day at Fleet Week ahead. Logistically, this one looks like a nightmare. There’s no onsite parking this year. I was told we have to “park on the street (somewhere) and walk in.” Not looking forward to the next two days when I’m covering it (other reporters were roped in for the other days. Goodbye 3-day weekend.

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  8. Son was here when Tim Scott announced his run for President on the campus. It would have been fun to be there for that no matter how one decides to vote. I had no idea it was going to happen there until I saw it on Instagram after it happened ( I follow the school to get news). It is such a small campus for such a big announcement.

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  9. I’m back from hanging out with the sailors and the Marines and not a few civilians. Big ships, impressive “attack” helicopter displays right out of Top Gun, some rock music from the stage. I have to go back tomorrow and still haven’t written the story from today, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Long day, though. Abby missed me.

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  10. He’s a very long-shot, but Tim Scott is a breath of fresh air.

    I posted something yesterday (on the news thread) by Karl Rove also on his political skills and another piece today by someone else on how his character is what truly sets him apart (amen to that) from the trench warfare we’ve been stuck in for so long in this country when it comes to our elections.

    Perhaps Scott and his candidacy will at least remind us of how to treat each other respectfully?

    That would be a big win for all of us.

    Blessings to him.

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  11. I got rid of some more stuff today. Found out that the thrift store would take my old receiver and the 5 cd player. That cleaned out some space.

    I will go off in an hour or so to a birthday/graduation party that is over an hour away. But these are my PNG friends who survived the Paradise fire so I want to go to visit.

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