28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-24-23

  1. Morning and Happy Birthday Peter!!!!
    Are we sharing desserts today? Just looking at those delicacies up there before my workout is doing me in!!!! 🧁 🎂 🍰

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  2. I am suddenly quite hungry for some reason.

    Wow, Janice! We are cooler today. Yesterday almost broke a record, at least in the city the weather report comes from. It was too bloomin’ hot for me and the mosquitoes are perfectly dreadful. I did manage to wash the deck furniture and get it on the deck. We store it in a shed during the winter.

    It is the usual day for my husband’s jam, and there will be a coffee and during a middle break in the music. Sometimes there is a feast and sometimes fewer goodies. The temptation varies. I have noticed a real drop in seniors, who actually live in the building, bringing items. I wonder if it is inflation that makes a difference? Then there are the people who always bring a little something and those who never contribute.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Peter!

    We’re still quite chilly and overcast here — drizzle yesterday, I haven’t looked out today to see if the ground is still wet (or wet again) but there’s no sun visible. I’m fine with that, the hot weather does me in so the longer we can stave that off, the better.

    Looks like I’ll have to work Saturday for Fleet Week, groan. And today’s complicated, la mayor will be in town to kick off the celebration but … the advisory just went out after 6 p.m. yesterday and the time is conflicting with the longstanding nail-trim appt I set up for Abby with a mobile groomer today. Argh. Appt shouldn’t take long but … depending on whether they arrive on time or not, and then whether we can coax Abby into the van. Ideally I’d like them to bathe her, too, but we may just have to do a nail trim outside the van.

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  4. Good morning, all. Another beautiful Boise hospital day. We may extend our visit due to bili. But things appear to be going very well.

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  5. Off for a major shopping trip. No big stores where I live so it is at least 45 minutes or more to go to Walmart, Costco and Trader Joe’s. I will also extend the trip as the floor lamps that I want are finally in at IKEA.

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  6. Happy birthday to Peter! May the day be special for you and your family.

    And I hope Mumsee is getting all the rest she needs in spite of all the excitement new twins brings to the family.

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  7. Thank you all for the well-wishes.

    My step-mother sent this:
    Double 6 (66th) birthday today. Dbl 6 equals 12, which equals 3, which is the perfect number … the TRINITY.

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  8. Nope, we are being released. Apparently, new procedures calculate premie dates into the formula so they are both fine.

    And happy birthday much much older brother!

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  9. So glad things are going well (if it will be hectic for a while) mumsee.

    I just took Abby out to the mobile dog grooming van, she was shaking like a leaf and had to be finally just lifted into the van, but she didn’t resist. Still, a very scared dog!

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  10. Maybe she needs to be just lifted into a few unfamiliar situations to see they are good things. How did she wind up in the society? Fall off a flatbed on the highway?

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  11. Happy birthday, Peter.

    Yay that Abby got in for her trim.

    I planted 3 zucchini plants on the weekend.

    Jo, we have to plan for trips to bigger stores as well. The closest IKEA is 6 hours away and Costco is 2 hours away.

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  12. Groomer lifted her in after some time when cajoling clearly wasn’t going to work; she didn’t resist — she mostly froze once inside, still shaking and trying to curl herself in a ball while standing up. But she did OK, nails trimmed, bath given. Blow dryer triggered her a bit too much, so she came out damp, but that’s OK.

    I think I’ll try just lifting Abby’s front legs and body onto the back seat, then her back, and go from there — have treats and praise and take her to a fun place not far away, either for a special walk or to the dog park just a few blocks away.

    She clearly needs a lot of socialization so she can gain more confidence.

    I think if I wait for her to jump in it’ll never happen. She is so shy and fearful of new things. (I remember when the fosters brought her over here right before Christmas and Abby was in my backyard for the first time, they were encouraged that at least she “wasn’t shaking.”)

    I guess the full body shake and tremble is Abby’s panic sign.

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  13. Or we may just sit in the car for a while, without going anywhere for the first couple times.

    Get in. Sit and have treats and praise. Then head out for her dog walk, exercise over.

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  14. I had a take-out supper from a nearby restaurant – a pork fritter that will make 4 meals. That thing was around 12″ across! I’ve wanted to go to that restaurant for a while, but Mrs L doesn’t care for the food there, so she made herself a salad and I had the fritter and onion rings.

    She bought some delicious root beer at the store and made a chocolate cake. Well, she actually made two, but forgot the sugar in the first one.

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