17 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-23-23

  1. Good morning all. A beautiful day here in the hospital with a nice view of the foothills. The twins are figuring things out. Blood sugar is on the good side now (poor little punctured feet!) and both boys are maintaining temps so no trip to the nicu at this point. I do not know how Kare survived, I did not manage to stay up all night.

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  2. Fun to see the NYC photos. I was hoping to take a bus trip there with the company we have traveled with before. I think they may not be doing that trip anymore. It would have been great to go with the friend who owns the company and her husband before he passed away, which we were invited on. However, as Corrie Ten Boom pointed out, we will probably be able to travel to a whole lot of interesting places in the next life. Who knows?

    I was shocked to hear one of my cousins died sometime over the weekend. Her body was found in her home where she lived alone. She was about five years younger than I am. It seems to be by a natural cause. Ironically, it was her mother who went to live in Mexico to die. We just never know.

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  3. Morning!
    NYC…bright lights, tall buildings and action! Some thrive on it and then there is me…give me space and quiet be it mountains or a farmhouse surrounded by cornfields 😊

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  4. Good morning!
    Lots of news on the blog today.

    Blessings on those twin boys and all the family, Mumsee!

    Sorry to hear of that death, Kathaleena. It is always sad to hear about people who die alone.

    We left home at 6:30 this morning to get breakfast at Waffle House and then to put the car in the shop for routine maintenance. The car looks great with the wax it received at the carwash yesterday.

    Bible study day is here again only it will be a time of prayer for two weeks since our leader is gone on a trip. This group is very flexible.

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  5. I was only actually walking through NYC once on my travels back there, it was just a couple days before Christmas — I think it may have even been on Christmas Eve, or maybe just 2-3 days before Christmas, if not.

    Festive lights, snow, people rushing around with big packages. Saw the tree in Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, St. Peter’s Cathedral. Fun store windows. Magical.

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  6. Interesting. What was the “conservative Christian cult”? I’m on deadline, don’t have an hour to listen!


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