28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-22-23

  1. My mom loved her rose bushes.

    Dad has let them go, and now they’re a little wild since mom died. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    But they’re still beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Trying to wake up and get myself out of here — I have to report in for jury duty across the bridge by 8:15. “Don’t be late,” the phone message warns.

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  3. My mom had many lovely roses. I killed the one rose bush I had. It was given in memory of my daughter’s deceased boyfriend. The spot I put it in ended up being too wet one year. That picture is a feast for the eyes.

    Ah, huh! I was right on the rainbow trout. I will, certainly, have to let my husband know. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I don’t see David being a Christ-type at all in that story. I do believe he actually believed God. I do think ‘heroes’ in the bible can be a questionable way to look at the many people written about. People’s faithfulness and God’s power are a better emphasize. We are blessed that we see people’s flaws in the bible. We can have hope, because God uses flawed people. Who else could he use?

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  4. I am so glad you had some watchful men in your church, Kim. I am not sure our church has anyone who would do that, in spite of past issues with a drug gang and the church being egged.

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  5. Our power was out for 8 hours yesterday. It hasn’t done that in a while, but we’ve decided we need to get a generator and a collar for our power pole so that we can run everything in the house (except the dryer) just not all at the same time. We have 2 freezers plus the fridge – didn’t dare open them at all. Thankfully it was quite cool in the house all day. But if it had been -40 we could have been in trouble with no heat.

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  6. We’ve always had police officers in the congregation. They just aren’t obvious to visitors, and yes, some are SP, who are instructed to always be concealed carrying in plain clothes, wherever they are.

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  7. Elizabeth and Isaac just shared a bunch of pics from their very first NYC trip yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I will be sharing them with ya’ll. ๐Ÿ™‚

    They visited The Ice Cream Museum and the Lego store, swung by Radio City….. Some nice streetscapes too.

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  8. Our church as a security team. They all wander the church and the parking lot on Sunday mornings. You can notice them by the walkie talkies.

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  9. Janice,

    I checked spam….

    No comment was there…..

    The internet or WordPress ate it. It’s like what happens to sock pairs in the dryer sometimes….


    One is gone.

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  10. I was the first to post this morning if I was on the right page. I wrote something like:

    Stop and smell the roses.โš˜โš˜

    Today is a great day to read God’s word. I am in the E’s today, Ezekiel and Ephesians.

    (It was a short post for me so maybe WP thought I was an im(post)er.)๐Ÿ˜€

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  11. I had a very stressful morn. Since son is home, I wanted help in getting my car to the shop for general maintenance. Then I decided it had to be washed before taking it in. I told son that people do not like to work on dirty cars. They think the owner does not care about the car so why should they put their best effort into doing good work?

    I took it to the nearby gas station with a carwash. I had been ripped off by them before, paying up front and then finding the carwash did not work. They told me to keep the receipt and get it done later but time ran out so I lost the money I’d paid.

    Today before I got gas and paid for the wash, I went inside to make sure it was working. Yes, it was working. So I got my ticket to run it through the wash. I let son drive it to the wash since he could read the numbers to punch in on the prepaid ticket. A large pickup was in the wash when we pulled up. As we waited on the truck to finish, the washer mechanism stopped working after the truck was covered in soap. I was so angry! The truck guy was probably more angry. Son went in and got a refund.

    We found another carwash that cost 25 instead of 9 but at least it worked. Car will go to the shop tomorrow.

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  12. Yay, I managed to get an extension on the jury duty, this was going to be such a complicated week for me — doctor’s appt tomorrow, mobile groomer Wednesday, a big event at the end of the week on my beat (fleet week).

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  13. Janice – I think that Roscuro has commented on that subject in the past. I think the point is that a man cannot blame his lustful thoughts on the way a woman dresses, but has the responsibility to control his own gaze and thoughts.

    Among Christians, there will be varying opinions on what is modest enough. And yes, we women should make a point to dress modestly, as we understand the word personally or within our church culture. For example, believers in California may have laxer standards than believers in Georgia.

    I remember once on this blog that a link to an article with a photo of an actress was shared. Someone commented that her dress was too revealing. I looked at it, and thought that it was not too revealing at all, and was surprised that the other person thought that it was. (The neckline was kind of lowish, which is probably why the first person thought it was revealing, but due to the angle of the neckline, there was no actual cleavage showing, which is why I didn’t think it was revealing.)

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  14. Or maybe there was a tiny bit of cleavage showing, but not offensively so.

    Okay, that brings up this question – Is showing any amount of cleavage immodest? Or is a little bit, without much exposure, okay? And can fellow Christians disagree on this?

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  15. Kizzie, that is not a question for me to answer at this point๐Ÿ˜ƒ I have had to reveal way too much to way too many people, women and men, within the past year, so my opinion is totally distorted by now.

    Cleavage is good and feminine unless it is too promonent and distracts from everything else about a person’s looks. Think balance.

    My friend who used to be a manager over a group of techies told me she had her limit of if the lower band of the bra was visible that the person had to go home and change. That was in AL, maybe ten or fifteen years ago.

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  16. Oh, I would qualify it by saying age and setting make a difference. I vote no in the church setting because it may offend some, or not be of help to those who have weakness to temptation. Especially at church it is important to do everything possible to encourage peace and not stir emotions over anything other than God, IMHO.

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  17. Itโ€™s not morning any longer!!!
    Those are wild roses like the one I had in town right under my kitchen window!!! Thanks for the smile of remembrance Aj!! How I enjoyed those simple trailing roses!
    I have no low cut tops nor dresses but the higher necklines are truly difficult to find in shoppes! I found a nice top last week that had a low v cut but I cinched it together at the bottom of the v with a pin to close it up a bitโ€ฆnow it feels right to me๐Ÿ˜Š

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  18. I, too, have used pins for such as that, NJ. And a scarf can be useful, too. I have noticed some days that the local Fox news ladies are showing more skin just lately, probably for summer, but I wondered if they were advised to do so. Maybe those are the only clothes they find to buy?

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  19. I still need to get my “spring-summer” wreath up on the front door.

    And I need to buy some hanging vine-geranium potted flowers for the front porch. The ones I had last year were so pretty, but after lasting (I think?) 2 years were struggling and I replaced them with hanging poinsettias for Christmas and now there’s no color hanging from the porch overhang which looks kind of bare.

    I do have geraniums (including one of those potted ones that lasted beyond the other 2) still doing well, but I placed that one in a bare spot in my side/front garden.

    The bougainvillea is blooming beautifully, though.

    On the down side, the fox tails are prolific this year, including in my front yard (but not that back, thankfully, so no dog threat). But they are EVERYWHERE in our neighborhood right now. And the vacant lot across the street has weeds that must be up to about my shoulder now, the owner usually hires someone to come in a chop it all down every year, but this year was so wild with all the rain that it really is overgrown; the ravine / canyon runs alongside and behind it, apparently the lot is not “buildable.”

    Foxtails will die out in another month or so and be gone, but for now I have to keep Abby away from them as we walk.

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  20. I like Scott, I have for a while now, though he is a long shot. But as far as character and temperament and approach go, he’s closer to what I think our nation really needs in leadership right now.

    Exciting dog walk, Abby and I were just getting to the curb (a block away from home, quiet neighborhood) when a car/pickup truck? screeched around the corner (I got both us us up off the street and onto the curb as it looked seriously out of control).

    He screeched around the corner where we were standing — then here comes a black-and-white, lights flashing sirens blaring, in a chase that shot down the stree; other sirens began to wail on nearby streets. Crazy.

    Glad we’re home.

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  21. (Seriously, he was coming our way, straight for us after he turned the corner a block away — I kept thinking, that guy is really coming on fast! — so I hustled Abby & I up onto the curb and then the cop car appeared screeching around the corner right behind him.)

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