46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-20-23

  1. Prayers for it to go well for you, Peter!

    And happy fishing, AJ!

    It’s a gentle rainy start to the day. If it clears we may go hike the other side of the trail which round trip is two miles while the one we did yesterday is a mile and a half. Often son runs both together.

    We spoke of going to the nearby National Park, about thirty minutes from here on the river. The news told this morning of a lady taking a shortcut there while walking her two dogs on the cliffs. She fell, bumped her head on the way down, landed in the water, and drowned. 46 y/o😒, and lived in the area. Rangers have now blocked off that section.

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  2. Foggy smoky morning here! I am hearing drivers are running traffic lights and stop signs all over town due to not seeing things ahead!
    The smoke from the fires in Canada is following the invading cold front here and it is causing breathing issues for many.
    But for us there is no fire danger as we are soaked with rain. Praying those in harms way up north will find relief in way of moisture needed….
    Aj take pictures of all those fish caught this morning!!

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  3. Cool, overcast weather ahead for us, though this weekend we’ll have a brief warm-up and temps could get to 70.

    Knowing we’ll get some uncomfortable heat here and there through the summer, as usual, I’ll take the overcast fog and marine layer and highs in the 60s for as long as we can get it.

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  4. Weatherwise we should have a perfect day. Husband hopes to mow the lawn for the first time. That will require a whole lot of picking up of branches first. I have a little more cleanup to do in flower beds myself. It is such a joy to be able to do it again.

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  5. And I’m going to have to start watering again … but more rain may be coming late this year again … We hope (though it comes with downsides, of course):

    LA Times: ~ There is currently an 80% chance El Niño will be moderately strong and a 55% chance it will be strong. ‘We need to be prepared.’ For California — a state already bracing for potentially devastating floods because of epic snowmelt — a strong El Niño could bring a second consecutive winter of above-average precipitation, accompanied by landslides, floods and coastal erosion. ~

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  6. Yikes! I found the care instructions:
    “Easy to maintain – Do Not Wash, Spot Clean Only, Lay Flat to Dry, Do Not Iron.”

    I may put it in the freezer and take it out before Christmas!

    With my poor vision, I did not see the tiny light bulbs on it in the store. I think I can perhaps pull the lighted section into a plastic bag with a rubber band and hand wash all the rest of it.

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  7. What’s crazy about the lighted shirt is that this week I came across a little necklace of Christmas lights you can turn off or on that I had been given by the lady I co-taught with for children’s Sunday school. I had put the necklace in a bag for Goodwill😃 I guess I am suppose to have those lights on for Christmas😃🤣😃

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  8. Tim helped me in the garden this morning before heading out for his afternoon/evening shift. I only have the squash, pumpkin and corn plants to put out yet. It will be nice to not have to worry about the little pots drying out during the day.

    We finally have enough soaker hoses and drip irrigation that we likely won’t have to put a sprinkler on the garden at all. That will save so much water and our well shouldn’t run dry! We’ve been purchasing hoses and such a bit at a time over the past few years. It will also help keep the weeds down 😀

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  9. I still have the red strap of jingle bells hanging on my front door with the winter wreath …

    Guess it’s time to change all of that out? Just hasn’t even felt like spring yet!

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  10. Dj I keep my strap jingle bells on my back door handle year round….just so I know if someone decides to try the handle from the outside 😊
    Those are some mighty fine looking fish up there Aj…fish fry tonight?!

    Frustrating day. I did get to the shoppe at the south end of the Springs but didn’t find a present for my friend. But I did find a lovely book 1852 titled “What Now?”….a book for young women who have just graduated from school..so far it is a lovely book with very “old fashion” yet wise instruction….with focus upon following Christ.

    Got home and wanted to clean the area rugs from upstairs so I schlepped them down to the basement (no small feat let me tell ya!) and I set up my carpet cleaner. Plugged it in and noticed the bottom reservoir was missing! Searched high and low for that thing and it is nowhere to be found…husband declares he didn’t see it when he was “rearranging” things in the basement. I looked through all of his totes and boxes..nothing. That man can accumulate more boxes than amazon! …he thinks he might need one some day!! I ended up breaking down a bazillion boxes but no reservoir. Now I’m on a hunt for a new carpet cleaner!


  11. OK, if it’s a cleaner, probably something more — with water and cleaning solution?

    Sounds complicated. My rugs are small, I did find one on Amazon that’s machine washable(!) and not ugly.

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  12. I had a Hoover professional power dash. It worked really well on my area rugs and it is so light and simple to use. I just ordered another one on Amazon and will get it Wednesday. I don’t need a super heavy duty rug doctor type.

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  13. It didn’t go too bad. A new trainee messed up the campground reservations, and I got 2 guides checked off so they can give tours. And it was very busy for a while, but I survived.

    Then there’s tomorrow.

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  14. My brother came over for a light dinner of Chick-fil-A sandwich and cole slaw (prepared by me). After dinner, Wes and Bro played Upwords while I watched tv with Art. I had not seen Bro since Dec. Things went smoothly. I also made a blueberry mug cake for Wes that turned out okay for a first attempt at one of those deserts.

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  15. Someone went fishing!

    Once again my safe little coccoon of a world has been invaded.
    It seems that last Sunday before the 10 am service a man in fatiques and carrying a backpack showed up and was walking around. Definitely not traing to blend in.
    He was acting strange so a couple of men walked over to him and asked if they could help him. He ended up confessing there was a gun in the backpack and law enforcement was called.
    Sooooo, some sort of law enforcement will be at our 10 am services going forward.
    For those of us that at 8 O’clockers, I quess they feel like it is early enough on a Sunday morning that the bad people haven’t gotten up to. face the day yet.

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  16. Rainbow trout mostly, but there is a brown trout on there too.

    Lou says they were delicious. I don’t eat them, usually catch and release, but Lou wanted them for a fish fry, so I gave him mine too.

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  17. I think many of the men and women in our churches carry guns in church. We don’t. I am more of a “live by the sword, die by the sword” type, I think they are more in the stop the threat before more are killed sort. Either is fine with me.

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  18. So today the scripture readings were out of Acts and John. The priest used John to talk about tribulatiion will always be with us and peace is in the Lord. He didn’t focus on what happened last week but did address it.
    The police were called last Sunday, the man left willingly, and cooperated with the police who helped him find a mental health facility to enter and he is there.
    Tonight at 5 there will be a parish meeting to talk about the steps that are being made to secure the grounds and the facility.
    After that it will become a prayer vigil for this man.

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  19. In this era of so many shootings, we’ve become a bit more vigilant (but nothing very obvious) at our church with precautions, closing the foyer doors to the parking lot at a certain time (they used to be left open throughout the church meeting time, with a member presence always in the foyer to let latecomers in and also (I’m guessing) keeping watch to some degree for anyone approaching.

    I’m told we also do have someone who is armed in our services, but it’s certainly not obvious and most of us would not know who that is.

    Unsettling times, prayers for this nation.

    Kim, I’m glad there were some vigilant folks who were able to approach that man first and he was willing to talk to them.

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  20. My small church has a security team. A couple of them sit by the door into the sanctuary. There must be others elsewhere, too, keeping an eye out, I guess. I don’t know if they are armed, but I am assuming they might be.

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  21. One of our elders (40-something) also is an LAPD detective, kind of reassuring. 🙂

    I arrived at church a few minutes late today — haven’t done that in a while, but it was “one of those” mornings — so had to wait with others out in the foyer while the call to worship, silent confession of sins and announcement of pardon were finished.

    Then … hardly a seat to be found. Hmm.

    Wound up sitting in the back-benches … three chairs up against the wall beside the sound station, another late-arrival and I snagged them after wandering in the desert for a little while.

    But it also put me behind a good friend and his family (he’s the father-in-law of the LAPD elder who led the prayer and reading portions of our service today) so we were able to catch up afterward after missing each other the past few weeks (since we usually sit on opposite sides of the sanctuary).

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  22. This makes a good point. So often, we hear or read of a fellow believer comparing themself to David facing Goliath. But this reminds us that David in this story is a type of Christ, and we are represented by the army of Israel, who could not face the fearsome giant.

    “We cry out to the savior because he promised that the same power that raised Christ will give us victory in this life (Col 2:12). We stop working to overcome our giants because we know, ‘that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him (1 John 5:14b-15).’

    God saves those who cannot save themselves. This was the point of David and Goliath. This is the beauty of the gospel. This is the hope of those who face giants.

    Are you ready to give up your savior complex? Are you ready to embrace the story of David and Goliath for what it really is? Are you ready to stop pretending that you are David?”


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  23. I think I must have worked in children’s ministry too many yeats where the story of David and Goliath was taught based strictly on the literal story without symbolism😀 Interesting to consider another’s interpretation.

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