26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-16-23

  1. “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down” or so goes the song by the Carpenters. It rained yesterday, but didn’t get me down. It’s the first time in months we’ve had rain 2 days in a row. And today makes 3. Maybe our drought is ending.

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  2. Morning! Blue skies and sunshine this morning. Rain chances every afternoon for the next week around here. Liquid sunshine always welcome!🌧️☔️☀️

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  3. Good morning everyone! It’s overcast today with a chance of more of the rain we had yesterday. That’s ok with me. I get anxious when we don’t have enough rain. Drought is a terrible thing. “Liquid sunshine” is a nice way to put it, NJ. :–)

    Looks like I don’t get any overtime this morning (which is why I have the leisure to post today). I can use the rest, but I’ll never get my puppy without the extra work. :–/

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  4. Good morning! We have possible pop-up showers each day this week.

    It’s very green here.💚💚💚 Glad you will see green again, Peter!

    Bible study morning! Earl Grey with Ephesians for a few more weeks.

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  5. Over the past six months, I have watched more tv than over the past sixty five years of tv watching. I have seen or skipped a lot of commercials. Just realized that the commercials on Newsmax are things I don’t mind my children seeing whereas most of the others are not okay. Just an observation. Haven’t kept a record.

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  6. I took that same photo yesterday!

    My phone is full of my first New England spring in 37 years.

    Such a wonderful visit and now catching a ferry to Long Island and thence home.

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  7. I remember Chas concluding once that the female personalities on Newsmax weren’t nearly as pretty as the women on Fox. lol

    I don’t stick to one outlet for news. I’ll seek out straight news and more serious panel discussion or analysis programs (with more than one point of view considered).

    I’m not familiar with Newsmax (have no idea where it even is on the channel lineup I have) but I am trying to lessen the hard-core opinion outlets in the mix as much as possible. It’s a challenge, but I’m trying. Print sources are more reliable generally, though, but reader discernment is always needed.

    Sometimes you wind up not sure what to believe, of course. Then your internal “jury” just has to just ‘stay out’ awaiting more information and clarity — and sometimes we need to be “OK” with not having a hard-and-fast opinion on absolutely everything. It’s usually good, in fact, to wait and hold out for more information.

    I’ve grown weary of the back-and-forth opinion wars. Life and truth, including politics, are typically way more complicated than that.

    And TV commercials are why mute buttons were created.

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  8. The Carpenters — we shared the same university, but they were there (and gone) before I arrived. The Carpenters’ songs, though, became a major part of the sound track to my college years.

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  9. My dad went to high school with the Lennon Sisters in Venice.

    We get the Newsmax magazine on Chas’s recommendation. We also watch area news a little bit but I can’t stomach it so turn it off quickly, and CSpan. I also look at bbc and we read world.

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  10. I look at BBC from time to time, too. And World Magazine of course 🙂

    Local TV news is important in my world as they are typically following up on stories we’ve done. It’s where they get most of their regional story tips.

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  11. Oh, I hear thunder! The house is way too hot, and a shower soon would be ideal. Son is clearing vines from the side and back of house along with clearing small trees that are not in places where big trees should grow.


  12. We sure could use some liquid sunshine. Our fire hazard is extreme. A cold front came down from the northwest today bringing cooler temps and so very much smoke. The fire wardens were glad for the smoke as the cold front would otherwise have caused thunderstorms which would NOT have been good with the lightning. Our temperature dropped from 84F to 64F in about an hour.

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  13. Interviewed a young, much-buzzed-about chef today for a new restaurant opening on the waterfront.

    I’ve done a lot of restaurant — read funky diner spots — coming and going through the years. The 1918 building this restaurant is taking over was once LA’s immigration station (on the waterfront because in the early 1900s folks came here by boat if they were coming from the Pacific Rim). Then for 70 years it was a scrappy diner popular with longshore, fishermen and first responders. I did the story when that iteration of it closed, the Italian family patriarch was 80 and kids didn’t want to keep it going.

    Now doing the story on the new glossier/seafood place opening up this month in the same building (and also a local Italian-American family) but with a big hat-tip to the town’s colorful history via photos, a glass-and-metal table from the old Bank of Italy, and the salvaged bar top from a scrappy cocktail lounge long known as our town’s “Cheers” but torn down a few years ago to make way for a drive-through Starbucks.

    Church home group is tonight, will probably have to miss Abby’s walk. 😦

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  14. New-generation family chef taken over now comes from Beverly Hills gig and several media mentions in the past several years as an up-and-comer in celebrity chef circles.

    Should be successful, but strange to see these out-of-the-way spots on the waterfront — where there are still commercial fishing boat slips, huge wholesale fish markets in 100-year-old buildings — starting to change.

    The town will look much different in maybe 5 more years, so much change right now.

    Good and bad and sad, all of it in different ways. We’ve been one of those funky, off-the-beaten track coastal spots amid the fancier beach cities all around us.

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  15. Our small town used to be pretty much down-and-out, with our small downtown area in bad shape. But over the past 10 to 20 years, it has gotten cleaned up and spruced up, and some good businesses have come in.

    Even so, this town does not have enough businesses, so the tax rate falls on us homeowners. 😦

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  16. Mumsee, thanks for asking. I am not having any pain now, so perhaps the nut I crunched on just hit a nerve? I did have a few days of pain. I can get tooth pain on and off when my allergies flare up. However, this was a very sharp pain when biting down.

    I did find out my thyroid is a bit off again. Not totally surprised. I have felt a bit revved up and anxious lately. Otherwise, just had a check-up with labs and everything was pretty good.

    Kare, what plant zone are you in?

    I remember being at my grandparents when I was a child and my siblings and I being quite upset that my grandfather insisted on watching Lawrence Welk instead of The Wonderful World of Disney.

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  17. Loved “Wonderful World of Disney.” Even the song evokes memories of Sunday nights … “The World is a carrousel of color!”

    Got Abby walked briskly, made it through our regular route just in time now to leave for the evening meeting.

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