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  1. One name not on the list that should be….

    David French.

    So has he come out yet and apologized for slandering and vilifying Trump with all his Russia lies, like a good Christian would?

    Yeah. Exactly. He’s a fraud, and now he and the rest are exposed.

    Just a reminder…..

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  2. They used this to divide America and sabotage a presidency. And the media gleefully played along.

    Confirmation bias was rampant, even with some folks here, because they wanted it all to be true so they could justify not supporting him.

    “Durham Report: “The FBI Discounted or Willfully Ignored Material information that did Not Support the Narrative of a Collusive Relationship Between Trump and Russia”

    “…it seems highly likely that, at a minimum, confirmation bias played a significant role in the FBI’s acceptance of extraordinarily serious allegations derived from uncorroborated information…”


    “Special Counsel John Durham’s final report showed everyone what we already knew: There was no collusion between Trump and Russia in 2016 or ever.

    It was all a lie. The FBI, DOJ, Democrats, and those suffering from TDS didn’t care.

    Thank you, TechnoFog, for highlighting the key points!”


    Given the foregoing, and viewing the facts in a light most favorable to the Crossfire Hurricane investigators, it seems highly likely that, at a minimum, confirmation bias played a significant role in the FBI’s acceptance of extraordinarily serious allegations derived from uncorroborated information that had not been subjected to the typical exacting analysis employed by the FBI and other members of the Intelligence Community. In short, it is the Office’s assessment that the FBI discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia. Similarly, the FBI Inspection Division Report says that the investigators “repeatedly ignore[ d] or explain[ ed] away evidence contrary to the theory the Trump campaign … had conspired with Russia …. It appeared that … there was a pattern of assuming nefarious intent.” An objective and honest assessment of these strands of information should have caused the FBI to question not only the predication for Crossfire Hurricane, but also to reflect on whether the FBI was being manipulated for political or other purposes. Unfortunately, it did not.”


    “Durham Report proves “what a destructive, vicious, damaging person Hillary Clinton is to our political process”

    My appearance on The Tony Katz Show: “what the Russia collusion hoax has exposed is a deep corruption in our political process. One that really shattered a lot of people’s faith in the political process… And it was caused by Hillary Clinton, the federal government and the mainstream corporate media all acting in unison….”


    “John Durham is done with his report on the origins of the Mueller investigation into President Trump and so-called connections to Russia.

    What did we learn? Well, we learned what we already knew! the FBI did not follow procedure. The Clinton campaign invented the whole thing. The Mainstream Media can not be trusted, and acts as an arm of the Democratic Party.”

    “WAJ (04:16):

    … It was made up, it was fabricated. It was not even based on any real sourcing in the so-called Steele Dossier. And it was completely concocted by Hillary Clinton paid operatives. That’s how it happened. So that’s my first takeaway. The second takeaway is what you’ve pointed out, FBI and the federal government played a supportive role in this. Remember that the FBI, according to the Durham Report, knew that this was a hoax, knew that there was no evidence to support it, but allowed it to percolate. And then they briefed the senior Obama administration officials about this. The report seems to indicate including Obama, although it’s a little unclear from the report, at least that I remember, whether it was face-to-face with him or through others to him, but clearly he was aware of it, and so was his whole administration.

    And they allowed this to happen. And they said nothing. They allowed people to report that they’re investigating and said nothing. They were co-conspirators here. The Obama administration was fully on board with this, because if they weren’t fully on board with it, they would’ve said something, that there’s nothing there. And then you see James Comey and the others then using these Russia allegations in the Steele Dossier to try to set up Trump. Remember the then Director of the FBI went to the White House a day or two after Trump took office to meet with him, to set him up to give CNN an excuse to run the dossier.

    So this was really a fraud perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign with the cooperation of the Department of Justice and the FBI. So let that’s take away number two. The federal government colluded here to interfere in an election and then to paralyze a president over things they knew had no basis. So that’s takeaway number two.”

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  3. Good question….

    Also, never forget how the Never-Trumpers treated all these lies as gospel truth, and pushed the lies daily…..

    “How Can Anybody Take Them Seriously?”


    “I accept that this is naïve, so please don’t write to me and tell me that I need to understand that the media is irreparably biased — trust me, I know — but I sincerely, honestly, genuinely do not understand how any of the people who continued to peddle the Trump-Russia nonsense long after it was obvious that it wasn’t true can expect to be taken seriously ever again.

    New York‘s Jonathan Chait wrote this elongated suicide note in the summer of 2018. “The media has treated the notion that Russia has personally compromised the president of the United States as something close to a kook theory,” Chait complained, in a piece titled, “What If Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987?” Er, yeah, it has. As opposed to what? Here’s one of the Pepe Silvia–esque charts Chait made in support of his theory:”


    “David Frum was insisting emphatically on TV and in the Atlantic that the theory “wasn’t a hoax” in December of 2021 — ten months after Joe Biden had taken office.”



    “If you bought into the Russia collusion hoax– I am proud to say that despite my doubts about Trump’s character I never did believe any of the absurd collusion stories–you are now faced with a question: Is your loyalty to the truth, or to the Elite? Do you prefer a Republic, or an oligarchy unbound by law?”


    “The Steele Dossier was always clearly BS, and the FBI Inspector General’s report and the Durham Report put to bed any idea that there was a shred of truth in the accusations that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign. The pee story alone was enough to discredit the whole thing, it was so absurd. Accounts of foreign trips that never occurred, servers that never exchanged secret info with Russians, and every other story in the dossier were obvious lies.”

    “Yet I can see how credulous partisans and absent-minded voters might give them credence. Not because they did a deep dive into the allegations, but because they didn’t. The constant lies from James Comey, the mantra from Congressional Democrats, the screeching from Liz Cheney, and the MSM pouring out their propaganda created a lot of smoke, and people assumed there was a fire. I get it.

    But right here, right now anybody who had faith in those liars has a choice: declare your alliance to the truth, or to the lies. Do you care more about America or hate Donald Trump so much that you are willing to give up America? Because defending the abuses of power is a rejection of America itself.

    The choice is stark, but the stakes really are that high. Not because Donald Trump is the only man who can “save America,” because if that were true America would already be lost. Donald Trump is not immortal, nor has he proven capable of fighting the “deep state.” This is not about Trump, but about who rules America–the people or the Elite.

    No, the choice is between upholding the rule of law, limits on power, ensuring accountability in government, and preservation of our constitutional order, or just handing raw power to the Left, the Administrative State, and an MSM dedicated to lying to you all the time.

    You get to live in freedom, or in East Germany. Right now the Democrats and the Administrative State are creating East Germany, complete with the FBI as the Stasi, the MSM as the propaganda arm, and the Democrats as the Socialist Unity Party of East Germany. How many times have you heard Biden remind us that he has the tanks and F-16s?”

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  4. Clinton lied, Obama lied, Biden lied, Schiff lies everytime he opens his mouth, Comey and Wray both lied to Congress and America, the media lied, never-Trumpers lied.

    The only one who didn’t was Trump.

    I’ve been telling you folks for years, and showing you the evidence that proved this was always a scam. Vindication is nice, so I can only imagine how Trump is feeling. They ruined his presidency with these lies, and many on our “side” bought the lies. I hope those folks have the decency to regret it, and admit it, at a minimum.

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  5. Of course they did….

    “Ex-DOJ Official and Wife Had Bigger Roles in Dossier Than Known: Durham Report”


    “While it’s bad enough the debunked dossier the FBI used to spy on the Trump campaign was paid for by the Clinton campaign and authored by a foreign FBI informant and his carousing researcher, the newly released report of Special Counsel John Durham strongly suggests a top Justice Department official and his wife had an early hand in shaping the political rumor sheet.

    According to the 306-page report, former Justice Department prosecutor Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr first plowed the ground for the dossier with a series of research reports she wrote for Fusion GPS, the D.C.-based opposition research firm the Clinton campaign commissioned to dig up dirt on Trump and Russia.

    Obtained by Durham, her reports zeroed in on Sergei Millian and his connections to Russia and Trump, falsely portraying him as a key intermediary between the Kremlin and the Republican candidate. They would later provide the foundation for the dossier’s many fictions.

    “Fusion GPS records demonstrate that Nellie Ohr first identified Millian,” Durham states in his report. “All told, Ohr prepared at least 12 reports that discussed Sergei Millian.”

    She wrote her first Millian report in April 2016, the month before Fusion GPS hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to put his imprimatur as a supposed former “spy” and “Russian insider” on the dossier.

    “This report was prepared just ten days after Fusion GPS was retained by [Clinton campaign law firm] Perkins Coie to conduct opposition research on Trump,” the Durham Report states, “and prior to Steele being retained by Fusion GPS.”

    Durham suggests Nellie Ohr planted the seeds of sourcing for the most explosive allegations leveled by the dossier against Trump, including the oft-cited notion that he and his campaign were engaged in a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” with the Kremlin. The dossier attributed this, falsely, to Millian. Durham found that the Belarusian-American realtor was never a source for the dossier and was simply invented as one, along with the allegations attributed to him.

    In fact, Durham says that Millian initially wasn’t even on the radar of Steele and his dossier “collector” Igor Danchenko, a former Brookings Institution analyst who’s admitted much of the information he provided Steele was alcohol-lubricated gossip. Millian was called to their attention by Nellie Ohr, who the prosecutor said “implicated” Millian through her own reports. Durham suggests Steele and Danchenko merely followed her leads.

    Meanwhile, the prosecutor added, Bruce Ohr, an anti-Trump Democrat, pushed his wife’s reports that cited Millian — 12 in all — onto the Crossfire Hurricane team at FBI headquarters that was investigating Trump and his campaign for possible espionage. Agents used her reports as a source of corroboration for the Steele reports they received in the summer and fall of 2016, even though it was circular reporting.

    “The reports prepared by Ohr and others at Fusion GPS were ultimately provided to Crossfire Hurricane investigators by Ohr’s husband, Bruce Ohr,” according to the Durham Report.

    Durham notes that Danchenko was tracking leads on Millian from Nellie Ohr within “approximately one week” of Fusion GPS retaining Steele to compile the dossier. He concludes that this “strongly supports the inference that Fusion GPS directed Steele to pursue Millian.”

    In other words, Steele was not the catalyst behind the dossier’s central claims. Rather, it was Clinton’s contractor Fusion GPS — but more specifically, the wife of a senior DOJ official who worked for Fusion. So the FBI wasn’t really investigating “Crown reporting,” as officials referred to Steele’s dossier, implying it was British intelligence. More accurately, it was investigating information from inside its own department that was laundered through Steele and his dossier.

    On page 97 of their book, “Crime in Progress,” Fusion GPS co-founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch maintained that it was Steele who identified Millian as “one of the key intermediaries between Trump and the Russians.” Durham’s report shatters their claim.

    The special counsel also found that Simpson worked with Bruce Ohr to pressure the FBI to investigate the dossier allegations.

    On Aug. 22, 2016, Simpson asked Ohr to call him. About an hour later, Ohr emailed the FBI agent handling Steele as an informant to, as he said, “check in.” Ohr and the agent, Michael Gaeta, spoke over the phone on Aug. 24. During their call, Ohr inquired if the FBI was going to do anything with the dossier reports that Steele had passed along to Gaeta in July. In response, Gaeta “told Ohr that a group at FBI headquarters was working on them,” according to the Durham report. This undercuts the official FBI timeline of when HQ first received the dossier. For years, the bureau has insisted it did not receive the reports until a month later — Sept. 19, 2016.

    The Ohrs also appear to have directly influenced the dossier and the FBI’s investigation. Both Bruce and Nellie Ohr, who previously worked for the CIA, met with Steele in Washington at a critical time. Emails reveal that on July 30, 2016 — the day before the FBI formally opened its overarching case against Trump, codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane” — the couple sat down with Steele and an unidentified “associate” of his at the Mayflower Hotel in D.C. to compare notes — Nellie and Steele literally passed pieces of papers back and forth — regarding their research into “suspicions that Russian government figures were supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump.” After their breakfast, Bruce Ohr reportedly contacted then-deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe to relay their concerns.”

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  6. Enjoy!

    This is why the FBI “leadership” needs to be disbanded.

    “THREAD: The FBI worked as a disinformation outlet for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to frame Donald Trump as a Russian agent to sway the outcome of the 2016 election, and then they did it again with Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 election:

    “What we learned today with the long-anticipated release of the Durham report is that the FBI worked as a disinformation shop for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. Special Counsel John Durham’s report shows us that the same people that lecture you today about threats to democracy nearly destroyed it by using our intelligence agencies to target the then-Republican nominee for president and then later sitting President Donald Trump. The entire story begins not by rigging an election against Donald Trump though it starts with rigging an election in support of Hillary Clinton.

    Just weeks before the FBI launched the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, WikiLeaks released 10s of 1000s of emails, proving the Democratic National Committee had rigged its 2016 primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. The victims here are Democratic voters and Bernie Sanders. The DNC and Hillary Clinton herself knew that that primary was rigged. They knew those emails were real. So together, they immediately worked to discredit the leaks. They immediately worked to discredit the idea that they rigged that Democratic primary and their plan to do so, dismiss it all as the contents of Russian propaganda and lay it there at the feet of Donald Trump.

    Hillary Clinton, in my estimation, in the first smoking gun of the night personally approved a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to quote vilify Donald Trump, by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services. There you have the plan. There you have the motive. Now then you go on according to Durham’s report to see that US intelligence agencies knew in fact what Hillary was trying to trying to do. Almost immediately senior members of our intelligence community began acting on those allegations, treating them as fact.

    Here’s some familiar names about CIA Director John Brennan, who briefed then President Barack Obama, his Vice President Joe Biden, and FBI Director James Comey, along with the Attorney General, briefed them all on Hillary’s conspiracy theory to tie Trump to the DNC hack… The Clinton campaign and the DNC, through a firm called Fusion GPS paid a former British spy named Christopher Steele to compile intelligence to tie Trump to Russia. But the intelligence that fusion GPS put together was a series of scandalous, salacious, nothing burgers… The Durham Report is six years too late because the hoax worked. An entity presidency was derailed.

    The Democratic Party succeeded in demonizing Russia, making them our primary enemy on the world stage, not the Chinese Communist Party, and bringing us to the verge of nuclear war in Eastern Europe as we conduct a proxy war in Ukraine. Not only that an entire three years of presidency was derailed, the country was pitted against itself. And everyone now has bought into lies and disinformation while pretending they’re the warriors against disinformation… Not only were they not held accountable, they were so emboldened by this entire story, that they did the same thing again in 2020 with Hunter Biden’s laptop.””

    Click the tweets for way more details on their dirty deeds.

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  7. Dirty, from the top down.

    “Update: according to the Durham Report former CIA Director John Brennan briefed Obama and staff on the plot by Hillary Clinton to create a false narrative about Russian interference in the election and colluding with candidate Donald Trump. High ranking democrats all knew about this plan and still wasted millions of Us Taxpayer money investigating Trump with Robert Mueller. No one is being held accountable. Brennan lied to congress and stated that he found evidence of collusion, even though it is now being reported that he fully knew the story was created by Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton was able to use disinformation with the help of the DOJ and spy on her political opponent and sway an election. She then used the democrats in congress and Robert Mueller to persecute Trump after he won the Presidency. If this happened in any other country the US would be disavowing them.

    Why are democrats above the law?”


    An what is the #USELESS GOP going to do about it?

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  8. Remember the “Red Wave” we were assured was coming, but then didn’t?

    Blame #USELESS GOP.

    And keep in mind, that the same Romney niece, Ronna McDaniel, who botched this election prep was re-elected as the party chair again. So don’t look for much to change, or for much winning either.

    “Mystery at the Midterm: What Happened to the Red Wave?”


    “It was shocking, but even more puzzling. A consensus of commentators, pundits, pollsters, handicappers, and election forecasters (myself included) expected a strong Republican showing in the 2022 midterm – gains of anywhere from about 20 to more than 40 House seats and even small gains in the Senate and in governorships, despite defending majorities of seats up for those offices (21 of 35 Senate seats and 20 of 36 governorships).

    Several observers predicted Republicans to win more House seats than at any time since the 1920s. A Republican red wave was anticipated. The only serious question was how big it would be. But what hit shore on Election Day was more of a weak ripple than a powerful wave, leaving behind the question: What caused this November surprise?

    A Deep Dive Into the Red Wave

    What follows is an investigation into what happened to that anticipated red wave. Since the analysis is involved and lengthy, this synopsis is provided up front. Both real and publicly perceived conditions before and up to Election Day provided all the ingredients for a very good Republican year. That red wave had formed, was within sight and headed to shore, but never made it. What happened? Extending the wave metaphor, Democrats constructed what amounted to a breakwater, effectively fending off the wave. It was particularly successful in about eight states with crucial tight races for statewide offices. Democrats built their breakwater from easy mail-in voting provisions, effective mobilization programs, and massive campaign spending to fuel the push. It succeeded because Republicans failed to counter it.

    Of the many explanations offered for the Republicans’ stunning shortfall, this is the only one consistent with all the evidence, with the many forecasts and projections, and with established theories of midterm elections that could not have possibly anticipated the breakwater. The surprising result of the 2022 midterm was not a consequence of vox populi. It was the result of mobilization-friendly electoral systems, organization, and lots of money – essentially 21st century machine politics. That’s where this is headed; on to the evidence and analysis.”


  9. Durham was appointed by Barr to clear Trump — ie weaponization of the DOJ, but couldn’t manage any serious charges. And his report appears to be nothing new – I read excerpts that tweets posted here had attached to their tweets. I thought reading right wing tweets would give me the most incriminating parts of the report and yet nothing but insinuation. Four years and millions of dollars spent and nothing.

    Sure the right side of the internet is having a victory parade but there will be no perp walk and no changes.

    I read most of what AJ posted and then became curious for a different opinion and found these;


    (yes I know the NYT has a vested interest and bias, but the article gave some background that the right wing victory parade didn’t give)

    and for a bit of sarcasm

    The internet is full of headline bait that when you click to read, it will let you down. The same can be said for the Republican outrage machine lots of headline bait but no substance.

    This reminds me … did the Republicans find their informants yet?


  10. The idea there would be a red wave was mostly wishful thinking on the Republicans part. The idea was based on the results of other midterms especially Obama’s first term. However, polling never indicated a red wave.

    The mid terms played out pretty much how I thought it. Narrow margin for the House but Democrats kept the Senate. The article posted here missed the reason for the Democrats ability to motivate voters and increase turnout – abortion. Republicans can talk about mailed ballots, increased poll access etc all of which are true. Traditionally the easier it is to vote the greater chance of a Democratic victory – they have more voters but less dedicated than Republicans. However, Democrats and independents need a motivation and abortion provided it especially among young independents.

    A Republican commentator who acknowledges the problem;

    In a special election for a pennsylvania state seat, the Democrats based their campaign on abortion and won. In Jacksonville Florida, the DeSantis endorsed candidate lost the mayor’s race to a Democrat; in a county that normally votes Republlican.

    DeSantis is losing not only to Trump but now to Biden in polls. For months, it looked like he could beat Biden but now his chances are the same as Trump (a coin toss now, but when independent young people start paying attention, it will go down) . Florida’s attempt to ban anything remotely woke is backfiring. You can only go so far until you start to resemble a book burning party.

    You can’t be the party of freedom if you keep wanting to lock up your opponents and ban things. The Republicans need to be for something not just reactionary.


  11. In a statement Wednesday, the Dodgers said they have pulled the group from the list of award recipients for the team’s “Pride Night” celebration before their June 16 home game.
    “This year, as part of a full night of programming, we invited a number of groups to join us. We are now aware that our inclusion of one group in particular – The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – in this year’s Pride Night has been the source of some controversy,” the team said.
    “Given the strong feelings of people who have been offended by the sisters’ inclusion in our evening, and in an effort not to distract from the great benefits that we have seen over the years of Pride Night, we are deciding to remove them from this year’s group of honorees,” the Dodgers said.

    The organization is still filth…. “Source of some controversy”..”strong feelings of people who have been offended”…ya think??!! They still won’t take a position themselves that what they are sponsoring is disgusting..


  12. Biden and his Stasi continue to try to intimidate pro-lifers.

    Tell them to come back when they have a warrant and close the door.

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  13. Trash, aka the useful idiots of the corrupt.

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  14. As for the NY Times….

    Pravda would be proud of their efforts for the corruptocrats.

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  15. Truth.

    “In A Healthy ‘Democracy,’ John Brennan Would Already Be In Prison”


    “The just-released Durham report confirmed that the FBI not only failed to corroborate the Steele dossier, Hillary Clinton’s oppo-doc against Donald Trump, but it regularly ignored existing, sometimes dispositive, evidence to keep the investigation alive. Some officials were credulous. Others were devious. But no one “stole” our democracy — other than perhaps intelligence officials and the journalists who helped feed the collective hysteria over Russia.

    John Brennan, Hamas-loving authoritarian and partisan propagandist, almost surely knew it was a con from the start. Yet he spent four years on television sounding like a deranged subreddit commenter. Even after privately admitting he knew there was no collusion, Brennan kept lying and using his credentials to mislead the public.

    From Durham’s report:

    CIA Director John Brennan and Deputy Director David Cohen were interviewed by the Office and were asked about their knowledge of any actual evidence of members of the Trump campaign conspiring or colluding with Russian officials. When Brennan was provided with an overview of the origins of the Attorney General’s Review after Special Counsel Mueller finding a lack of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian authorities, Brennan offered that “they found no conspiracy.”

    As Durham points out, even after Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report, and after Brennan admitted no one found a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign, the former head of the CIA went on with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, another all-star election “denier,” and claimed that he “suspected there was more” to collusion between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin than Mueller had let on.

    Did I mention this was the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency?

    Brennan must have been relying on that same gut instinct that led him to sign a letter asserting that the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop scoop, a journalistic effort with more corroboration than virtually anything connected to Trump’s alleged “collusion,” had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

    The House Judiciary Committee recently uncovered a Oct. 19, 2020, email from CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, who was working with the Biden campaign to concoct “a talking point” to “push back on Trump” during the final presidential debates, asking Brennan to sign on to the “disinformation” letter. “Ok, Michael, add my name to the list. Good initiative. Thanks for asking me to sign on,” was Brennan’s reply.

    That’s all it takes for the former CIA director, a man who was given immense unchecked power — a man who oversaw secret kill lists and was the driving force behind drone strikes on civilians (including an American citizen) — to sign a letter he knew would obstruct the workings of “democracy” and the free press.

    This is a man who still has access to classified documents. You might remember all the hand-wringing over broken norms when Trump allegedly barred intelligence agencies from sharing classified information with Brennan. The New York Times even gave him a column to argue that Trump’s claims of “no collusion” were “why the president revoked my security clearance,” which, again, he almost certainly knew was a lie.

    Of course, Brennan should have been denied access to any classified material and driven into exile after he was caught overseeing an operation of illegal spying on staffers in the Senate. CIA officials broke into Senate computer files and viewed emails and drafts of a report on torture. All of it was illegal. Brennan covered up the agency’s actions (also illegal), blamed the Senate, and pushed to fire at least one staffer who was tasked with investigating his agency.

    All this happened when the tan-suited Obama was in charge, so most people probably missed it.

    It wasn’t until the CIA’s inspector general confirmed this wrongdoing that Brennan began negotiating with the lily-livered senators about owning up to the spying. Even then, Brennan was lying. When asked about the CIA hacking into Senate computers at an appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations, Brennan responded by saying, “Nothing could be further from the truth.” Nothing? “I mean, we wouldn’t do that,” he went on. “I mean, that’s just beyond the — you know, the scope of reason in terms of what we would do.” Brennan went on to say: “Let me assure you the CIA was in no way spying on [the committee] or the Senate.””

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  16. Long overdue….

    “Marjorie Taylor Greene Moves To Impeach FBI Director Christopher Wray”


    “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced on Tuesday that she introduced articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christoper Wray.

    The articles of impeachment, published by the Daily Caller, accuse Wray of failing to uphold his oath and losing the trust of U.S. citizens to “faithfully execute the laws” of the United States.

    “Under Wray’s watch, the FBI has intimidated, harassed, and entrapped American citizens that have been deemed enemies of the Biden regime. As such, Director Wray has turned the FBI into [President] Joe Biden and [Attorney General] Merrick Garland’s personal police force,” Greene said in a statement.”

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