28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-8-23

  1. Beautiful way to start a Monday! Thanks, AJ, for another lovely scene.

    We had thunder this morning around getting up time. It will be muggy today as the temps have gone up more toward average. We are getting into the glistening days (we don’t sweat, we glosten).

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  2. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here. My dad was up and in his chair this morning when I got up a bit after five. He is asleep now. I will get his breakfast out at seven.

    I have been out enjoying the day. Lovely rain washed morning. No sign of the raccoon but it was busy the night before, getting two chickens and the night before that had taken a Turkey.

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  3. Good morning, everyone! What a wonderful overcast morning it is. Chirping and buzzing and a gentle breeze almost makes one forget the thunder and lightning we had last night with our rain.

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  4. Thunder here this morning, too, and overcast. That tree took my breath away. Such beauty! I am sure it would not do my allergies any favors, however. Sometimes the beauty is worth it.

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  5. Having a dickens of a time logging in here this morning!

    But…Good morning!! An amazing photo up there with hope of Spring clearly shown!!

    Birds are flitting hither and yon vying for a spot at the feeder out back. The Jays and the bluebirds all wanting to take a bath at the birdbath at the same time! Hummingbirds are located out front and Pip isn’t quite certain what she thinks of them yet. Every time they come by Pip barks at them! Silly dog.

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  6. Cherry trees, pears, currants, plums are all blooming these days. Very pretty.

    Tulips are open, lilacs are getting ready. Spring may be here!

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  7. We have not seen deer around, including road kill. Nor have we seen hawks. Usually they are all around and on road trips we see them on every other power pole, but not this last few trips. The last road trip, one hundred forty miles, I only saw one semi.

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  8. Happy Monday!

    Yeah, just kidding.

    So I spoke by phone with a trainer from the obedience club I belong to about the car issue with Abby. Skittish dogs, she said (and this is how I’ve been approaching all of this from the start) can’t be forced, we have to let them take the lead as they begin to feel more confident.

    But she did recommend a different pattern than I’ve been trying with the treats for the back seat and that is getting super-super high-end food (I wasn’t far off with my jokes about tossing a T-bone stake in the back sea) and putting it in a dish at the far end of the back seat (before I bring her out). She recommended some appetizer-sized meatballs you can buy frozen at Smart ‘n Final that you can microwave for 1 minute).

    Essentially, getting her used to seeing that spot as the ‘best food station’ ever, and keep repeating that. Let her eat, then move on. Repeat the next day or so until it seems she’s comfortable jumping in since she knows that dish will be in there.

    It’s just going to take more time than I’ve been giving it.

    Her first suggestion, though, was so good but unworkable — put her (beloved) crate inside the car. She LOVES her crate and that might be such a great solution, but she requires the X-Large crate and it would never fit inside my Jeep Cherokee.

    But the yummy food dish sounds like it has promise.

    I was using hot dogs and other “high-end” training treats before, but trainer said while hot dogs may seem like “high-end” to us (lol) dogs sometimes really need to get the extra-extra restaurant treatment, so I’ll up our game and see if that helps.

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  9. Janice, I can just see you jumping into Dj’s car!!

    Well I signed up for my church family camp in July. Not sure that I even remember how to camp. I am thinking of taking my air bed. I did get realistic and only signed up for three days instead of five. Hoping to take some grands with me.

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  10. The time with my brother went well. He really can’t speak, but when I handed him a picture that I had found of him playing tennis, leaping to make the serve, he teared up. At the end I went through all of the pictures that I had out and found all of them of him and gave them to his wife.

    They are moving to a very small place, so I asked his wife if she had any of the paintings by my mom that she didn’t want. She said that she would have one for me. But I realize that she has a lot on her mind and it may not happen..

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  11. It’s gardener day today — my front “lawn” (term is used loosely) is now filled with the prettiest tiny (short) yellow and purple wildflowers. I almost hate to see them mowed down. But on the other hand, we’re also into a horrible fox tail season so those need to GO. I have to keep Abby on the sidewalk as we do our walks, some places we pass by are just filled with those things right now and they can be awful for dogs’s paws, etc.

    I once had a terrier sniff 2 of them up his nose, had to rush him to the pet ER after hours when he started sneezing out blood non-stop.

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  12. Jo, that was so touching about your brother’s reaction on seeing the old photo of himself. Glad you found those and were able to share them.

    Our church family camp, the year some single friends and I went, was pretty cushy, in the foothills just outside of San Diego and fully outfitted with tiny cottages, a dining and various meeting buildings. “Roughing it” we weren’t! (though some chose to do the tent thing).

    Pals and I did take a rigorous hike up the hillside just outside the campgrounds early one morning.

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  13. I think that all of my camping equipment has gone to the children. But I still have the tent and an air bed. Oh, also an ice chest. I can probably borrow a stove. Not sure what happened to my sleeping bag. I will probably just bring a comforter. It can get chilly in July at Lake Tahoe.

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  14. Oh meatballs!!! Now sing along with me…(maybe Jo can sing this on her camping trip!!)

    On top of spaghetti
    All covered with cheese
    I lost my poor meatball
    When somebody sneezed.

    It rolled off the table
    And onto the floor
    And then my poor meatball
    Rolled out of the door.

    It rolled in the garden
    And under a bush
    And then my poor meatball
    Was nothing but mush.

    The mush was as tasty
    As tasty could be
    And early next summer
    It grew into a tree.

    The tree was all covered
    With beautiful moss
    It grew great big meatballs
    And tomato sauce.

    So if you eat spaghetti
    All covered with cheese
    Hold on to to your meatballs
    And don’t ever sneeze.

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  15. Jo, I quit sleeping bags long ago and of course you will want the air bed, with plenty of blankets to keep out the cold from the mattress.

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  16. Yes, Mumsee! He is amazing.

    I was just trying to memorize a very short Psalm verse (part of the longer whole) 150:2:
    Praise him for his mighty works!
    Praise him for his unequaled greatness!

    Timely with your post . . . from Idaho to Georgia, and all over the world, He is worthy of all praise, honor, and glory!

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  17. Grass is starting to green up. The deciduous trees are starting to get a softer look as buds and catkins grow and start to burst open. Sigh.

    Jo, like Mumsee said you will want something insulating between you and the air bed. We used a foam mattress topper. Otherwise, you will not be able to warm up at all.

    The spring staff are all at camp for training week – so good to be surrounded by young people again.

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  18. DJ, have you tried getting Abby to jump into the back of your Jeep? That’s where all our dogs ride – we put a large dog bed in there so they’re quite comfy.
    Just beware that they can turn on the cargo light – we’ve had to boost our Outback a few times when we didn’t notice that the light was switched on.

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  19. oh, a mattress topper sounds like a good idea. I slept on an air bed at my daughters and it was so cold. Maybe put a sleeping bag under me and comforter on top.

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  20. Yes, if it is a good sleeping bag. Keeping the cold air from under you goes a long way toward a good night sleep. The air in the mattress is comparable to the air outside it and it does not warm up.

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