16 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-2-23

  1. Morning all! That bird must have been the model for the “pie bird”!!! Exact replication!

    Jo you sound like our dear Chas this morning!!! 😊

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  2. Busy morning/day, two stories to file, have to tune in first to the LA council this morning for one of them, hoping to get to my home group tonight (they’ve switched from Thursdays to Tuesdays and earlier in the week is generally harder for me with busier work stuff going on).

    Will be setting up a time for a dog trainer (she teaches the classes in the obedience club I belong to) to do an at-home visit/consultation w/Abby on the car and doggie door issues. I’m out of ideas and initiatives and just need a fresh pair of more experienced eyes, not to mention a 2nd pair of hands, so I’ve thrown the white flag in the air.

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  3. The youngest two are working on their long term accomplishment here. They are building a red brick path from the deck , through the trees and yellow roses, to the lawn so grandpa can have no excuse for sticking to the deck. Doing a very nice job.

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  4. Good afternoon. Nice blue sky, tree, and bird header. They all speak about God’s glory. What kind of bird other than a “pie bird?”

    Last night I was on a Zoom call and heard a new to the industry book agent speak. Sometimes people encourage me to turn my haiku and photos into a book, but agents always say generally poetry does not sell. She did however say she has taken on a novel that uses poetry within but said that will be a hard-to-sell project.

    Bible study in the Earl Gray with Ephesians workbook got off to a great start with comments regarding how in depth the study is. So thankful the 93 y/o member suggested studying Paul’s letters to the Gentiles, and I stumbled upon this study.

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  5. My veterinarian is a gig poet, published a couple things, but lots on social media. I rarely can understand it.

    Not sure if that’s me or him.

    Poetry is a hard and not well understood genre today.

    Public comment always interesting at council, some sing, many swear, some talk in animal voices, some make up stories (listening right now to a son of Biden, who knew? another speaker says she was raped by a former president and can’t get a lawyer … on it goes! )

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  6. That’s great, Mumsee. What a nice addition!

    It is way too windy for me to want to walk outside. And it is cool, too. I have been in a imock turtleneck and hooded thick sweatshirt all day.

    In winter I would walk on a day like today, but it somehow seems like freakish weather for right now. Totally uninviting. And the ligustrum is blooming. Such a bad combo for me. Wind to blow pollen in my nose and eyes. Not for me!

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  7. Mumsee – Are all the bricks level with each other? There is a plank on my porch that is only a tiny bit above the others in one place – barely noticeable – but I sometimes manage to trip on it. (Without falling, so far.)


  8. They did a good job and are very aware of the need to get it level. They did a good job but there will be some settling and they will need to watch for that.

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  9. I have some left-over pavers I’d like to use.

    Long day, long story followed by a medium-long story. But I’m done and finished in time so I can mange to get to the home group tonight, yay.

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  10. Husband salvaged a bunch of landscape bricks last week. Not enough for a full path, but we’ll be able to do a stepping stone path to the pool :). I need Mumsee’s youngest two to come help us put that in!

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