17 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-27-23

  1. Oh I want a stairway like that one!!! My uncle created stonework like that in his backyard..amazing artistry and skill.
    Snow melting and warmish today before the snow moves in again tonight. Forecasters are promising rain and thunderstorms all next week…oh spring!!!

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  2. Crazy work day today, several stories to try to bang out, very long port meeting anticipated, huge news about a project that’ll close our main bridge for 2 years, expecting long-awaited update from waterfront developers … Ugh.

    I be going down a rabbit hole today.

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  3. I have been out trying to help my children fly kites. When I came back in the house, my dad had woken from his nap, clambered over the foot rest, made his way to the coat closet, got coat and hat and gloves on, and was heading out the door. He has come a long way. When I went out on the deck, he commented that they sure have a nice outfit here (the facility, I presume).

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  4. We brought my MIL Mary here to live with us, and for us to take care of her, in fall of 2000. For a while, every day sometime in mid-afternoon, she would get her coat on and gather up her purse, and be ready to head back to Massachusetts. (We had already confiscated her keys, so even if she made it to the car, she couldn’t go anywhere.) She and I would stand in the foyer by the door, and I would try explaining to her that she lives here now. Eventually she would let me take her back to her room.

    I don’t remember how long that lasted, but I was relieved when it settled into her that she lived here. Of course, there were other -even more difficult – challenges through the years, but at least that one was over.

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  5. The way her room was set up – with bed, comfy armchair, small table in front of the chair, couch, TV, and bathroom off to the side – she sometimes thought that she was in a hotel, similar to Mumsee’s dad and the “facility” he is in. 🙂

    Btw, that room is my current living room, and I am thinking that eventually we will move the living room to a room it used to be in, and this will be my bedroom. In between being Mary’s room and my living room, it has been Chickadee’s room and then Nightingale and Boy’s room shortly after they moved home. A flexible and multipurpose room!

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  6. CLOSING the bridge for TWO years??????


    I remember the last time I took the ferry ride over to Terminal Island–the day before the bridge opened.

    We paid a nickel each and rode it four times.

    I, myself, was only about five years old!


  7. Coming up for air after hours of covering the port meeting which finally adjourned to closed session.

    And yes, what can they be thinking about the bridge? And they’ve already said “more than” 2 years, most likely.

    What a nightmare. All the longshore workers use it daily (sometimes a few times every day) coming and going to work in the LA port and across the way to LB. It’s the major connector route for everyone heading to Long Beach or back again.

    (Non-local) editor’s solution: They should maybe just take it down. “It’s not the Golden Gate, after all.”

    I gasped.

    “Well it is to us!”

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  8. Named after a former CA assemblyman from the district who was instrumental in getting it built, but is sometimes called the St. (Vincent) Thomas bridge by mistake which brings some chuckles. Not a saint, a politician.

    Our emerald green bridge shows up frequently on TV, in films, and in the mid-1960s, when it was opened, replaced the old ferry boat service that took cannery and other workers from the ‘mainland’ over to an offshore spot called Terminal Island before that.

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  9. Sounds like we are ending the frenzy at twenty thousand over asking with no stipulations. Looks like day two on Zillow has brought about nine hundred views and eight offers. But he is torn, understandably, so many memories.

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