29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-10-22

  1. Happy Birthday Michelle! The only wanderer that I have met more than once. And she has been to my church and found my children’s coffee shop.

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  2. Morning and a most Happy Birthday to Michelle!! 💐 🎂

    Sunny and warm around these parts. The Springs is set to reach 96 tomorrow….we will be 10 degrees cooler in the forest but whew…we went from winter to summer just like that!! ⛄️ 😅


  3. We have a primary runoff election for a school board position. Two ladies are on the Republican ballot. One has been highly supportive of bringing two schools up in safety standards, Druid Hills High (our area school) and Crosskeys High (my high school). This lady is also an officer in our community civic organization which probably meets here in our neighborhood at Art’s church. How could we not vote for her?

    I am sure the other lady would be good, too. She is a lawyer who graduated from a historically black college in Atlanta.

    The sad thing is that because they are Republican and this is a highly liberal area, neither can win in the general election.

    Is it worth going to vote? I think so intrinsically, but practically, no.


  4. QOD: How did I get this old?

    No Adorables until Sunday might— we leave soon for Sparks, NV where I’ll be speaking on Psalm 62 Saturday and Sunday morning.

    It will be very hot, but an honor to serve.

    We end a busy weekend at dinner with East Coast nieces, my husband’s sisters, and probably cake.

    I’ll hopefully see you again this summer, Jo!

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  5. Good morning, all, except good night, Jo, although it is nearly Saturday morning there.

    Happy Birthday, Michelle.

    Nothing but rain here but that is good as we had a couple of less rainy days and I was able to get the corn planted and some squash. As well as several more maples and an ash tree from our friends’ yard. They all will benefit from the rain.

    Got the chance to check on the spring veggies yesterday: carrots, radishes, spinach, kale, chard, beets are all coming along well.

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  6. I suppose I should have put my post about voting on the political thread, but it seemed liked such a personal inconsequential to mainline politics kind of post. It was really about what is worth spending time on. To what extreme does one decide if it is worth voting? The schools are near and dear to my heart so I feel torn on this one.


  7. Happy birthday, Michelle.

    I wonder when it became standard for the customer to say thank you to the clerk and the clerk just saying, Um, hmm. Where did all the training go? Where did all the niceties of life go and just plain etiquette? I worked as a clerk and was certainly trained differently. It seems whether it is a clerk or server in a restaurant, we have lost so much. I understand having a bad day or being overwhelmed and am not talking about those situations.

    I was shocked to see four small (not great looking cobs of corn for 3.99 today at Aldi’s. I guess someone much really want corn on the cob to pay a buck a cob! I still miss having fresh from the garden and it has been many years.

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  8. The 30s are such a great decade.

    Just back from covering a local appearance by Biden. Lots of security hoops to go through, heavy Secret Service presence, and lots of waiting before and after the arrival on the Iowa. Arrival at the port was supposed to be by helicopter but everything was too socked in with heavy fog so the entourage came by way of dozens of big black SUVs in the traditional motorcade.

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  9. This place is beginning to look interesting. I have open suitcases and stuff everywhere. Still going through and trashing papers. I think it is time to do some burning. I am clearing things out and it looks good, until I open my closet. I kept a small duffle bag, so I can use that for the clothes that don’t fit and just pay for extra baggage. When I came 17 years ago our luggage was allowed to weigh 70 pounds, but now it is fifty.

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  10. oh, yes, we can burn here. It is a little scary for a California girl to look out and see the hills burning. Grass grows over 7 feet tall so they burn whenever it hasn’t rained for a few days or a week. All is green here all of the time.
    Do you think I might have some adjusting to do????

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  11. It’s funny that DJ suggested to Jo to click her heels three times, because today would have been Judy Garland’s birthday, too, and Ruth Bell Graham’s birthday as well.

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  12. Time for me to head out. Hard for an introvert to go to an event. The school secretary is the sister in law of my aide. They said that the kids wanted to have me over. It is on centre, but I have no idea what it will be like. Probably outside so I need my bug repellant. I have lots of little things to take them from around my house.

    And then I am also invited out to dinner. Those folks I know much better and it will be quiet talk.

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  13. so sweet. The meal was all ready. I was the only guest. Each of the children came up to thank me for all I have done for them. They even had some gifts for me. And they all prayed for me. Then I asked for pictures. Of course I took lots of different things to give away and even apple juice so that was fun.

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