14 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-25-23

  1. Good morning!
    It’s 48° this morning and an hour north it is 35°. Maybe we can do spring again after we leave winter.

    The photo is of the Birthday Tree hosting a baby wren. It was afraid to fly away from me. I had to get my phone out of my purse to get its picture. Poor scared baby did not move despite the frantic warnings from mama. After I got photos it finally tested its wings.

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  2. Morning! Sweet chubby birdie in that tree😊
    Sun shining and 33 degrees.
    Snow coming in tonight after the rain this afternoon. We get all the seasons in one day around here

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  3. We have a beautiful sunshiny day. It is the time of the year when it often feels like spring will really come. This is one of those years. However, there are signs of spring.

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  4. that was me (dj)

    Meanwhile, we’re having the usual (and short) back-and-forth cool downs and warm ups that keep the weather reporters on their toes.

    Horrible post on our local FB pages last night — a woman was walking her smallish (not tiny though) dog on leash when a dog (looked to be a pit bull mix) raced across the street and actually killed her dog in an attack.

    Man who owned the dog grabbed it, jumped in his truck, and sped off, but witnesses took photos of the truck and provided very good descriptions to authorities.

    Can’t imagine how horrifying that would be.

    I know pit bulls have their fans, who claim all it takes is nurture, raising them right; but there are also genetics that are part of that mix in breeds that have been raised to fight.

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  5. Good morning, all, a beautiful day here as well. Cloudy but warming. Should get high in the fifties and then coming days bringing sixties and seventies. Summer is fast approaching. Enjoy spring while you can!

    Meanwhile, God is still working in His people. I have been in Luke in the mornings lately, but today was drawn to second Timothy where God tells us to treat others kindly, even when they treat us poorly and perhaps we will participate in bringing them to Him. And so we do.

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  6. Exciting morning for Miss Bosley. A squirrel was on the 2nd floor bedroom window ledge so it and Miss Bosley were face-to-face with only a window pane and screen between them. The squirrel tried to climb the screen but gave up. I wondered if it might be rabid. It seems it would have left as soon as it noticed us looking at it so close by. Maybe it wanted to tell me thanks for the breakfast pear peelings I put out daily.

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  7. Well we made it to town and back although not without drama.
    Pip threw up going and coming home.
    I thought she was going to bite our Vet when he tried to check her gums and teeth. Then when he gave her the second shot she started squealing and whipping around like he was trying to kill her! He tried to check her paws for evidence of allergies and she started screeching like he had hurt her! Bad child moments never end do they?!! She never ever has behaved like that but he figures she has become a drama queen due to all the poking, prodding and surgeries in her young life. He is so gracious.
    He told me he is going to slowly retire with plans to sell the practice to another Vet to keep it a privately own practice and not corporate. I know it’s time for him to take some time to enjoy life with a side gig of practice instead of all that comes with running a successful Vet clinic.

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  8. Heidi had a good bath and nail trimming at our local pet groomer’s place. (I cannot do a good enough job bathing her anymore.) She is all nice and clean and fluffy now!

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  9. It has been warm here today.

    My dad’s house has entered the market as of yesterday and has had eleven showings with ten more scheduled for tomorrow. Two offers well above the asking price. Apparently it is difficult to find a house for sale in Moscow. My dad was astonished at how much he is likely to get from the sale compared to what he paid for it thirty five years ago.

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