26 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-26-23

  1. This is an interesting interview of Robert Kennedy Jr who is running for president. The interviewer is Kim Iversen, who is a center left leaning independent.


  2. I watched an interview with RFK Jr. a few days ago. He sounded almost leaning conservative on some issues? Could prompt some interesting and needed (and rare, unusual!) debate within the Democratic party, though the party seems pretty locked down behind Biden for ’24 (clearly with some regrets and unease).

    But some strange things could happen in this cycle.

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  3. Tucker had Kennedy on when he first announced. RFK is definitely still a Democrat, but sane. He is attempting to bring populism back to the D party. I wish him well. It would be a much less disturbing election if the choices were Trump vs Kennedy. Loosing wouldn’t seem as catastrophic, maybe.

    I like his views on war and corporate America.

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  4. I think Republicans and Democrats are pretty locked down these days on their extreme wings.

    Not sure voters are so good with that, seems like the two leading candidates for president are less than appealing to a lot of voters who fall more into the center.

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  5. Kennedy sounds good on a lot of things, but then I remember he’s a Kennedy, supports abortion up until birth, and supports the dem social agenda.

    Then I wake up to reality and take a hard pass.

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  6. You say that Dj and yet both lead the polls of their party’s by large margins.

    It’s what the media wants, and they will ensure it happens again.


  7. Someone posted the clip from the original “Poseidon Adventure” on Twitter showing the rogue wave hitting the ship and how everyone screams and slides down, winding up in the ship that is now upside down, the chandeliers now on the floor.

    I just thought, 2024 campaign and election, coming soon!

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  8. Biden vs. Trump 2024 would be the rematch nobody wants

    Analysis: Recent NBC News polling found that a majority of voters don’t want President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump to run again.

    Poll: How do Americans feel about a Trump-Biden rematch? ‘Exhaustion’ tops the list.

    More Americans say they feel “exhaustion” over the prospect of a 2024 contest between Biden and his predecessor than any other emotion.

    And on it goes …


  9. I suspect many voters in the middle just want to go back to the way things were: a safe comfortable stalemate with an occasional loss of ground large enough to impinge on the consciousness, but not large enough to hold the attention. The long slow slide into the abyss is not as discomfiting as the fight to prevent it.

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  10. I think voters want a government that can work together like adults without the uproar and melodrama. 🙂

    What we have now? Words escape me.

    See Poseidon Adventure …

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  11. No one ever gets everything they want in this country, it was actually designed that way.

    If you want everything to go one way that’s another kind of government altogether.

    Our much bigger problem — which goes way back and may be too late to reverse but now has spawned the political chaos — has been an underlying cultural change that makes some political views and laws unlikely or at least very difficult to mandate without open resistance.

    It’s that underlying cultural shift that influences our media, entertainment, has led to a couple generations with very different ideas about sex and marriage.

    The “politics” are a symptom of that.

    Not sure how this all ends, but God knows.


  12. We’ve let go of our foundational faith standards (long, long ago) and the laws and government and lifestyles and beliefs have been reflecting that ever since. Those changes are deeply rooted now, whether we ever noticed them happening or not.

    Here we are.

    What’s your solution, assuming there is one (and I rather doubt there is one, on a political level)? How do you see the nation coming out of this?

    We may come out of the chaos (we can absolutely hope for that, at least), but the nation has already been changed pretty dramatically with time and cultural revisionism.

    A move of the Spirit is our best hope — but God may or may not choose to do that.


  13. A quote from another Kennedy.

    “We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

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  14. The increase in LGBQT identification is fairly easily to explain – one, people are more open and two, most of the increase is identifying as bisexual.

    The Democratic nomination is Biden’s. The only serious rival, Sanders, endorsed him. RFK jr is an anti-vaxxer and is polling at 2%. The Republicans seem intent on self harm by giving Trump the nomination. If Biden can motivate the under 35 crowd, he’s the winner in a rematch. Now if it’s DeSantis, the result will be different.

    Harris needs to motivate African Americans – more socially conservative than white Democrats – or Biden will have problems in places like Georgia. If the Republicans keep bringing up trans and drag queens, the Democratic small gov’t position will be difficult for Harris to defend.


  15. Click a tweet and keep reading. This is how they slandered conservatives and blocked their reach prior to the last election.

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  16. “Harris needs to motivate African Americans ”

    Ha….. Haha….hahaha….. bwahahahahaha!!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

    “Kamala Harris Brings A Word Salad For The Ages: “Moment Of Time In Which We Exist And Are Present”….”

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  17. Own it Disney.

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  19. There are quite a few rumors flying about Disney moving – either Carolinas have been mentioned. DeSantis may want to use Disney as a political whipping post but other Republicans see the possibility to gain political points and bring employment to their state.


  20. That’s amusing HRW, as if they could just pack up and move. It’s a sprawling property with 1000’s of buildings and hundreds of hotels. It would take decades just to move everything and re-build it.

    Not to mention the size of the property they would have to amass, secure, and purchase.

    That’s not gonna happen. It’ laughable that anyone believes they could.


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