5 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-15-23

  1. 😀 Sunshine after rain

    😀 Reading of the dispute of Erasmus and Luther over free will . . . and the names change but the questions remain

    😀 Bible studies and fellowship with believers

    😀 Iris plants in bloom all over my neighborhood

    😒 Extended tax deadline this year until Tues.

    😀 The end (at least the worst of it) is in sight

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  2. 🙂 Ah, there’s the rub, the (how) free are we? … (“We choose according to our desires,” tainted by sin …, so there we are … )

    🙂 Finally got Abby’s DNA kit test done and mailed, it should arrive by Wednesday p.m. in Nebraska, then lab results take 2-3 weeks to process and post.

    🙂 Had a good, long visit over coffee with neighbors this morning in their backyard as workers were finishing up their kitchen and bathroom overhaul and remodel inside. Love their new kitchen floor, it’s the wide-plank faux (but realistic looking) wood, a warm color. She was thinking from the samples it would be a stronger color, but I told her it’s perfect, any stronger and it would have been “too much.”

    😦 Can’t imagine folks now trying to do their taxes in the last few days — nor can I image the headaches the tax-guys are dealing with as it’s all dumped on them!

    🙂 Received both of my refunds via online deposit, that came in so handy this year.

    🙂 ALL the big (and little) bills paid off, including property tax (Double Ouch), homeowners’ insurance (Ouch), humongous gas & electric bills (ouch/ouch).

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  3. I still do tax returns myself but with Turbotax. When I started using that maybe 15 years ago it was a convenience. When I looked at the form I always understood everything on it and could have done it manually. Now everything is so much more complicated and the software is a necessity. 😦

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