23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-12-23

  1. Lovely spring blossoms! Not sure of the tree vaeiety.

    Thinking of being a follower or disciple of Jesus after reading an article about it being a series of daily small habits . . . the article was not all inclusive of what those habits might be. I am pretty consistent with reading and study in the Bible daily, but I would like to develop more habitual praying through scripture. I read mostly for knowledge, but the scriptures are rich with prayer prompts.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. We seem to be having cool weather here. Miss Jin likes it because I can leave the back door open and let her wander in and out. We are still working on pottying outside. While Mr. P insists she is my dog, she really is his. He is the one that is home with her and she loves him. As you can imagine from how he has “rotted up” Little Miss, Jin is running a close second. I asked him this morning how he got so lucky and did he ever imagine he would have all of us.

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood with birds singing, fog rolling thick, and snow covering everything and coming down. Somewhere above it all, the sun is shining. I know this, not just because I have been on many airplanes above the clouds, but because God’s Word says it will be there until He returns and makes all things new.

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  4. Morning all! Pretty spring buds and now wondering what they might look like fully blossomed. The stark blue sky background certainly pops the color of the buds!

    Warm here again today then we get a cool off tomorrow evening into Friday…with snow accompanying the cool temps hopefully.
    When that wind starts blowing with warm temps we get a bit nervous. A fire in the National Forest on the Rampart Range yesterday gives us pause.

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  5. Keep hoping, Mumsee, and soon your faith will be made sight: you will see the sun (and the grass) again. 🙂

    Good morning everyone. The sun is shining here and birds are singing. All is well. I’ve taken a couple of days off work to catch up on some business I have been putting off.

    NJ, I was hoping that with all the rain and snow everyone’s been having that wildfires will take a season off and give us all some rest. Were they able to put out that fire ?

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  6. Love this (and proof there’s some good left in Twitter — post via Christian Heritage London):

    ~ The primary business of the Christian gospel is not to give us blessings. Its primary function is to reconcile us to God. ~
    – Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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  7. We’re having a couple cold days followed by warmer temps over the weekend, but beaches/coastal areas will still be in the 60s, maybe creeping into the very low 70.

    We’ve also had some dense fog rolling in.

    And Debra, I hadn’t thought about it, but we didn’t have the usual wildfire season this past summer/fall for the most part.

    Although now, worries about flooding, mudslides as the record snow levels begin to melt.

    Still, it was all glorious for this parched side of the country.

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  8. The fire is contained within the 20 acres burned. Firefighters will be up there all day due to predicted high winds low humidity. Husband and many running buddies run up there regularly. A few camping “gypsies” set up there and illegal shooters. Wouldn’t be surprised to find it was a campfire🙁 The location of the fire is about 15 miles due west of us

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  9. Hope it gets put out soon, NJ — friend in Ariz. said humidity is in record low numbers right now, very dry.

    Meanwhile, I just checked and saw that it’s raining here again this morning.

    Very dark outside.

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  10. It was 50° again to start the day and will warm to the 70s.

    I have photos a friend sent to me from a trip they took to Paris. On weeding out things, would it be best to say nothing and toss them or to ask if she would like to have thrm back?

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  11. Our first wildfires were a few weeks ago, people burning yard waste and it got out of hand. The fire chief mentioned it was his first wildfire during a snow storm that he could remember.

    Actually lots of rain and snow can cause trouble because everything grows so well in the spring and then dries out tall and thick, an invitation to fire.

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  12. Aj, lol. You sound like me.

    There was “a bird” flitting around on my front porch this morning. It was brown, I think.

    Closed the door before he could dash inside, he was getting pretty close!

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  13. From my Luther reading today, at least early on he did not want followers to call themselves Lutherans but instead Christians. This was before he started the church.

    The part about his work on Bible translation into German is fascinating. He enjoyed finding errors in the Vulgate and went to great lengths to get the names of animals and gemstones correct. Some had no equivalent German names . . .

    I am greatly enjoying the many facets of this tome.

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  14. My favorite joke about the translation of the Bible is the priests making copies of the by hand. One couldn’t figure out what the word was in the one he was copying so the bishop told him to go back to the original one and check the word. He came back shouting, “It’s CELEBRATE! It’s CELEBRATE!

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  15. I think that God is laughing at me. He does not want me to have a tv. You see my daughter gave it to me and said she had a table that I could use to put it on. Then six weeks later she said it was so buried in the storage building that she couldn’t get it out. Then another friend offered me one and we had snow so it took a while to get that one. Then I needed a friend to help me carry it inside. Then I finally open up the box. So the first thing to do is put the feet on the screen. I did not have any Philips screw drivers so that took a few days.
    Finally I got it all ready and cannot find the power cord. I know I had it, but it has totally disappeared. I think that God does not want me to watch tv.

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  16. my leg feels so much better today after my visit to the chiropractor.

    They are cutting down trees next door and using my driveway. a little noisy

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