30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-11-23

  1. Morning all! At first I thought that was a parakeet but then had a sip of coffee and determined it to be a Blue Jay!!
    Saw husband off at 4:30 this morning as he headed towards Grand Canyon with a friend. They will once again run the rim to rim to rim. He is like a little boy so excited to go on a camping trip!
    It is already. In the 40’s here and we are supposed to see temps in the high 70’s today!! Yippee!!!

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  2. Good morning everyone! Beautiful Blue Jay in the header. We just started seeing them in the yard this year. Feisty fellows. I don’t know what the temperature is this morning, but the bedroom door is cracked open and it’s chilly. And I can hear chirping outside, so all is well. 🙂

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  3. Up at 2:30, so working through email backlog.

    I (finally) answered an email from February.

    I “talked” with a bot and then was promoted to a real human who answered my problem in 20 seconds on my newsletter site.

    Let the cat in and out countless times. 🙂

    Edited and prayed for friends.

    Drank two big mugs of coffee (now that Lent is over).

    Am thankful the Holy Spirit will be teaching on Job this morning. 🙂

    And then I return to work. I’ll be consumed, at this rate, until Julyish.

    Blessings to you all.

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here at thirty nine and raining. Expecting forty four today, quite the change from yesterday’s seventy plus. April showers bring May flowers.

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  5. It is a beautiful day in our neighborhood, as well. We should get to 60 and maybe plus that. Now the concerns with flooding begin in earnest. Slow melt is always for the best, but it has not happened that way.

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  6. Eeek, 2:30?

    As in, AM??

    It’s the return to work for me today, so I’m drinking my coffee allotment now.

    I received another jury notice yesterday — I lost the previous one sent in Nov-Dec. and got poked by the LA County Court system a couple weeks ago for being a scofflaw who faced a $1,500 fine if I didn’t get my act together and call them to make myself right.

    So I did, and the new notice arrived a day ago — but it says (still) that my reporting day is Dec. 12, 2022. I assume that was the date on the old notice that I lost.

    So I’ll call today and see if I can get that clarified.

    Always somethin’

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  7. Editing friends, M?

    I love how we see the same birds up here as those of you see further south and east. Blue jays, nuthatches, juncos…

    Husband was able to free the car from the shop this morning as it didn’t freeze overnight 🙂

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  8. so nice to have it a bit warmer. Easter got up to 70. Cooler today, but still nice. They are working on the golf course so it is closed. That means, I hope, that I can go walk on the cart path. Off for a walk. I know the shortcuts so will just take it easy.

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  9. I was raised to think Steller Jays were Blue Jays. My grandfather used to feed them peanuts from his hand in California. Then I moved east and found out what a blue jay looked like.

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  10. I listened more to Martin Luther as I did my PT exercises. At one point there was mention of having gentle conversations that did not lead to people knowing the truth.
    It was one of those Aha! moments of considrring how history repeats itself.
    Now I want to find out if this biography was made into a movie. Seems like I remember it was.

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  11. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justin-taylor/what-biographies-of-luther-are-best/

    ~ What Biographies of Luther Are Best?
    | FEBRUARY 28, 2013

    (Gospel Coalition)

    I mentioned last time that Luther’s life is central to reading his theology. His thinking, while remarkably consistent, does develop over time. He nuances his positions on various issues as he faces challenges which his own Reformation theology generated. Thus, knowing what issues he is facing and when is important when reading him.

    The benchmark biography of Luther in English is the three volumes by the German historian, Martin Brecht. These look rather forbidding: nearly 1400 pages of text, excluding notes. Nevertheless, the translation is very readable and the narrative moves at a good pace, such that the reader’s interest is maintained and the basic storyline remains very clear.

    For those with less time to spare, there is the classic biography by Roland Bainton, Here I Stand. It was my first introduction to the Reformation and remains a favourite. Bainton was a radical thinker himself, not doctrinally sympathetic to Luther but rather emotionally so: he knew what it was like to be a beleaguered outside, a man at war with his times. Thus, he writes on Luther with considerable passion.

    A more recent short biography is that by the distinguished Lutheran historian, Martin Marty, in the Penguin Brief Lives series. This is fun too: well-written and peppered with little anecdotes of Luther’s personal life.

    To these I would also add Robert Kolb’s Martin Luther: Confessor of the Faith, a relatively short but learned and extremely informative introduction to Luther’s life and major theological contributions.

    Readers should also consult Heiko Oberman’s Luther: Man between God and Devil for an example of a brilliant, if at times speculative, account of Luther’s life by the most significant Reformation scholar of the last fifty years.

    You can read the whole thing here, which also includes recommended reading from Luther himself and by others on his theology. ~

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  12. Is this a new bio that you’re reading Janice? Bainton was the classic/standard one from my past but I haven’t really kept up on more recent efforts.

    The film (2003) was good, I saw it in the theater — I think it’s available on Prime Video but maybe only for purchase? Perhaps it’s floating around elsewhere though.

    A tumultuous time, I think we forget the uproar he sparked. Much of it got ugly. 😦

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  13. Made me think of you, Janice:

    (On Twitter re the Democratic National Convention city pick):

    ~ Weird move for DNC to go to Chicago. But really glad they aren’t going to screw up Atlanta traffic ~

    ~ You mean you can screw up Atlanta traffic more than it already is? ~

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  14. Oh, our traffic! Art took a very long detour to get home at 11 p.m. last night. He said, “At least I kept moving!”😀 Only two lanes were open due to construction on his regular route, and then there was an accident shutting it all down.


  15. I liked Metaxas’ Martin Luther the best–in fact, it was the only book I took with me (other than the brand new copy of Biddy), that I snatched up when we fled the fires in 2017.

    I figured if I was going to spend time in a shelter, I might need a long book. 🙂

    Yes, I have already narrated Overflowing Faith and it should be up on Audible pretty soon.

    Watch the dedication page, Kare and Jo.
    And Tychicus.

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