43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-25-23

  1. Morning all! That cute little guy up there appears to be a nuthatch. Like the ones making holes in my house for their nests!! Cute but pesky! 🙃

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  2. Fun times here. We are puppy-sitting for our son Flyboy while he and his buddies are away on his bachelor weekend. Not enough to have a bachelor party, they have a whole weekend at a rented lodge to play games and watch movies and hang out together. But it’s more wholesome than a lot of bachelor parties. (The girls are doing something similar at the same time elsewhere.)

    Flyboy’s dog is a four-month-old 35-pound bernadoodle, Lily. We have a four-year-old 35-pound cockapoo, Teddy. Teddy hasn’t been around other dogs much and doesn’t know how to play with them. Lily is rambunctious and wants to get in Teddy’s face all the time. Our experiments with having them together usually result in Teddy either climbing into our laps or hiding behind us on the sofa, or in snarling a lot. Lily does not get the message. So we have them gated off in separate areas most of the time.

    Teddy is jealous of how I spend most of my time with Lily. He doesn’t understand that it’s because we trust him, but not Lily, so she needs constant supervision.

    Each dog stays in a crate at night night and doesn’t need a middle-of-the-night outing. Teddy decided to start crying at 5 am, so I got up to take him out. That started Lily crying, so after I got Teddy back in I had to take her out. It was raining.

    22 hours down, 28 hours to go…

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  3. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood and I was just reading in Revelation about the new heavens and the new earth. As beautiful as this place is, He has something better planned!

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  4. Light dusting of snow coming down this morning. The children and grandchildren and son in law seem to be getting over the illness barrage. Husband is still struggling with it and my dad and I are still lightly coughing and a slight off feeling but if that is it for us, I will be delighted.

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  5. This has been a long winter, even in LA.

    I’ve escaped most of the illness other than getting Covid in September — managed to side-step colds and flu somehow. Probably helps that I live alone.

    Yesterday was long with 2 stories — but 2 others that I couldn’t get to, so those will be waiting for me Monday.

    Anyone watching Ted Lasso? I kept hearing the ‘buzz’ about it so checked out the first episodes in Season 1 last night.

    Being kind and showing grace are huge themes, I found it especially soothing and uplifting in the dark age we happen to be living in. It’s funny, too. I can see why it’s so wildly popular.


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  6. I’ll have to check that out Dj…have never heard of it before…

    Oh boy Kevin what fun adventures you seem to be having! It seems to be disorienting for the dog of the house to have to share their space with an “intruder”. Hoping the remaining hours become more settling for the two furry friends! And congrats on Flyboy’s upcoming wedding! Exciting times!

    We had a dusting of snow overnight but nothing to write home about. It is cold and windy..fit for neither man nor beast!

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  7. Still below freezing here but I have the living room door window cracked open a bit since the sun really warms the living room at this time of year and the fresh air is lovely.

    Managed to get cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and ground cherries seeded in their little seed pots today. Has anyone here ever grown ground cherries? They’re our ‘fun’ garden project this year.

    Baking soil right now so that I can also get the watermelon and spaghetti squash into pots as well.

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  8. It’s cloudy today, but the sun pokes out every now and again. I think we’ve at least broken 60 today. 🙂

    Meant to share the YouTube version of that trailer:


  9. I left at 8 a.m. with a friend to attend a ladies’ event at Church oc the Apostles where Nancy Guthrie spoke. We stayed for lunch but left before the third and last session. There were around 800 in attendance. I hope my double masking helped. We sat on the front row which seemed like would avoid being in the main big crowd. We got to speak to Nancy as she shook hands with people on the front row.

    I enjoyed the speaking part but we had a workbook which was too hard for me to read with my vision issues. Sometimes I feel like an alien in this world.
    I also lost my reading glasses there at lunchtime, but at least I found another pair in my larger purse when I got home. A friend who stayed for the last session is checking lost and found for my glasses.

    Nancy Guthrie covered the major themes in the Bible which was an interesting approach I had never seen before.

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  10. Sounds like a good day, Janice. Nancy Guthrie sounds familiar, thinking I may have a book or two by her?

    This is kind of fun for classic TV fans — and the closing shot is of the iconic CBS building at Fairfax & 3rd next to the Farmers Market (and now The Grove). Such a familiar site for those of us who grew up here.

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  11. Had I mentioned that Nightingale had fixed our leaking bathroom sink faucet? Turns out that we need a new one, as the fix didn’t stick. (In case anyone wonders if maybe she just didn’t do it right – she did it correctly. 🙂 )

    So she is buying a new faucet today. She knows how to install it herself, as she installed the new kitchen faucet upstairs. Nightingale is a DIYer in anything that she can, but also knows where to draw the line and bring in professionals.

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  12. Our granddog just left to spend the afternoon in her own yard until her folks returned from the snow.

    She loved my husband, who is of course home all the time now, but our cat did NOT come downstairs–or go outside–the entire time.

    After I took the dog home, I caught the cat and took her downstairs (removing the stair barrier that kept the dog down below). She struggled, but once she didn’t see the dog, she streaked out the door as fast as she could.

    I’m not sure when she’ll return.

    My husband enjoyed having the sweet dog. She sat at his feet during prayer sessions. 🙂

    The kids had near whiteout conditions at Lake Tahoe. Our daughter came home yesterday afternoon (currently wedding dress shopping with a friend–who flew in from Paris!–in San Francisco. She’ll do the same next weekend with a friend in Fresno.).

    She noted there was traffic on I-80 from about Jo’s area to 45 miles from our house. Or, 90 miles of driving. It was going toward the snow . . .

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  13. It’s stormy here this morning so I am not venturing out. I have been working on my memory verse for this next week all the while listening to steady rain falling outside my window. Sweet!

    Hosea 6:3 NASB
    “So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD. His going forth is as crrtain as the dawn. He will come to us like the rain, the spring rain watering the earth.”

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  14. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood with a slight chill in the air at twenty eight and a light dusting of snow with little bits still floating to the earth. Inside it is, of course, about eighty. Dad is up and fed. Children are trickling in from their chores to breakfast. I imagine son in law and grandchildren are the only ones going to church today. This is the first day I am allowing my children on the same side of the house as my dad. Still sounding ucky but I doubt they are still contagious.

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  15. YouTube videos are a great help.

    I’m staying in from church, after a long and vigorous walk with Abby yesterday, I seem to have pulled a muscle or something else in my left arm (leash arm). It was giving me pain last night but this morning a little more so. Trying to just gently move it, I’m sure it’ll pass but rushing to get ready and then driving isn’t want I feel much like doing this morning.

    Shorter, easier walk in store today, with an adjustment to right-arm leash work, assuming I feel better by later today.

    More rain coming this week apparently, but doesn’t sound like anything major.

    Lots of wind this morning.

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  16. Hosea 6:3 immediately popped a song into my head, maybe the same one Mumsee was thinking of. It’s just a short chorus of those words, same translation.

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  17. Our grandpuppy, Lily, got picked up shortly before noon. She is sweet, but what a relief to have the house back to normal. Our Teddy never did warm up to her, and she never figured that his snarls meant she should leave him alone, so we gave up having them share any space.

    Now the extra gates are down and we’re having a quiet afternoon. Ahhhh…

    Michelle, has your cat come back yet?

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  18. Janice, I found that one a lot of places, but it’s not the one I learned. The words are the same as yours, I’m not sure what Bible translation that is.

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  19. Does anyone remember that a while back, I mentioned that I had semi-quoted Cass Elliot’s song, “Make Your Own Kind of Music” in praying for Chickadee? (Praying that she would “make her own kind of music”, as in not going along with the McK sisters’ ungodly views on certain matters.) It was pointed out that it would be better to pray scripture rather than a secular song.

    Just a little while ago, it popped into my mind why that song had struck a chord in me in that way.

    When I was a young teenager, around 14 years old, my best friend and her sister were insistent that “black music” was the really cool kind to listen to, not the popular Top-40 stations that I liked at that age. (Although white, they were raised on Air Force bases where they had a lot of black friends.)

    Trying to fit in with my friends, I gave up listening to the music I liked, and tried listening to the “black music” station. I tried and tried to get into it, but it just wasn’t my style. Finally, one day it occurred to me that it was perfectly all right to like the music I liked rather than what my friends preferred.

    So, I think that that was what was behind my praying that Chickadee would “make her own kind of music”, that she would have the strength to break away from the McK sisters’ views.

    As Paul Harvey would say, now you know the rest of the story. 🙂

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  20. I forgot to mention an important part of the story – Until I realized that it would be “perfectly all right”, as I said above, I felt kind of guilty for wanting to listen to “my” music. That is the kind of power that peer pressure can have.

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  21. I wound up going back to bed and slept (a lot). The arm is still bothering me, I took a couple extra-strength Tylenol earlier and will take some more this afternoon.

    Guess I just needed the extra rest and sleep. And hopefully(?) the arm will be cleared up by tomorrow. I see there’s a condition actually called “dog-walker’s elbow.”

    I really need to work on Abby’s leash pulling.

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  22. The Georgia Gang was on this morning talking Georgia politics. There is a bill to be voted on about whether or not to allow smaller governments (like cities) to have ordinances restricting leaf blowers. It was creating quite a buzz of discussion between the commentators.

    We also had unexpected tornadoes that hit around 7 am while people were sleeping and unwarned. I still need to see the news on that. They said it might hit at a university in middle Georgia. I hope it didn’t.

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  23. I managed to do some modest grocery shopping, but still couldn’t get out of there for under $100. Sheesh. This is starting to hurt.

    Had to be careful with that left arm in getting the bags transitioned, but I managed. Arm feels a little better, I think it’ll heal up with more rest, but still have to be careful — I’m trying to keep it gently moving, but picking things up probably isn’t a great idea yet.

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  24. Went to the birthday party for the five year old. They had crafts for the kids which went well.

    My ex was thrilled with the pictures I gave him. All but one or two were of his family. He was shocked to see two pictures of his grandmother. He didn’t even know there were any. May God use these as He will. I truly felt that He sent me to find them to give.

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  25. That is such a kind gesture, Jo. So glad it worked out.

    As people get older, it can be interesting to see how much their faces have aged to look like the older generatoons. I think I look more like my mother now than I did when younger.

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