40 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-27-23

  1. Thank Joe Biden.

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  2. It’s a legalized protection racquet, where Dem politicians feed taxpayer cash to radicals as “settlements”…..

    They literally pay them to riot.

    Yet Jan6ers rot in jail for parading.



    “Last week, the city of Philadelphia agreed to pay $9.25 million to 343 left-wing protesters who alleged they suffered “physical and emotional injuries” when police used tear gas and pepper spray to clear them off a major highway in downtown at a Black Lives Matter-style direct action in 2020.

    Videos recorded at the time showed the mob shut down the highway while vandalizing public property.

    As a journalist who reports on the militant far-left and its rioters, the question I’m asked most often is, “Who funds them?”

    Some believe billionaire George Soros is responsible.

    And they would be partially correct. Soros funds groups that form part of the support apparatus of left-wing militants — district attorneys, biased media and legal groups.

    But his money doesn’t directly reach the pockets of militants on the street.

    Who ends up paying far-left rioters like Antifa? Too often, taxpayers like you and me.

    Through a developed network of radical leftist legal groups, like the National Lawyers Guild, lawfare against cities and police departments is the go-to method for payloads. At nearly every left-wing “direct action” or riot, you’ll see NLG “legal observers” move in and out with the mob to record police. This “evidence gathering” is propaganda made to portray the police in the worst possible light while specifically omitting any recordings of what their comrades do.”


    That’s a well funded “idea”, huh?

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  3. Unjust and un-American.

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  4. Our two tiered justice system strikes again.

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  5. Fed op since day one.

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  6. Groomer alert.

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  7. The stupid continues….

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” — Orwell, 1984.”

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  8. Really….? I’m shocked to hear this… 🙄

    Honestly, if you’re still buying the line of BS the govt is selling you, slap yourself.

    “The FBI had more people in the Proud Boys than the Proud Boys”


    “Critics of the harsh prosecutions in the January 6th debacle continue to be vindicated. Those who have said the whole thing was a setup keep getting proved right by our own Department of Justice. According to lawyers for Zachary Rehl, a Proud Boys chapter leader charged with seditious conspiracy, the government failed to disclose that one of the witnesses scheduled to testify was actually a confidential informant for the FBI. Surprisingly, the Associated Press reported it.

    “Carmen Hernandez, a lawyer for former Proud Boys chapter leader Zachary Rehl, asked a judge to schedule an immediate emergency hearing and suspend the trial “until these issues have been considered and resolved.” Lawyers for the other four defendants joined in Hernandez’s request.”

    Check out this pair of tweets from Julie Kelly.”

    “The informant in the case has been going by the name of Jen Loh, but her real name is Jennylyn Salinas. She has been involved in the cases against multiple defendants and has been working with their legal teams. She even participated in prayer meetings with the defendants’ families. She was supposed to be testifying as a witness for the defense, but all the time she has been working for the FBI.

    As noted in the linked report, defense attorneys have been asking for a full list of FBI agents and informants who were involved in this investigation, but the Bureau has been stonewalling them. And if Salinas has been involved in talks with the defense attorneys as alleged, that is one of the clearest examples of a violation of the attorney-client privilege you could hope for.

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with law enforcement using paid informants to gather information. But those informants are supposed to be reporting the presumed illegal actions of others. They are not supposed to be the ones planning illegal activity and they are most certainly not supposed to be spying on defense teams as they prepare to go to trial.

    This is all too reminiscent of the supposed “kidnapping plot” against Gretchen Whitmer. The FBI’s people involved in that scheme outnumbered the supposed MAGA bros who were coaxed into it. The informants were the ones who came up with the supposed “bomb” that was to be used to blow up a bridge and basically directed the group’s activities in scoping out the scene of the proposed kidnapping. And yet they still somehow managed to come up with a few convictions out of it.

    We’ve brought this up here before, but it bears repeating. There needs to be a thorough housecleaning at the Department of Justice, particularly inside the FBI. There is currently a bill under consideration that would limit how long unelected federal officials can serve. That might be a good start.”

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  9. This seems destined to happen.

    “2016 All Over Again?

    The proposition that “Trumpism” could exist without its progenitor appears to have failed.”


    “The 2024 Republican primary has hardly begun, but Donald Trump already appears to be on a glide path to the nomination. There are unmistakable echoes of 2016. The so-called conservative movement’s anointed one, dubbed “DeFuture” in the Murdoch-owned New York Post just months ago, looks to be imploding after being puffed up by months of breathless praise.

    In the online pundit wars, those favorable to Ron DeSantis, known endearingly as “DeSimps,” have complained about Trump’s incivility and lack of True Conservative™ credentials, as evinced by his bullying of “Meatball Ron” and the Stormy Daniels tabloid fodder that has been dredged up by New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s witch hunt.

    It is amusing to see self-described “populists” act surprised at Trump’s behavior. They should know better than to moralize about “decency,” or the rules of political engagement they have righteously shredded—at least before they developed the ambition to challenge Trump.

    In any event, these well-worn attacks on Trump’s character have not made an impact. To the contrary, Trump is rising again, and it is Florida’s governor who is deflating.

    The turning point came when DeSantis bungled his response to Bragg’s case, which he initially opted to ignore, before taking a gratuitous shot at Trump over his rumored adultery. Here was a chance to set aside personal feuding and demonstrate the statesmanlike qualities so often ascribed to DeSantis by his backers, but instead, DeSantis was petty and reluctant to condemn an appalling weaponization of the legal system.

    In some extremely online circles, DeSantis was praised for distancing himself from Trump’s “drama.” Meanwhile, in the real world, his flippant reaction exposed a disconnect with the GOP base, which was electrified by an unprecedented and unjust political attack from “the swamp.” The base was looking for vigorous, unyielding condemnation, but instead what they heard from DeSantis was weak, caveated, boilerplate stuff about law and order.

    DeSantis continued to unravel with his vacillations on Ukraine. Initially, he appeared to chase Trump’s coattails by taking an noninterventionist position. This appeared to be an opportunistic shift, given DeSantis’ past comments about Russia and his generally hawkish record. Then, days after calling the Ukraine war a “territorial dispute,” DeSantis told Piers Morgan that his latest comments were “mischaracterized.” Sounding more like John McCain than Trump, he described Russia as a “gas station with nukes” and called Putin a “war criminal,” which one could charitably interpret as a call for regime change, unless DeSantis is barking without any intention to bite.

    Then, DeSantis flipped yet again, once more advocating a hands-off role in Ukraine in an interview with Newsmax.

    Say what you will about Mike Pence and Nikki Haley, but they have consistent neoconservative viewpoints. DeSantis’ wavering does little to defuse suspicions that he is a “Trojan Horse” for a political and “intellectual” establishment looking to co-opt “Trumpism” for its own ends. The coy “running but not running” tone from DeSantis and his surrogates on Fox News and elsewhere in the conservative media is grating. They have tiptoed around Trump’s base for months while slyly pumping DeSantis under a superficial and patronizing guise of neutrality.

    Like many of the conservative “intellectuals” and pundits who rode Trump’s coattails after 2016 only to stab him in the back later, DeSantis, the great hope and shiny object of “Trumpism without Trump,” owes his success to Trump and the jolt he brought to right-wing politics (not incidentally, these “intellectuals” are embarrassed by the base and reject the notion that the 2020 election was stolen.)

    The proposition that “Trumpism” could exist without its progenitor appears to have failed. With DeSantis’ collapse, precipitated by the political earthquake of Trump’s looming indictment, Trumpism is pruned to its origins: it is not a plaything of florid “intellectuals” with their own agendas, but a cult of personality, the creation of one man.

    Any attempt to wrest control of the movement from Trump was always going to be brutal, but at the rate things are going, DeSantis risks political annihilation. ”


    Unforced errors. Told you this would bite DeSantis.

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  10. AJ, abandoning DeSantis so soon? 🙂 I sort of thought that might happen, just happened faster than I thought it would.

    Trump’s got himself a little steam again over the weekend, I guess.

    Miles to go, though. Miles to go.


  11. Speaking to Debra’s post from late yesterday — noting that our problems in this country are likely much deeper than politics or any single election:



    America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It, WSJ-NORC Poll Finds
    Patriotism, religion and hard work hold less importance

    ~ … Some 38% of respondents said patriotism was very important to them, and 39% said religion was very important. That was down sharply from when the Journal first asked the question in 1998, when 70% deemed patriotism to be very important, and 62% said so of religion.

    The share of Americans who say that having children, involvement in their community and hard work are very important values has also fallen. Tolerance for others, deemed very important by 80% of Americans as recently as four years ago, has fallen to 58% since then.

    Bill McInturff, a pollster who worked on a previous Journal survey that measured these attitudes along with NBC News, said that “these differences are so dramatic, it paints a new and surprising portrait of a changing America.’’ He surmised that “perhaps the toll of our political division, Covid and the lowest economic confidence in decades is having a startling effect on our core values.’’

    A number of events have shaken and in some ways fractured the nation since the Journal first asked about unifying values, among them the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent economic downturn and the rise of former President Donald Trump.

    … “Back in the day, Republicans and Democrats had a sense of deference to one another,’’ said Ms. Boyer, 52, a self-help author and jewelry designer. “They didn’t act like they were in a schoolyard trying to be vengeful and reactive.” … ~


  12. Last night, Debra wrote:

    “I think repentance, not rebellion, is the only way to make a sustainable change. We can repent individually and as a church, but only God can really change our direction nationally.”



  13. And now this:

    ~ Six killed in Nashville private school shooting: Gunman shoots three children and two staff members dead before being shot by police at Christian elementary school … The shooting took place on Monday at The Covenant School in Nashville ~

    And, yes, it does feel like “1984,” but I’d argue both of our political extremes have jumped in on that score.

    And now we have AI, which in an age where no one knows which news outlet to trust anymore, what’s true or not true — and rumors fly — is a scary prospect.


  14. I have not been keeping up with politics and have no idea what will be happening or who I will vote for, but a Facebook friend posted this endorsement from Huckabee for Trump which goes a long way in explaining how people still support him despite how others feel about him.

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  15. People see the riots, firebombing and protest in the streets and think our rebellion is something new. The only thing new about the current rebellion is that now it’s happening openly at the bottom rather than just at the top behind closed doors. But don’t kid yourself, this has been happening since before Reagan’s secret funding in Nicaragua.

    You can’t fund rebellions overseas and think it won’t come back home to bite you. Cyrus is fond of saying: There is no such thing as a one way street. Every road works both ways whether we want it to or not.

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  16. I am watching a bit of Fox local news. A big story today is how the ATF has descended on a very large dealer for gun sales which is considered a model retail outlet with four point verification checks for gun sales. It is a giant crew of auditors from several different states and they won’t be finished, supposedly, until DeSantis’ appearance there. And they are at several different gun store locations.

    What is that saying about guests and fish that smell after three days? Those auditors smelled of fish when they arrived!


  17. The nation is deeply divided.

    I’m curious what is envisioned under the next president (whoever that will be) by folks here. Is there a way out of this outside of a move by God to bring the nation together as one again, if that be his will (and it may not be)?

    Barring that, I do not think there will be any “coming together” any time soon. I really don’t know how that would come about, outside of (perhaps) an attack on the nation that would force us to pull back together as one. If only briefly, though.

    The presidential race seems aimed at one side winning over the other side and lording it over their opponents, a goal of “owning” (the left or the right). That seems like a grim future to me, whoever winds up being in charge.

    So it seems the battle will wage on, Democrat or Republican in the White House.

    And a divided house cannot stand (for long).


  18. DJ, The short answer is no. Without a move of God, we’re toast.

    I wrote a much longer more detailed post but deleted it. It was too depressing even for me to read.

    However, I will say that I believe God IS moving. Maybe not enough to save the whole country, but enough for his purposes. And we should always remember that we are part of his purpose in the earth. And he hears our petitions.

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  19. Well said Debra.

    Indeed, he hears our pleas and prayers — and He moves. We just aren’t always let in on that or where it’s all going, but we are called to be faithful and to trust, knowing all of it works for his purpose.

    So what’s to worry? (but we do, because we’re human)

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  20. I’m still holding out for DeSantis, but that’s getting harder to see happening as the days progress.

    But I will vote for the nominee regardless of who it is. I’m loyal, and the democrats are evil, so there really is no other choice.

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  21. Candace Owens had a very good late night video blog on the tragic shooting in Nashville. She was in that parking lot 6 minutes before the shooting.
    The profile on the shooter is of course being kept rather hushed by the FBI yet Candace was able to get information before it being scrubbed by those in power.
    Heartbreaking that lives have been lost by someone who was quite obviously mentally ill. But of course Biden immediately calls for gun grabs. That will not solve the issue of the dark evil in the hearts of the killers.

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  22. @8:46: Winning will take a candidate conservatives and Republicans can unite behind. I’m not seeing that in Trump. Just look at how many here could not vote for him (there are several who don’t comment on the political thread).

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