19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-7-23

  1. Good morning! I took VolK9 and 2 cats to the vet yesterday to stop their reproductive abilities. Trey and I had a grand time touring old Lincoln with one of my work friends and then bowling. When we picked out up, I made another appointment to take another round of cats. Have I ever mentioned we have LOTS of cats? We would like to slow that down a bit. It was nice to spend the day with my boy just piddling and having fun. It always seems like we are in a rush everywhere. We talked about the garden, school, plans for the house, and lots of other things on the drive to and from. A very nice day over all.

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  2. You did fine, Rkessler! So glad to see your photos on Facebook of your good time. Trey sure is growing up! That happens😀

    It is Bible study day. So thankful to have three good Bible study groups. In my younger years I would have said, “No way!” I could not even find one good group for years as the church we were in had only Sunday school. Well, they did have a three year discipleship opportunity, but with young son and aging parents to deal with, that commitment from me was out of the question. I felt sad to feel locked out of that by my situation. I guess I am making up for the lost years now😀

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  3. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining, the birds are singing twenty degrees and expecting to reach thirty nine.

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  4. Morning all! Freezing drizzle and fog this morning . One must watch their step whilst looking up at the beautiful ice covered pines lest they fall flat on their keister!!

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  5. All Bible studies at my church are canceled again this week due to no power
    I am still working on them, but no class.
    There may be a zoom tomorrow but I hate zoom

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  6. Another cold morning. Long day yesterday with a follow on the beach shooting, but I should be relieved of that today w/more breaking news folks back at work.

    Rain in our forecast later this week again.

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  7. We’re thinking of changing our town name to Seattle PA, given all the rain.

    But no snow, except some 1-2 inchers that didn’t stick to the roads. or sidewalks. 🙂

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  8. My friend, Karen, joined us this morning for our Zoom telephone Bible study call. This is prayer answered! She really likes this group. So thankful for others to speak God’s truth into her life. She feels the love and acceptance of the ladies. I think there were nine of us including Karen.

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  9. Since son is home and we played Upwords last night, I randomly asked if I said the words “Dit” and “Spatula” would they have any meaning to him. At first he said no, but then looked quizzical and asked if they were names of dinosaurs. I said they were his imaginary friends. I think Dit was a little dinosaur, the size of a toy army man, who had a broken leg. My guess is that son liked the sound of the word Spatula and turned it into a friend.

    Since many of you have grandchildren, I am wondrring ifthe newer generation still has imaginary friends or are they a thing of the past when techy devices were not so prevalent in lives?
    Now there is a story topic for you, Dj! Are Imaginary Friends Alive and Real Today?

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  10. Down from the roof and the chimney cleaning expedition. Enough snow has melted off to make it doable. Son joined me after gathering the ten o clock eggs.

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  11. I am so glad husband no longer has to climb our steep roof to clean the chimney. Although if we get a wood stove to supplement our propane furnace he would have to again.

    We got the new ball caps to sell in our tuck shop. There are pink ones and the director’s daughter loves them. She is 9 years old and helps me make candy bags for the campers. I am giving her one of the pink hats in appreciation for all her help.

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  12. Ah there’s nothing like a 9yr old helper in a pink cap! Complete with a huge smile I would guess!! So sweet Kare!

    No one in our family has had an imaginary friend but my very imaginative son would create “people” to ride in his little matchbox type cars out of random lint pieces found on the floor!!

    I do have a cousin who had an imaginary friend with my first name. To this day she resents my mother for naming me that same name (her “friend” had the name first!) Feelings can run strong concerning such matters I suppose!

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  13. That is so funny, NJ, because there was a total misunderstanding of how the original one is honored by having soneone named after them.😀

    It reminded me of working in the two-year-old preschool class and listening in at snack time talk around the table. One child spoke about their Mommy. Another said that child did not have Mommy because Mommy belonged to the second child. I think tears may have been involved as they all got so confused by the others having a Mommy. I was totally surprised by the conversation. Who knew?

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  14. Janice, that’s like when my mom would have her kindergarten class over to our house for a treat (along with the moms (or dads)). They were all SO surprised that Mrs. W would have a bathroom! Wow! Or when they’d run into her out grocery shopping. I think they all thought she lived at the school.

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  15. Wes just mowed the yard super fast. I told him it would have taken me half a day with lots of little breaks. I am sure I am not supposed to push that heavy mower yet. It is not self-propelled and is quite a load when the mulch bag gets full. So glad to have that done. I want to be able to do it again!

    We did go for a little boardwalk hike. We eent further than yesterday. I am still not up to the whole trek as I have been walking on yhe flat driveway at home and not on hilly terrain. All my PT has been building up arms and shoulders.

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  16. Janice – When my mom was in first grade, there was some kind of problem – maybe Mom was sick – and the teacher had to get in touch with her parents. The teacher asked her what her mother’s name was, and she replied, “Mommy.”

    Mom’s older sister was five years older, so they went to her and got the information they needed. 🙂


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