30 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-8-23

  1. It amuses me how desperate liars always project their crimes onto those who dare expose them as the frauds they are. 🙂

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  2. The clowns are out in full force….. 🙂

    And the Meathead too.

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  3. Schumer was invited on the show, but he’s too cowardly to show up, so he puts up roadblocks.

    Well, yeah, but….

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  4. The NYT is still garbage. They still have their false story up blaming Trump supporters for Sicknick’s death.

    Trash in, trash out. It’s the media cycle of life.

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  5. The useless Chinese stooge chimes in….

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  6. More government overreach. Musk has ruined their liberal echo chamber – he must be punished.


    “The Federal Trade Commission (FRC) allegedly demanded that Twitter owner Elon Musk hand the agency internal communications and information about layoffs as part of an investigation into the social media company, according to a House Judiciary Committee report.

    On Tuesday, the committee’s report detailed alleged FTC attempts to pressure Twitter and made more than 300 demands of the company after Musk’s takeover in October of last year.

    “Consisting of over a dozen FTC demand letters to Twitter that—in the span of less than three months following Musk’s acquisition—make more than 350 specific demands, this information shows how the FTC has been attempting to harass Twitter and pry into the company’s decisions on matters outside of the FTC’s mandate,” the House Judiciary Committee stated. “The timing, scope, and frequency of the FTC’s demands to Twitter suggest a partisan motivation to its action.”

    On his social media platform, Musk issued a short response and accused the FTC of acting in an unconstitutional manner. He was responding to a post made by Stanford University professor Jayanta Bhattacharya, who has long been a skeptic of COVID-19 mandates, who also accused the federal government of overreach.

    “This is a serious attack on the Constitution by a federal agency,” Musk wrote in response. “A shameful case of weaponization of a government agency for political purposes and suppression of the truth,” he also posted Tuesday.”

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  7. The videos of Jan. 6 should also be given to the mainstream news outlets. Each side will cherry-pick what it wants to highlight, and then somehow people can try to figure out the truth, which may be in the middle somewhere.

    Elsewhere, I read that the police were overwhelmed by the numbers of people coming towards them, knowing they couldn’t keep them out, and took a stance/tactic of trying to keep things peaceful, which is why they let the people in. There were also some officers who were injured.

    As for Tucker Carlson, he plays to what he thinks his audience wants to hear. I doubt he has much respect for much of his audience, he merely wants ratings. If I were a Fox viewer, and found out that Fox reporters were reprimanded for reporting on facts that other Fox viewers didn’t want to accept, I would find that insulting.



  8. Kizzie,

    The mainstream outlets could have done as Tucker did, and actually request them. FOIA is a thing, you know?

    They did not do so, deciding instead to just accept the Democrat version of events. As the kids say, they need to cope harder.

    They’re lack of curiosity is why they don’t have them too.


    The second part of your story collapses on closer inspection as well.

    The police got overwhelmed AFTER they started firing tear gas at the crowd. They incited it. The videos I’ve been posting for months show this. Maybe check them out and actually watch them.


    And do you have any proof about Tucker doing those things you allege? Where do you get this idea he doesn’t respect his audience? Let me guess, you heard he bad mouthed some clowns in Georgia so now you’re extrapolating that for all his audience.

    Hearing “somewhere from someone” is not evidence, it’s hearsay.

    Now sure he wants to put out a product his audience wants to see, but what they are seeking is the truth, which Democrats have hid, and the mainstream media was uninterested in. He gave them what they wanted and liberals in the Dem and media party can’t deal.



    As for Hannity and Murdoch, most on the right pass on those clowns too.

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  9. Also, before Carlson ran anything, he ran it buy Capital Police and those responsible for security. There was only one thing they preferred to not be shown, a certain door somewhere.

    In response to their request Carlson did not air that footage. But you wouldn’t know that because the msm didn’t tell you that part.

    But Tucker did. He’s not the one being dishonest and misrepresenting facts here. That would be Dems and the media, as usual.

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  10. Here’s some more video the MSM won’t show you.

    Weird right, how Nancy’s daughter and son-in-law just happened to be there with there film crew, huh?

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  12. Again, it didn’t fit the narrative, so it’s ignored by Dems and the MSM.

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  13. The only guy who’s seen all the video isn’t buying your link’s “de-escalation” excuse either Kizzie.

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  14. And if you’re worried about talking heads lying to their audience, I have an extensive list you should look into. There are far worse offenders out there.

    Don’t believe your lying eyes and ears!

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  15. Ignore what your lying eyes are showing you.

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  16. One kills dozens, maybe.

    The other kills a hundred thousand Americans a year.

    Guess which one the Biden admin says is the real threat to the US?

    “Biden DNI Chief Slammed For Assessing “Violent Extremists” As Bigger Threat Than Fentanyl…”


  17. The clowns seem upset. 🙂


  18. https://apnews.com/article/tucker-carlson-fox-news-murdoch-capitol-attack-96c305cf4046aaf373130876940fd06e

    ~ … The exchanges include Carlson’s text conversation on Jan. 4, 2021, with an unknown person, in which the prime-time host expressed anger toward Trump.

    Carlson said that “we are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights” and that “I truly can’t wait.” …

    Addressing Trump’s four years as president, Carlson said, “We’re all pretending we’ve got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it’s been is too tough to digest. But come on. There really isn’t an upside to Trump.”

    In another text exchange more than a month earlier, Carlson denigrated Trump’s business abilities: Trump’s talent, he said, is to “destroy things. He could easily destroy us if we play it wrong.”

    Publicly, Fox viewers heard very different views, such as a 2017 exchange with colleague Greg Gutfeld in which Carlson agreed that Trump was “the greatest president that ever will be.” On his show in 2019, Carlson said Trump had fought as hard as he could to make sure everyone in America was treated equally under the law. … ~

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  19. Which is it?

    These purveyors of strictly “opinion” for ratings are entertainers. As Kizzie said, they feed a willing audience what they want to hear.

    Does that exist on the other side? Sure.

    That’s why we need to be wise as serpents and not just swallow something or one side of something because we “want” to believe it or it matches with our pre-conceived political biases.

    Dangerous ground to tread there.

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  20. My comment about Carlson apparently not respecting much of his audience was my own opinion, based on the fact that he had wanted a reporter or two fired for reporting facts that many in the Fox audience would not want to hear. He complained that Fox would lose more viewers to Newsmax.

    There is what DJ just shared as well.

    And remember – I can’t recall the exact details – but Carlson’s lawyer once had to argue that Carlson couldn’t be accused of. . .was it libel?. . .because his show is entertainment and not necessarily factual.

    Yes, others lie as well. But Carlson is the one who gets quoted a lot on this thread.


  21. Opinion is not news and blurring that distinction — as Fox did with the reporters being told what not to report at one point — is a huge red flag.

    In their case, the division between opinion and news, in that instance, was broken.

    I think the warning is just that we, as believers, need to be bereans in the secular realm as well.

    Test all things.

    Some issues I will have to remain agnostic on if there isn’t enough trustworthy evidence out there to convince me. And that’s ok, it’s more honest than just falling in with my political “tribe” and its so-called leaders of the moment.

    We have dueling political silos in the US right now with entirely different scenarios flying at us as news consumers who are left trying to honestly wade through it all. Sometimes, it’s not possible to know the truth. Stepping back and waiting for more reliable information to come out makes the most common sense.

    We need to seek (and sometimes wait for) the truth, if and when it becomes more known, not just parrot what “our side” is promoting (often for ratings and the $$ that follows).

    And recognizing the difference between flat-out editorial “opinion” and news (which also needs to be tested) is important in that process.

    While other one-sided outlets are probably also guilty of what we’re seeing at Fox, Fox has unwittingly become the poster child for what’s going on the behind the scenes — it’s all good for viewers to know and understand, and then act accordingly with what they choose to believe or not.

    I’ve thought (and still want to think) that the Fox news-side is fairly trustworthy. Opinion guys and gals, not so much. But these revelations about how the reporters were being told what to report or not by ownership playing to their niche “audience” is disturbing.

    Now that it’s exposed, it will hopefully be corrected — and seen as a warning to other outlets as well.

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  22. And I got news for you DJ, the lies your industry spread daily aren’t news either, except to people in that industry who refuse to acknowledge it. And that’s a huge part of the problem.


  23. AJ, I’ve said here several times that the industry, overall, is in a mess, I think you must have your anti-media comments on automatic replay by now.

    But here we are now down that road with the likes of “silo” self-promoting partisan media outlets that even more openly blur the lines between news and opinion. That’s what was being discussed above.


  24. *** But on the broader subject of the media, many of us internally within the industry have been discussing this issue for, oh, at least 15-20 years now.

    So you’re late to the game, in that respect.

    We’re more aware than you are of the evolution/revolution that’s been taking place around us and within the industry at large. We’ve watched, first-hand, this happening for a very long time now.

    These are trends driven by political headwinds, cultural tidal waves, generational changes — all within a free market that is also subject to some pretty serious financial realities in an age of tech.

    So you can (and likely will) continue to complain. But until some of those underlying, driving factors start to look different, it’s not changing in the immediate future. It’s something we all are likely going to have to keep living with, at least for the foreseeable future.

    And with our political climate and division what it is today — with signs that it’s only becoming worse and more extreme — we will all have to take some deep breaths and chill — and pray — to keep our wits about us.


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