26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-24-23

  1. Good morning! That photo shows sheer determination! Don’t we all need that to get through these days? I wondrr how God will help each of us this day? I think it is about our determination to follow Jesus and keep our eyes fixed on Him that is of utmost importance. The birds live under His care yet know nothing about it.

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  2. Morning and such a spectacular shot Aj!!! What is it about cardinals that causes my heart to skip a beat!? ❣️

    The artistry of our Father is something to behold if we but stop for a moment to drink it all in. And this “ain’t nothin” compared to our eternal home!

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  3. How do we know the birds know nothing about it? If all creation groans…well, we know so little. Yet God gave man the blessing of being created in his own Image. Just wow!

    Such vivid green is fun to see. Cardinals are so pretty. They are seen in our area occasionally. We have never seen one on our property. My husband graduated from a high school where their mascot was, and team name was The Cardinals. That school was shut down and consolidated with another now. The old school is used as a community center, so we do go to it now and then.

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  4. Beautiful mix of snow and rain coming down here. Lovely and cold.
    I still have the cold but not quite as bad.
    Last night the zicam spray that I used at 4am wore off and I couldn’t believe the difference. I made sure to use it again before I went to bed.
    God last weeks Bible study done, now I need to work on this weeks. Maybe I should put together one of my Ikea chairs.

    Waiting for the house to warm up a bit. I turn off the heat at night, but the furnace is still set at 59.

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  5. Good morning, everyone! That’s a great shot, AJ! I wish I were a better photographer.

    Cardinals are fun to watch. We have a couple of pairs that come pretty regularly to the feeder. One pair is acting like they’re thinking about nesting in the bush close to the front door. I hope they’re better neighbors than the mockingbirds who nested near the door the last time. The mockingbirds are so territorial that last year they drove a pair of finches from their nest on the front stoop with 4 eggs still unhatched. Poor finches. But I’ve noticed the cardinals play well with others at the feeder so I don’t expect they’ll be much trouble if they do nest close by.

    It has been interesting to see how different kinds of birds behave. We only have the 2 young trees in the front yard– Peachy the peach tree and Pearls the pear tree. [And yes I know, it’s strange to name the trees, but what can I say except that’s what happens when one is dogless for too long.] Anyway, Peachy is about 15 feet from the main feeder and is now large enough to be of some interest to the birds. I’ve watched as some types of birds—like the cardinal, tufted titmouse, finch, chickadee or bluebird–will perch in Peachy and wait for some others to leave the feeder and then go feed. It’s like they’re all queued up in line, and everyone knows when it’s their turn. They are polite and orderly.

    Other birds behave very differently. The woodpecker never queues up with anyone, but he’s well mannered and always pauses while eating to look up and cocks his head as though scouting for predators. The morning doves watch from the powerline, and usually come in teams of 2 or 3. They take ample space as they daintily peck here and there before ground feeding. The crows come in pairs or small families and feed only on the ground. Starlings just swoop in from nowhere and gobble their food like piglets at a trough and then fly off again. The mockingbird seems to know that they were the original inspiration for our feeders. They don’t come every day, but when they deign to grace us with their presence, they don’t wait for anyone. They drive everyone away while they eat their fill. And then, sometimes one will just sit on the roof of the feeder and preen as if to remind everyone of their status as Tennessee state bird. Silly featherheads. :–)

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  6. And Mr Skunk paid a visit this morning at the door downstairs. Sorry didn’t get a photo but he did leave behind a scent to remind us of his visit!! 🦨 😳

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  7. Kathaleena, you are right! How can we know what the birds know? We don’t. They may be blessed by some sense that we know nothing about. God is so much bigger than we can ever fathom and He has put many things in creation that have yet to be discovered.

    Art brought an article home on ‘the revival.’ At one point it said that various words are used for it other than revival by those who are there on campus. The younger generation might call it and ‘outpouring.’ That makes sense to me.

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  8. I still have to do my first round of exercises. I can find diversions😳 How did it get to be afternoon so quickly?

    We watched Hidden Figures again last night. Such a good movie, but I stayed up too late and have been out of sync today.

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  9. Greg Laurie (subject of the film referred to @12:21) launched an annual event out here, where he’s based, dubbed the Harvest Crusade — still going on so many years later. Friends and I have attended a couple of those in the (rather distant) past, they’re held in sports stadiums around the area. You used to see the bumper stickers everywhere, and I still see one here and there.

    He lost a son not long ago, I believe.

    I’ve seen the photos online of Fairhope, it looks like such a lovely place to live. 🙂

    And yes, all creation groans — the fall affected it all.

    But all WILL be made new again!

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  10. My first round of exercises was getting the empty trash bins (mine & neighbors’) pulled up from the curb before a downpour started.

    The rain has been steady all morning though — and it’s really cold out! I wore my black hooded pullover sweatshirt, which has a cute Canadian name I didn’t know about, with the hood up.

    That sweatshirt has been a Covid-era, work-from-home staple.

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  11. Thinking that it may be too cold to go into my front room to put the chairs together. You know, my unheated room. It was great when the sun was shining, not today.

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  12. It is raining here. I am on the front porch wearing a short sleeve t-shirt that I had covered with neon pink lightweight slub zipper hoodie. Neon pink was on sale at Amazon, not my first choice, but the weight and price were right. I still felt chilly so now have a navy blue with white polka dot puffer vest over that pink. A real stand out fashion queen, Not! But it is a cozy bunny hug feel😀🐰

    Again, I am trying to have a dedicated afternoon prayer time. The gentle sound of drizzly rain is a perfect backdrop.

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  13. A balmy twenty two out there and we are just in from the third walk of the day. Husband, on the other hand, has been dealing with a clogged laundry drain with the access on the coldest side of the house so he is frozen. Prayers appreciated. He is having a frustrating day already.

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  14. It was 77° for the high and with the rain it is 56° now. That is why I had to keep adding layers and becoming more and more a flashy fashion statement. Donna keeps up with the black and white tuxedo look of Annie which is purrfect. Black is great for its slimming effect.

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  15. Did I say that I just kept adding layers today? So I still have my nightgown on, but am also wearing sweatpants, a vest and a sweatshirt. Since I haven’t been outside all day, that’s okay. Just made my evening mug of throat coat tea. I found some in my travel bags. Looks like our weather is going to continue for the next week. I will have to go to the store to get more tea.

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